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Micuna was born in Spain in 1973. Renowned worldwide for the quality and safety of its products, this company is today a leader in the manufacture of cribs and furniture for children. The focus on children's safety and the development of their first abilities and autonomy is a firm commitment for Micuna.
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The Micuna brand
Micuna was created in Silla (Spain) in 1973 by Francisco Garcia Moreno. The main activity of the company was to design and create wooden cribs for children, at a time when metal ones were predominating. In a few years, Micuna became famous as a brand of furniture designed specifically for newborns and children.

The advantages offered by Micuna products
The high quality of the materials used for the manufacture of products for infants, made Micuna the fourth brand of the sector at European level. The experience gained over more than thirty years and the safety of raw materials for the manufacture of its products have enabled the brand to establish itself quickly. E 'became the symbol of a viable company, which guarantees the supply of furniture for infants excellent, from the point of view of quality, functionality and health safety for children.
Micunàs catalogue offers a wide range of furniture, bedding and accessories designed for babies and children. Thanks to Micunàs furnishings, it is possible to create an appropriate environment for babies and children, using high-quality products.

The types of Micuna furnishings
Among the elements created by Micuna for interior decoration, there are: cots, cribs, mini-cribs, high chairs, etc.
The Micuna cots often have an embedded relaxation system within the structure of the mattress that offers the possibility to tilt it by seven or ten degrees. This makes the Micuna beds very functional, because their backs are easily tilted and manageable.
The cradles are made of wood and generally are decorated with reassuring drawings such as nice bears or colourful drawings. Sometimes, these images match those of the Micuna sheets. Some cots also have stars that glow in the dark to reassure the children. Others have some empty spaces that can be used as shelves for baby bottles, baby powder, ointments and other useful items. Some Micuna cribs also have an embedded changing table. In the later stages the cots can be extended up to 60x120 cm, and then they can become a bed for adults.
The mini-cribs have a structure made of beech wood and wheels, that allow you to bring move your baby comfortably. The fabric covering is also removable, thanks to a practical zipper. This allows to wash it in the washing machine and to keep always clean and disinfected. The rest of the mini-crib has a net that envelops it and facilitates the control of the newborn also from a distance. Some mini-cribs can be adjoined to the bed by eliminating one side of it: this way you will be closer to your baby. Once your child I too big for the mini-crib, this can become a practical desk.
Micuna also produced beautiful high chairs that are also very useful. In particular, there is the high chair designed by the Spanish designer CuldeSac especially for Micuna and characterized by rounded lines. The look is modern, innovative and original. At the same time, the high chair respects the basic safety and comfort standards. Even the name OVO (Egg) chosen for this complement for children conveys a sense of warmth and safety. It reproduces the idea of a delicate place, welcoming and protective, in which to accommodate, protect and pamper babies and children. The materials used for the structure are: wood, metal and leather. They are very resistant and hypoallergenic for sensitive baby skin. Through this prosuct Micuna has showed once again its great care for aesthetic appearance, the naturalness and safety of the materials, but also for the functionality and of the product and its adaptability to the growth of the child. The high chair is, in fact, usable from six months to three years. While between three to six years, this complement of furniture by Micuna can become a low chair by removing the legs. The accessories of the high chair, like the trays, the protective bar and the platform for the feet can also be removed and adjusted to enhance the comfort of the baby.

Micuna is a brand specialized in the creation of a wide range of childcare products which have the peculiarity of having a unique and innovative design. The company not only care about the aesthetic appearance of the furniture, but it is also very attentive to the environment and the health of children. Micuna grew without ever setting aside its ideology, aimed at protecting the environment and the safety of children. It only uses productive processes that prevent or reduce pollution. It chooses the materials to use so as to ensure the maximum quality and at the same time the research of the best quality of life for the children. It wraps them in furnishing elements made from natural and non-toxic materials, and it follows the different stages of growth of the child. Thanks to Micuna, children grow up healthy, happy, pampered and surrounded by excellent products, hypoallergenic, ecological and functional. They sleep in comfortable cots or cribs, protected by an atmosphere filled with comforting designs that, sometimes, light up the night. This makes the happiness and serenity of parents and children, from their birth up to the next phase, in which they grow up and gradually become autonomous.

The advantage of buying furnishings by Micuna
All products by Micuna are beautiful, useful, easy to use and designed to ensure the welfare of the baby and the child. They are made of natural, hypoallergenic and eco-friendly materials. They can be used for several years, because they can be transformed and meet different needs.