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A strong cultural identity defines Mogg's philosophy: home accessories and objects with a recognisable, clean design; graphic cuts and contrasting sinuous lines; warm and cold materials combined together; a dynamic and versatile soul. At Mogg, everything appears to be natural, while everything has been curated to the tiniest details.
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When the continuous search for beauty joins functionality and meets the curiosity and dynamism of an architect like Nicola Galbiati, the result are revolutionary brands such as Mogg, the Italian design company based in the province of Como.
Curved lines that interact in an elegant and harmonious way with bolder graphic cuts, dynamism, vibrancy and versatility are the must-haves that characterize the works deriving from the creativity of a company that has established itself on the market in 2012, during Milan's furniture fair.
A clean design, recognizable from the beginning thanks to the natural identity that distinguishes the brand Mogg. A company with a modern character, able to anticipate the times and the future trends. The prerogative of its founder, Nicola Galbiati, is in fact to not look and not stop at what is already existent, but the strong desire to find something that nobody knows, yet.

Stylish furnishing complements, where warm and cold materials combine in a successful match. Elements and finishes accessible to everybody, although all elements are finished with high-quality materials and details.
An varied offer of futuristic objects, but not too much; cutting-edge accessories that do not forget that detail able to give personality and character. Furniture pieces that know how to leave their mark. The customer can choose between single Mogg accessories or furniture families inspired by the lively contemporary vision based on a future modernity of their inventor Nicola Galbiati.
We could define the Mogg style as a "democratic" design for anyone who loves design and complements with a strong personality. Mogg is perfect for people who are eager to set up their spaces with iconic accessories that leave a distinctive mark.
"Unlimited design" is the slogan of the brand; a sort of manifesto conceived to emphasize the existence of the intermediate zone between design and art mingling the search for the exclusivity of an element created in a limited edition. A design with no limits is a design that can reach everyone and at the same time explores everything that comes to mind, with no limits and no prejudice. No borders, no close thinking, but open minds flying towards the innovations of tomorrow.

Collections that arise from the amazement and enthusiasm that we all feel when we are faced with something fresh and alternative, but that does not neglect the aspects of function and comfort.
Mogg's production philosophy is based on the desire to always amaze its audience, creating business proposals that are very original and do not fall into monotony. A strong propensity to wonder, a fresh and curious soul that will appeal to dreamers and original people reflecting the character of the company. All of it is Mogg.
From the most contemporary settings to the more classic ones, Mogg furnishings add a touch of character and design to any space, blending emotion, aesthetics and function.

The brand's collection ranges from metal tables, to design clothes hangers, mirrors, boxes and furniture accessories such as umbrella stands, all united under a common denominator: the awareness of buying a product that is one of its kind, not because it is produced in a limited edition but because it is designed with a futuristic vision that meets the needs of a cultured and refined clientele who wants to be different.
The homogeneous nature of the company founded by architect Nicola Galbiati consists in the production of complements of high-design furniture at fair and affordable prices.

A detail that does not go unnoticed in Mogg's creations is the extreme simplicity that emanates from the elements even if every single detail has been defined, planned and designed with infinite care. The result is a pleasant naturalness that is actually very carefully designed, leaving nothing to chance.
When an ordinary umbrella stand becomes a real piece of design: Duo is the creation of the designer Carlo Contin for the company Mogg. A refined, simple and linear, elegant metal object designed to decorate your rooms with a contemporary and different style. A furnishing complement that is intelligent and useful, perfect for both traditional umbrellas, and folding ones, thanks to the small compartment inside it.
The cultural identity of Mogg is based on the design of furniture pieces with a clean and stylish design, without forgetting the practicality and the primary utility that should characterize every accessory in the house.

Nicola Galbiati is the soul and founder of the brand Mogg. An architect with an eclectic personality who has an extensive experience in design, a feature that allowed him to work very well as an entrepreneur and an artistic director, establishing a successful brand.
The same curious name of the brand suggests the singular and eccentric personality of its creator. Nicola Galbiati is a professional who is always on the cutting edge of innovation and able to anticipate the times to come. Not surprisingly, today the design company based in the province of Como is able to boast a distribution network all over the national territory, supported by more than twenty-five agents.
Furnishing complements that are always young, carrying with them a strong touch of style. These complements are also able to adapt to the mood of any environment and style, from the most classic to the most contemporary and minimalist.

Mogg is a company projected into the future and its creations fully reflect the changing needs of modern people seeking stylish furniture, but most of all versatile and functional objects, such as the wall bookcases collection Antologia. If you are looking for a piece of furniture to optimize the space while decorating with character your rooms, the designers of Mogg have created a piece of graphic furnishing able to emphasize the vertical and horizontal lines that run and intertwine in a three-dimensional scene, going to compose a library with an essential personality, and extremely sophisticated.
A synergistic network of collaborations with big names of Italian and international design is the secret of success and fame of the Italian brand Mogg. In fact, the brand can boast collaborations with designer such as STUDIO14, Matteo Ragni, Carlo Contin, Kensaku Oshiro, Cory Grosser, Annabet Philps, Cristina Celestino, Emanuele Magini, Studio Baag and many others.

Are you ready to leave the pack? Mogg is waiting for you.