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Flatout Frankie

Sarah Gardner launched Flatout Frankie in 2011. She creates beautifully designed toys for her kids and their friends who love to invent, to play and to imagine, transporting themselves in a world of boundless imagination and creativity. These toys designed in New Zealand are 100% recyclable, and designed to be kid-friendly.
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Sarah Gardner launched Flatout Frankie in 2011. She creates beautifully designed toys for her kids and their friends who love to invent, to play and to imagine, transporting themselves to a world of boundless imagination and creativity. These New Zealand designed toys are 100% recyclable, and designed to be kid-friendly.

In 2011, in New Zealand, after having designed and created toys for her children and their buddies, a smiling and cheerful young mom named Sarah Gardner realizes that her toys are very appreciated by everyone: when many of her friends started asking her to create toys for their children, she had the idea of founding her own company, Flatout Frankie, that creates toys for children all around the world, with a unique style and an eco-friendly soul, combining her work as a graphic and her passion for children.

Today Sarah Gradner and her collaborators offer a modern and creative line of affordable toys, especially careful to the environment and the need to guarantee to the children a rich fantasy and imagination development, fully interactive, through playing. The brand's philosophy is to take care of the children and environment in which they grow up, to create a perfect harmony. Flatout toys are simple and immediate, but also gently designed, minimal and sober in lines, colours and materials.

Flatout Frankie toys are made of cardboard, 100% recyclable material, produced by craftsmen that use at least 60% of recycled cardboard certificated FSC (Forest Stewartship Council), without any plastic component. The toys are sold folded, so they are easy to carry and send, and ready to be easily assembled directly from children; the toys are eco-friendly and extremely safe and resistant, and the decorations are printed in white water-based ink. All Flatout toys are suitable for children and are characterized by essential and linear lines that stimulate the minds of the children to imagine and create details.

Thanks to the basic, clear and natural colours used by the brand, children can paint and colour the toys as they wish, with tempera, watercolours or whatever they want; or also they can decorate them adding other materials (putting a beautiful woollen mane to the horse, or some foil to the machine lights in order to make them brighter, or also furnishing a castle). By creating their personalized toy, children can invent new stories and characters.

Playing with Flatout Frankie toys, children are transported into a world of imagination and experimentation, where they are encouraged to be creative and active: they will be pirates or knights, princesses, airplane or race car pilots, celebrity chefs or fairies of the forest, or anything they want to be. In this way, the same toy will be reinvented by your children every time they use it, becoming an interactive experience which is unique and always new.

Your children will have fun for a long time with these toys, because they are not pre-established games, which are conceived for a single activity and game mode, but they stimulate the ability to create and invent, with no limits, and they will not get tired of transforming, reinventing, and turning their toys into parts of a new story or into a whole new character. Your children will be able to live with the same toy several thousand of fantastic adventures, where they are the main actors and also the directors of their magical world.
After playing, the toys can be folded and stored without taking too much space; they are easy to transport, to be sent or to take with you on vacation, to play with them anywhere. But Flatout toys will also be beautiful if kept mounted, or hung on the walls (which is possible for their extreme lightness), and continue to remind you of the incredible imagination of your children, by becoming furniture items. Amazingly cheerful and solar when coloured by your children, they are equally beautiful in natural or white cardboard, and almost become real design objects, simply elegant, communicating a return to the toys of our childhood, made with simple materials and inspired by everyday objects.

What we all observe is that unfortunately children are the targets of advertising and marketing strategies that offer toys that are increasingly linked to temporary trends or to the character of the moment, that children are easily bored of once they have them. They abandon these toys after using them just a few times, because they are bored and not enough stimulated, filling their bedrooms of useless and forgotten toys, which are often also expensive. Instead we all miss a time when we had fun for hours with just a sheet of paper or a piece of cardboard, folding it and colouring it, shaping it as our imagination suggested: a plane, a rocket, a castle, a sceptre or a magic wand, and that's what we would like to give to our children: a wonderful world made only of imagination, starting from simple objects and figures. This is the world that Flatout Frankie offers.

Playing is for children a great opportunity, an experience that they will remember forever; playing creatively will help them to be proactive, to have confidence in their own creative and organizational skills, and to become in the future serene and solid adults. Through the dimension of game children learn patterns of behaviour, they exercise their fantasy and imagination, and learn to tolerate frustration and setbacks, to share the joy of victory and to respect rules to socialize with other children; this is why it's important for toys to be interactive and creative, like those proposed by Sarah.

You shouldn't be worried for your children to get hurt, because these toys are ultra-light, have no plastic parts or small components that could be swallowed by accident, and younger brothers can play with their older brothers in the same fantasy world.

When your children grow up, and you will have to make room for other interests and other objects, Flatout Frankie games can be folded and stored, without taking up space, ready for other children and other adventures, or to be recycled in the appropriate paper containers, helping to build a world that is better than the one we have found, for the future of our children.

Choose to donate to your children a world of creativity, nature and fantasy: choose Flatout Frankie world.