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Robba Edition

Robba Edition was the first design manufacturer who explored the potential of acrylic glass and digital cut. It has brought a revolution into the wall décor field with its collection of mirrors created by prominent designers. In 2013 it has further innovated the Collection 730, a range of trestles for tables designed by world-famous contemporary designers.
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Robba Edition
Robba Edition is the first manufacturer of design objects that explores the artistic potential of acrylic glass and digital cutting. With its innovative creations, this French company based in Bordeaux has revolutionized the concept of furnishings and the sector of wall decoration, thanks to a collection of mirrors by the greatest designers.
In 2013, Robba Edition surprised the market again with its fabulous 730 collection, a line of sawhorses designed by the most important names in contemporary design. A company with thousands of ideas. Why settle for a regular table, when you can make one tailored on your needs and tastes? With the sawhorses of the 730 collection you will have the possibility to combine the shelves that you prefer, and place it in any room of your home or office.
The Adn Sawhorse by Robba Edition gives you the opportunity to feel, for a few hours, a real designer! How many times in our lives we have desired to test ourselves in something new that we have never tried before? How many times having a look to a furniture store we have thought, "If only I could create the furniture just as I say, in the colours that I want and in with the materials that I prefer..."
Robba Edition gives us the opportunity to become furniture designers at least once in our life, thanks to its Adn Sawhorse. This simple sawhorse made of oiled oak is able to bear up to 100 kg. A new and innovative product that will enable you to furnish your living room, kitchen or office following your creative personality and with the certainty that you will not find another composition like yours in another house.
Thanks to its oak coloured base, this sawhorse is adaptable to any decoration mood; from modern locations to those in a Nordic or traditional style is an object that knows no style limitations. Your table is too small to accommodate the friends who invited themselves last minute? With the Kross sawhorse the table becomes tailor-made. A clean and simple design, yet very elegant despite its solid and massive line. The three poles implanted in a steel bar offer you the maximum strength and balance without limiting the comfort of your guests. The beech wood of the three poles transpires robustness and design, offering a modern and bright look. The lacquered steel plank helps adding a touch of lively colour and harmonious design.
Desire and strong emotions are the feelings evoked by the exclusive Addiction collection, the line of decorative laser-cut mirrors with a contemporary design that Robba Edition has designed in collaboration with several French designers, including: Christian Ghion, Arik Levy, Jean-Marie Massaud, Philippe di Meo, Noah Duchaufour Lawrence and Patrick Norguet. Be it is static or in motion, the Dissolve Parts Mirror is an element with a high aesthetic value that breaks down and distorts what it reflects. The imaginary reconstruction of the triangle formed by the mirror can also be read as a puzzle that you mentally create.
The collection of mirrors Addiction is absolutely unique in the world of decoration; it reflects a design approach of contemporary decorative art; it is an exclusive collection dominated by exciting feelings of desire. More than just mirrors: with their exceptional shapes and personalities, these objects reflect above all the unique vision of their creators.

Among the designers who collaborate with Robba Edition, we must mention:

Christian Ghion
Christian Ghion was born in 1958 in Montmorency, France. After five years of law studies, while he was still wondering how to use its many talents, he decided to join the Paris-Conflans School of Architecture in the ECM section (Design Furniture Studio). A few years later, he joined the ENSCI (National School of Industrial Creation). When he was 28, he founded his own design studio with Patrick Nadeau, a coworker with whom he signed a number of projects. Together they won the prize of the creation of the city of Paris in 1991. Their collaboration lasted about ten years, but in 1998 Ghion decided to continue his adventure alone. Thanks to his talent, Christian Ghion soon find a place on the scene of French and international design. In 1999, he exhibited his work at the Neotu gallery. He designed creations for companies such as Cappellini, Driade, Daum, Salviati, Sawaya & Moroni and XO. Meanwhile, he created designs for Lanvin, Yves Saint Laurent, Dior and Guerlain, among the others. During the 2000s he participated in numerous exhibitions at the Museum of Decorative Arts, at the Postal Museum, at the Cartier Foundation, at the Biennale of Design in Saint-Etienne and also at the prestigious exhibition of "French luxury" organized by the Comité Colbert in Shanghai, in 2005. His works are part of the collections of the national Fund for contemporary Art, the Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris and the Guggenheim Museum in New York.

Arik Levy
"Creation is an uncontrolled muscle" according to Arik Levy (born 1963).
Levy is an artist, technician, photographer and designer; his skills are multi-disciplinary and all his works are exhibited in the most prestigious galleries and museums around the world. Surely the sculptures are the creations that most contributed to his fame, like his Rock pieces, his installation, the limited and design editions, at the base of which, according to the artist, there must be people and not objects. Arik Levy comes from Israel; he moved to Europe after his first participation in a sculpture exhibition in Tel-Aviv in 1988, and currently he works in his studio in Paris. After a rather eclectic formation and some years living in Japan (where he consolidated his ideas and the production of pieces for exhibitions) Levy finally goes back to Europe, where he contributed with his art to another field: that of contemporary dance and opera, creating amazing scenes. With the foundation of his own company, the designer goes back to his first love: art and industrial design. A very recognizable design style, thanks to its lightweight designs that take inspiration from the art of all continents. Moreover, Levy also creates hi-tech clothing lines and accessories for companies in the Far East.