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Jalal distributes rugs and kilims hand knotted from selected wool of the best quality. These products will enrich your home with a charming Middle Eastern feeling, and with their strong personality. Rugs are carefully sourced and selected, and are distributed by ABC.
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Jalal brings worldwide the Middle-Eastern culture of hand-knotted rugs and made of high-quality wool.
Oriental rugs have always been present in all the homes around the world as a synonym for elegance and originality. This kind of rug, with its wonderful beauty, has always enriched the decoration of the most stylish apartments making them even more precious and elegant thanks to its beautiful and bright colours. Oriental rugs are very popular and desired because they are woven with natural colours and realized by skilled craftsmen using very particular processing and colouring technique.
It's the processing 100% handmade that makes the difference when it comes to Middle Eastern rugs. Usually, this type of rug is so valuable exactly because, unlike the majority of the rugs on the market, is not done on an industrial scale, is not produced by a machine, but it's completely realized by craftsmen through ancient procedures. The hand-knotting covers about 80% of the rug, giving it a great value. The beauty and quality of these hand-knotted rugs can be seen in the effect of this scenic furnishing element and in its durability. Jalal selects these rugs with high accuracy, to revive the culture and the oriental atmosphere in every home. The charm of the colours and oriental geometries is revisited by Jalal and revived in a modern key.

Jalal produces hand-knotted rugs and fabrics like Kilim. Kilim is a flat rug, it's hairless and the particular artisanal technique through which it's produced makes some areas of the rug higher than others: this original variation makes the rug even more beautiful. The kilim rug is very popular in the Middle East because it is also used to pray. Jalal offers a wide collection of rugs of this kind, made of 80% wool and 20% cotton using the ikat technique, which is a very ancient colouring technique that makes these rugs even more original. They easily match any home, be it classic or modern. They are perfect in the study, in the living room, in the dining room and even in the kitchen. Their maintenance is very easy: just vacuum the rug and it will be as good as new. Some times it's necessary to rotate the rug by 180 ° not to ruin only one side of it.

Today, Kilim rugs are widely used in Western homes, because they perfectly fit in locations characterized by clean and minimalist shapes. Moreover, being reversible, they can be rotated and last even more over time. A large collection of Jalal rugs is produced also using hand looms. The drawings made by the craftsmen who work using these looms are passed down from generation to generation with some minor variations, and this is why the result is always spectacular and always very original. Although Jalal manufactures its rugs with fine wools and puts a lot of care in the processing to give a modern taste to its rugs. The patterns and geometries of Jalal rugs are perfect to seamlessly match contemporary and modern furniture.

Jalal also produces very fine collections, composed of very elegant and decorative rugs that perfectly match the most classic furnishings such as the woollen rug with precious embroidery coming from Kashmir. These rugs with wonderful flowers and bright colours make any kind of décor extremely sophisticated, and every room in the house easily becomes very original. The beauty of the design, with entangled branches and flowers entirely made by hand, and the brilliant colours make this rug unique in its style and very decorative, and it is perfect to be placed in the living room, in the dining room or in the bedroom to give any room a touch of original elegance. The magnificence of this rug is, undoubtedly, beyond the already seen and this rug will always be up-to-date even over the years.

Jalal offers a wide selection of rugs for all tastes and all kinds of furniture, such as those made with solid deep colours such as green or beige and embroidered in white, with a tangle of flowers and very peculiar leaves, which make it very elegant and perfect for the bedroom or the living room. It is dedicated to those people who like very romantic furnishings with a classic flavour for their home. For true lovers of vintage and for those who prefer furnishings with an antique flavour Jalal offers the perfect hand-knotted rugs, with a red background and golden embroidered designs. Here, the flowers are framed by a golden edge and inspired, for the texture and design, to the ancient Persian rugs of the 19th century.

All Jalal rugs - classic and modern, loom-made or those knotted by hand, are real masterpieces that will suit everyone's tastes, even the most demanding. Jalal creates rugs for lovers of modern design with colours, shapes and designs that are perfect for this style. But this brand also produces more traditional and romantic rugs in the tones of gold or red, that will make your home incredibly sophisticated and will impress everyone with their beauty. These wonderful rugs, made of fine wools and using techniques that have been handed down generation after generation, will make your home stylish beyond all limits. They come in every shape, colour and fabric in order to perfectly fit in any room of the house and are also very easy to clean. In addition, they are an excellent gift idea to surprise someone you love with an exclusive and precious gift. In the same room you can combine more Jalal rugs even from different collections, in order to obtain a very personalized and original effect. If you want to make your home unique and special, Jalal offers you a wide choice of rugs to suit every need, even the most demanding.