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Pietre di Monitillo

Monitillo Marmi is an Italian brand with 40 years of history in innovating traditions. Deeply rooted in artisanal craftsmanship, it constantly searches for new languages, shapes and styles able to create unique, elegant objects for contemporary living spaces. It creates everyday "sculptures" to be lived and loved.
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Pietre di Monitillo
Pietre di Monitillo is the name of the amazing collection of stone objects that is the result of a collaboration between the historical brand Monitillo Marmi and several international designers all with a common passion for the expressive potential of stone. All the stones chosen by the company to be processed are carefully selected by master craftsmen and treated with advanced technologies, in order to create wonderful works to be enjoyed every day.
The history of the Puglia-based Monitillo Marmi company that for thirty-five years has been living between tradition and innovation, has roots in the artisanal know-how linked to tradition, but at the same time is always looking for new languages, shapes and styles, to embrace contemporary living through unique and refined objects.

"Sculptures" for everyday life, to admire and experience
It was 1980 when, in the province of Bari, Francesco Monitillo began his career in the processing of marble and granite; it didn't take long before his skills in working these powerful materials and his innate ability in understanding and enhancing the natural characteristics of each stone contributed to make him and his company famous worldwide. Francesco Monitillo is eager to expand his project areas, investing in research on new technologies and increasing the market.

We are not talking about a mere sale of marble slabs. The Puglia-based company aims at proposing something bigger and more innovative to its customers; Francesco wants its products to create emotions in those who possess them. They are real works of art, created with meticulous attention to detail. The works by this brand turn what once was only in the mind of the artisan into tangible objects. A company vision that over the years brought Monitillo Marmi to collaborate with famous architecture firms, designers and engineers, crossing national borders.

Here come the real stone works of art, objects that are not only beautiful to see and touch, but also useful in everyday life. It's the case of the food line created for Pietre di Monitillo by the Designer Emmanuel Gallina: the Serving Dishes Veneri, result of a wise use of marble in tableware. A line of crockery created in different shapes and sizes, made in Carrara marble in both clear and dark tints. Handmade products with an innovative design that accentuate and enhance the expressive qualities of a material that normally is not used in the making of kitchen accessories. This wonderful collection reflects the motto of the designer Emmanuel Gallina: "simplicity is complexity resolved."

The Veneri creations are real sculptures of everyday life that allow infinite combinations, through which it is possible to express your creativity and your taste in setting the mise en place. The organic and empty shapes make a beautiful contrast with the rigorous material.
Monitillo Marmi, despite working in the sector for almost fourty years, like all commercial enterprises with an innovative personality, does not fail to achieve a fundamental objective: finding a warm balance between never abandoned traditions and natural innovation. And this is the purpose of one of the most successful and beautiful collections of the company: Pietre di Montillo.

The Apulian tradition flows in every vein of the collection marbles by Pietre di Monitillo. Altamura, a land of great crafting traditions (especially in the field of stone processing), is present in the culture of many of the local artists who have handed down for generations the art of processing these natural elements.
As an evidence of the emotional bond that the brand has with its homeland, many of the objects in the collection are named after the towers overlooking the beautiful coast of Puglia. The production of the brand mainly focuses on the realization of accessories created with marble of Carrara, the imperial green marble from Mazzaro and a limestone stone from Puglia.

Each and every designer who contributes to the birth of the various collections, captures the essence of the material, finding the object that is "hidden" inside the matter and, through the hands of skilled craftsmen, slowly emerges from the stone. The natural colours of the material and its natural irregularities make every item unique and unrepeatable.
A hint of irony in the style and lines of the Pietre di Monitillo's collections is present in the monolithic Candle holder Tara, vaguely reminiscent of the handle used for fitness workouts. Tara is a funny reinterpretation of a classic complement of furniture, which is reinterpreted in a modern key, playing with the common idea of heaviness linked to stone.

When some materials and modern technology meet, they result in accessories with an essential design and primitive moods, such as the Ovo speaker. Ovo by Monitillo Marmi is a passive marble amplifier for Iphone. It was born from the research of the combination of tradition and innovation, between digital and analogic, between artisanal knowledge and technology. The amplifier's silhouette is obtained through a slow and careful removal of material from a single block of Carrara marble. The study of the geometry of the piece, ensures the best sound amplification despite the small dimensions of the object. This speaker has no electronic components and it is designed to enrich sound rather than turn up the volumes. Ovo is equipped with a small slot to position the device above the supporting base, and is compatible with the iPhone 6 models and iPhone 5s. This can be used in two positions, depending on where you want to direct the sound: lying horizontally for a more direct flow or in an inclined position, to obtain a homogeneous spread throughout the space.

Matteo Ragni is the designer who created the Safari collection: a nice family of animals (giraffe, crocodile and hippopotamus), to be used as small ornaments, paperweights or as multifunctional objects with stylized lines inspired by nature and made of Mazzaro marble.
Today the historical company Marmi di Monitillo is run by the children of Francesco Monitillo: Piero, Lilla and Michele who, with the same passion of their father, carry on a production of quality and innovative objects, able to meet the needs of all customers with personalized solutions that are never boring.