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Cini&Nils is renowned for its products that marked the history of lighting. Today it stands for quality, research, design and Italian style. Cini&Nils means to strengthen its leading role in the high-end decorative and technical lighting field. Cini&Nils plays an active part in the Made in Italy sector and is an innovation maker.
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Cini & Nils: Italian excellence throughout
Cini & Nils is a leader brand lighting products and systems, also specialized in equipment design and manufacture since 1969.
Its passion for design, love, the desire to reach a stylish and refined audience that is at the basis of the Cini & Nils Brand, founded by two famous designers such as Franco Bettonica and Mario Melocchi.

The latter, in 2013 had a brilliant entrepreneurial intuition and entrusted the management of the company to a team of international experts, with the purpose of enhancing the company by adding those technological and stylish innovations that today make the brand renowned all over the world.
Luta Bettonica is the head of the new artistic direction, with the new LED collection that supports the Classic and the Technical Collection for an innovative and sustainable production.

Production and development are entrusted respectively to Stefano Poli and Roberto Rossi for a top-quality product entirely made in Italy.
A network of commercial development is led by Francesca Purchiaroni with the aid of new tools and communication channels essential for the diffusion of the Cini & Nils brand worldwide.
In 2014, the company moved its headquarters to unite them to production plants, a further signal of the great cohesion of the group.
The secrets of a historical brand like Cini & Nils
If today Cini&Nils is what it is, the credit belongs to the dedication and passion that the founders were able to transmit, to their work, their constant commitment, research and innovation.

A historical brand that, as already mentioned, took its first steps in 1969. A long tradition that is lively today as it was yesterday: design objects such as scissors and letter openers of 1968, or the Bar Collection of the following year, the Magazine rack of 1970, the Cubobar of 1973 are all projects that have made New York history and some of these are on display at the MoMa (Museum of Modern Art).
A major turning point came in 1972, when Franco Bettonica and Mario Melocchi, landed in lighting.
In this new adventure, Franco Bettonica discovers the charm of lights, colours and effects, and he creates what can be called a masterpiece: the Cuboluce. It becomes the flagship of the new production of the company in the lighting field, a valuable piece, an icon of the entire collection and union point between objects and lighting devices.

The main news lies in the lack of a switch and in the revolutionary switching method: you just need to lift the lid of the cube to turn on the light. This unique feature combines with a stylish, elegant and simple design thanks to which Cuboluce has entered the MoMa Design Collection.
The Cini & Nils Brand: strengths

Today like yesterday, the objectives of the Cini & Nils Brand are linked to the creation and spreading of lighting design, using only the LED technology. LED technology is now growing, and its main features are: high reliability, long life, high efficiency, low consumption, low cost, as well as elegance and refinement of the product itself. The company has immediately sensed the great potential of LED technology in the field of lighting. Starting from duration (a LED lamp provides illumination for about 50,000 hours).

The maintenance and replacement costs are significantly reduced. The emitted light is more clean, free from components such as UV and IR rays. There is greater flexibility in the installation of points of light. The functioning of an LED lamp is entirely safe, because of the low power voltage. The cold start takes place without any risk.

LED lamps are not affected by humidity. The company has developed a serious program aimed at saving energy, and respecting health and environment.
The secret of this success has deep roots: in fact, Cini & Nils has always stood out for its obsessive attention to the smallest details, and for its passion, elegance and precision. These elements characterize each product of Cini & Nils collections that are all innovative in style and impeccable in design.
The Brand Cini & Nils has always had high quality amongst its greatest strengths, because without quality any brand is destined to fail.
The company from the beginning has a mission: to bet on the excellence of design and production, that is strictly made in Italy.
The company has always worked with top class designers in order to overcome the traditional schemes and guarantee a new and innovative product that can arouse interest and curiosity, because public awareness is all that matters.

The great professionalism of the corporate team is also demonstrated by the fact that each lamp by Cini & Nils, before being placed on the market, undergoes rigorous quality and efficiency controls, so as to ensure an excellent product and a great performance.

A short overview of the Cini & Nils line
A wide range of lamps and points of light for every possible need, from wall lamps to pendants, for indoor and outdoor locations.
Passepartout LED lamp, with an elegant and innovative geometric shape, and a distinguishing indirect light that makes all your spaces intimate and cozy.
Gradimini LED lamp, a design born in 1990 but still lively, refined and elegant.
Not to mention the CULT collection: a new artistic path, cultural and creative, capable of combining design and high technology. It was born from an idea by Luta Bettonica, that is enough to understand the high quality of the product.
And finally New Tensoled, with the new white finish and its high efficiency is particularly suitable for large or particularly dark spaces. In conclusion, Cini & Nils is a high-level and prestigious brand that illuminates your home always and forever!