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Domestic introduces collections of objects offering an area where the end user can intervene and be free in the creation process. Already in 2004, Domestic launched its first Wall Drawings collection and with it, invented what is now called "wall stickers", a new standard in the world of design and interior decoration.
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We select the best design brands and work together with them. Why? In order to grant you 100% original products, with two times the certified quality, by both them and us.
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Domestic creates collections of items that offer the opportunity to speak freely in the creative process. Back in 2004 the company launched the first Domestic Wall Drawings collection, with which they invented what is now called 'wall stickers', and introduced a new standard in the world of design and interior decoration.

Domestic is a brand that needs no introduction. It creates unique items, special and very creative, just think of the famous Wall Stickers that the company launched 11 years ago. Who is unaware of the nice decorative patterns that can be applied on the walls and give a completely different tone to the environment? Well, it was an idea of ​​Domestic. By looking carefully at the products designed by this company, we realize that these are real creations, as is the wallpaper Floccus reproducing a cloudy sky or De L'Autre Coté de la Calme. The beautiful wallpaper with a striking blue sky and green grass is ideal for those hectic days when you want to relax without necessarily going to the park. Domestic, however, is not only synonym with decoration and added beauty but is also and especially connected to the functionality that transpires from all its furnishings. A cup is not just for tea but also to decorate a shelf with its vibrant colors, a hanger depicts a face or a mustache of Poirot, a desk lamp is a statue holding a lamp shade, and so on. The art object is equipped with life in the moment in which it serves a function, not the contrary. To be versatile, the object does not have to be ugly or dull because art is beauty and art is what you talk about when you quote Domestic. For this reason, the company was always headed by exceptional designers who are inspired by childhood games and by nature to create geometric patterns and emotional objects, suitable for any environment but with special attention to detail that makes every single object unique. Following this logic, the bas-relief of a fox is transformed into a clock, the hall coat hanger is half real and half a sticker, the mirror has the shape of a face topped by a highly decorated hat as in the case of 'Dame' a reproduction of Botticelli's Venus. These are real works of art designed by talents who display their masterpieces in the best museums and exhibitions of contemporary art. Everyday objects with class.