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Nyta is a young German lighting brand with an award winning collection of luminaires. The Nyta brand was founded by three lighting designers who share a genuine passion for their craft: developing and designing lights, lamps, illuminants that –quite literally–please the eye, make an esthetic statement and still blend in matter-of-factly.
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The brand Nyta was founded in 2012 by three lighting designers who share a strong passion for their art: Fabian Maier, architect and lighting planner, Johannes Marmon and Johannes Müller, both coming from the design world. Together they develop and design lights and lamps that are, literally, a feast for the eyes. To create original design ideas, the creative trio leaves nothing to chance: all the details are carefully considered, from the aesthetic to the technical ones, so that everything is based harmoniously then during the manufacturing process. In particular, really meticulous attention is paid to the materials used, the surface and every little detail of the products.

Nyta is a young German brand that produced a collection of beautiful lamps, winners of numerous awards and recognitions. The brand has been wanted and created by three lighting designers joined by a true passion for their art. Together they draw and develop lighting solutions that are aesthetically beautiful and easy to install in any location and context.
The Tilt lamp, an icon of lighting and flagship product of the German brand was created by the designers Johannes Marmon and Johannes Müller, founders of the "Jjoo design" studio in Karlsruhe, Germany. In 2015, Tilt won the Good Design Award. The balance of the light, with this fantastic accessory, has been solved with a simple long and narrow cut inside of the shell structure that together with a pin allows a rotation of the lamp by 110°.
The collection presented at the last Biennale Interieur in Kortrijk, includes the pendant light, the wall lamp and the "mini" line (with a diameter of 18cm) in black, white and gray. The cable is a cord available in different colours that can be matched to your Tilt lamp in order to personalize it.
The project designed by the creative couple of Jjoo Design, has just won the international award for French design Muuuz – for the category "suspension appliance". Recently awarded with the Muuuz International Award and the German Design Award in the category "Excellent Product Design - Lighting", the collection of lamps Tilt gives great satisfaction to Nytàs German manufacturers.

In addition to design, the jury has also considered aspects such as functionality, handiness and social and environmental factors. This is why the decision was unanimous; both the jury and the readers have chosen the pendant lamp Tilt Globe by Nyta. Tilt is a collection that includes a series of pendant lamps equipped with a slit down the center that allows a rotation of 110 ° of the cap that allows to move the light where it is needed. The light appearance of this object hides the strong and solid material aspect of the lamp.
The Tilt family has been created in various forms: the classic bell shape – in the big or small version – a wall version and the Globe version with its spherical shape. The elegant matt finish is available in black, grey and white, but you can also find a more valuable and chic variant: the golden one in shiny brass. Although it works in a very intuitive way, the Nyta team has well thought to create for its customers a free app for mobile - available both for iOS and Android – that illustrates the multiple uses and capabilities of its lamps.

What we might call Nytàs "manifesto" says:
"We draw a huge pride and great satisfaction from the design of light and the sources from which it emanates. It is very important for us that our ideas and our projects are original, innovative, up-to-date and fashionable.
To achieve this objective, we do not leave anything out: we take into account both the aesthetic side, but also all the technical details and the manufacturing methods/processes.

We like to keep confronting new challenges and so, every time we make a great product that often wins many awards and recognitions, we immediately set off in another challenge to overcome ourselves and what we have achieved so far.
Our projects want to eliminate the superfluous, maintaining the necessary and if at the end of this meticulous process it comes out an original idea clearly identifiable in a good prototype, we have reached our goal: design and construction of lights and lamps, which must be functional and pleasing to the eye ".

The philosophy of shapes, which is the basis of the thought of Nyta lighting brand, is undoubtedly a directional light pattern that you can easily change with a simple gesture; perfect complements to illuminate every moment.

Jjoo Design
The designer duo behind the Jjoo studio includes Johannes Marmon and Johannes Müller. A spectacular combination of creative people who have studied at the University of Art and Design (HfG) in Karlsruhe, Germany. Having studied and worked in Berlin, Zurich, Helsinki and Copenhagen and participated in numerous group exhibitions, the two designers founded the Jjoo Design studio in 2007. Since then, they develop products, furniture and lighting for different producers and organize exhibitions like "Oh Tannenbaum - designer christmas trees", which took place at the Karlsruhe College, in collaboration with the Goethe-Institut, in 2013. The aim of this exhibition? To reinterpret a beloved and highly symbolic object as is the Christmas tree.
In 2012, they founded with other partners the Nyta lighting company, mainly focusing on the constant research and design of innovative and sophisticated lighting. Meanwhile, the designer duo became famous throughout Europe thanks to their light creations. Therefore they are working to expand the distribution at an international level.

Both designers have won several awards in the design sector, like the German Design Award in 2015, and the Special Mention Focus Open, the International Muuuz Award, Design Plus Award and the Interior Innovation Award in 2014. Also in 2013 they received a nomination for the Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Fabian Maier
Designer based in Berlin. The printing technique has had a very strong impact in his artistic training. He collaborates with Nyta together with the designer duo Johannes Marmon and Johannes Müller, betting on the creation of iconic and innovative light sources.