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Ex.t is an Italian design brand operating in home decor, accessories and lighting industry. It gathers young, emerging talents on the international scene and produces its projects in some artisanal workshops in Tuscany. Ex.t combines the designers' global vision and the Italian expertise in materials and technologies.
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Ex.t is an Italian design brand operating in home decor, accessories and lighting industry. It gathers young, emerging talents on the international scene and manufactures its projects in artisanal workshops in Tuscany. Ex.t mixes the designers' global vision and Italian expertise in materials and technologies.

Ex.t is a young Italian brand that specializes in the sector of design furniture for the house and lighting. Its production range covers many different areas: textile, washbasins, bathtubs, accessories for the bathroom and for the house, and mirrors. As a result you get a home where furniture is really a solution that concerns style and whose atmosphere also reaches the bathroom, lamps and all the smallest details. In any case, Ex.t products are characterized immediately by their unique style, which is the result of a balanced mix of techniques of strictly Italian craftsmanship and lines of international design. That was possible thanks to the attention to the Made in Italy brand and the careful selection of the design office staff, working in total harmony and coordination.
Ex.t belongs to the Tanini Group, the point of reference of construction industry in Tuscany since the end of the Second World War, founded by Giulio Tanini. After investing in the distribution of furnishing for the bathroom and ceramic products with the opening of a showroom, the group has created two brands for the production activity: one is precisely Ex.t, created in 2004, while the other is Devon & Devon.
Ex.t is an innovative brand that has found its strengths in craftsmanship and materials (both made in Italy). While its designers have worked and come from all over the world, its furniture, design products and accessories are still assembled by hand in small workshops in Tuscany linked to the brand. This decision was made not only for the great value that the Tuscan craftsmanship plays at a national and international level, but also for the strong bond that the brand has with its territory. In fact, the creative workshop of the company is based in Florence, but the production's roots are in the small workshops all over Tuscany. Objects and furnishings are made in workshops where time seems to stand still and, although they are made for the entire world, they have inside them all the Tuscan craftsmanship philosophy. They are characterized by simple, essential lines, by a minimalist aspect and by a great attention to details. In fact, Ex.t's style combines the Italian and Tuscan handicraft tradition with global trends and the latest international design news in order to realize creative, elegant, original products with two souls.

To be always up to date, Ex.t recruits all over the world young design talents and then it realizes their design vision and ideas through Italian techniques, materials and workers. The result is really unique. Among other things, Ex.t's production is characterized by the fact that the entire manufacturing cycle is managed by a female staff that deals with the selection of projects and materials, the realization of the products and their promotion. In this way furniture, lighting and accessories by Ex.t present a typical feminine creativity. The objects and furniture have a great aesthetic value and are original and light: this last feature makes them really unique especially in the field of bathroom furniture, where the lines are generally strict and rigorous and shapes are solid and heavy.
Ex.t has also made interchangeable the pieces of furniture for the house and for the bathroom. Unlike many other companies working in this field, in Ex.t's catalogues and collections there aren't the so-called "bathroom solutions": there are furnishings and versatile accessories adaptable to any room in the house and highly customizable in both time and space. So, it will be possible to move them from domestic environments to the bathroom and back, and from room to room depending on your taste, day after day.
All Ex.t products, be they lamps, accessories or furnishings, are characterized precisely for details, the trademark and proof of Made in Italy craftsmanship. In fact, the realization by hand creates unique objects, one different from the other for a whole series of small details and minimum finishes: this is another reason why Ex.t products are always exclusive and inimitable design objects, not standardized. And it's precisely the quality and uniqueness of the furniture and accessories that requires a manufacturing process that includes multiple phases: the selection of the finest materials depending on the intended use and the colours, the actual artisanal work and in the end the finishing details once the item is done. Therefore it takes time, commitment and passion. You will have to wait for a while, but it will be totally worth it thanks to the high quality of the final products, each one unique in its processing.

The Ex.t design office takes care of selecting the most interesting proposals coming from the world of interior design that are then put into production in accordance with their creator. The company is proud of supporting emerging designers by giving them the chance to promote their projects through the Designer Community section of the company's website. Alongside with the new recruits there are internationally renowned designers such as Alex Bradley, Gemma Fabbri, Sigrid Stà Imgren, Hiroshi Kawano, Marco Guazzini, Lucio Pacifico and the studies Norm.Architects and Studio 63 Architecture. The products are divided into several categories: there are, for example, bedroom furniture, seats, home office, tables, entrance hall furniture, lamps (for the desk, suspended, free standing), shelves and containers, bathtubs, rugs, mirrors and floor coverings. However there are many more products. All types of furniture elements are freely inspired by the New Wave Nordica style, which in recent years has enjoyed a considerable success in the field of interior design. The favourite colours are especially cool shades (mostly shades of white) for both wooden objects and the items made of all the other materials of the Tuscan tradition (textiles, marble and ceramic) made by hand for new purposes through bold shapes that prevail over functional constraints.