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Pusher isn't just a brand, it's a lifestyle. Its striking name tells it all about its mission - to challenge and amaze its audience. Thanks to constant activity of cool hunting, in a very short period of time the company has gathered a wide offer of home essentials ranging from a simple colourful keyring to the most refined kitchen utensils.
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Pusher offers a wide range of items ranging from keyrings to stuffed animals. A special name for a prestigious brand that was born with the desire to surprise the audience; and it succeed in it thanks to its many products. Objects of daily use but characterized by a special and constant attention to a constantly evolving innovation. This is how this brand has created the stuffed animals that contain very soft blankets for your children's naps, the photo holders with a snow effect in the background, the rain kits composed of a rain hat and a coordinated umbrella, the boxes to store toys that turn into comfortable stools. With the rain kits in polyester, even the most rainy and dreary days acquire a cheerful and fun note. Your pictures, enclosed in glass ball, take on a special charm when, shaking them, you will have a glittery snow effect.

But Pusher also created functional furniture home accessories, all characterized by a unique and elegant design, which perfectly fit in both a young and modern room, and in the most classic and traditional one. Many of the products by Pusher bring to mind images of nature. The metal coat hanger has the shape of a stylized tree; the capsules holder has the shape of a cactus, and cups, teaspoons and sugar are enclosed in another cute cactus. Particular attention is paid to the choice of raw materials. The cactus is made of PLA, a non-toxic plastic material, and 100% free of corn-based products, soy and other agricultural substances. Also the umbrella stand by Pusher has been designed as a magnificent lawn. The presence of the dripless device and the fact that it contains up to eight umbrellas, make it an indispensable accessory in the decoration of every home.

As regards kitchen accessories, Pusher offers nice and timeless images. The kitchen timer with countdown up to sixty minutes has the shape of a rooster and hen, or of a cute little mouse struggling with a piece of cheese. Cooking will become easier and more fun thanks to this item. At the end of the set time, the rooster will approach the hen, the little mouse will try to eat the piece of cheese, and a ring will warn you that the cooking time has elapsed.
The nutcracker has the shape of a reindeer, while the tea cart is proposed in a smart space-saving solution. When it is not in use, the tea cart can be easily folded and stored in a small space. Once opened however, you can easily bring to the table everything you need, thanks to the two methacrylate shelves and the food basket.

And why not putting one of the most beautiful and exciting pictures from your last vacation in an airplane porthole-shaped frame? It will always call the attention of those who pass by, giving the feeling of an unusual view. The Air Frame frame is designed for a double use. It can be placed on a shelf thanks to the support on the back, or it can be hung on the wall like a beautiful picture. Pusher's whole production is characterized by double-function items or by items proposed in unusual look while keeping their main features unchanged. They will always bring a touch of originality and pleasure in every room of the house.
The box to store children's toys can have the shape of a bus or a fire truck, and it will always keep in order the children room, becoming a useful stool that will give an even more refined touch to their room. The comfortable padded cover turns it into a comfortable seat. And to start the your kid's day there is nothing better than the small alarm clock with a retro flavour, in the shape of a clapperboard.

Each Pusher article is carefully designed and made of the best raw materials. In this way, the company can ensure the resistance and durability of every product. A particular attention is paid to the end customer, who has allowed this well-known brand to grow steady and to become in a few years one of the most renowned brands in its field.
The beautiful magnetic key holder is both beautiful and functional. It is made like a bull's eye of the classic darts game and it can be easily placed in the entrance hall. With this key holder losing your keys will become almost impossible.

Pusher is the perfect brand to meet every need of everyday life, with quality products characterized by a unique and striking design. From the kitchen to the bedroom, any room will be enriched by the functionality of Pusher articles. The company was founded with the purpose of combining practicality and elegance, and respect these ideals in its daily items. Provocation, but also optimal solutions to the gestures we made every day.
The Pusher collection is constantly evolving, always looking for new objects that are useful in multiple ways. The company has always tried to maintain its goal: to impress the clients. If you too want to impress and to add a touch of originality to your home, have a look to Pusher's products on LOVEThESIGN.