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Sculptures Jeux

Subjects become sculptures and let you play in your home. Sculptures-Jeux and its philosophy are based upon an eclectic mixture of tactile, visual and perceptive emotions. Sculptures-Jeux was established in 1973 and gives life to "playful sculptures" for interior decoration with a strong Italian character.
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Eclecticism, experimentation and versatile functionality are just some of the elements that characterize the style, philosophy and trends proposed by Sculptures Jeux. This brand was born in 1973, thanks to the creativity of a young French couple. At the time, Bernard Vuarnesson had just finished his studies at the Ecole Supérieure du Bois and at the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers in Paris, while his wife Ariane came from the Art School of the Louvre. From the beginning, their production and their products are recognizable for their innovative and original look. In fact, they both give life to some creations that they call "sculptures-toys", to integrate with modern interior furnishings. Between the ‘70s and the ‘80s they teach outdoor playground design in Paris, at the Ecole d'Architecture Intérieure Camondo. The Vuarnessons have always aimed at original solutions with contemporary compositional lines. An innovative philosophy always looking for new experiments that determines and defines the design of every single model included in the different collections.
Every processing step of all the complements, conceived and designed by Sculptures Jeux, are always guaranteed by the experience and quality of Made in Italy. In fact, the long-lasting partnership with the Bragagnolo Group of Piombino Dese has led to the birth of the Eppi's brand, an innovative combination that captures the essence and the skills of both companies. Woodworking is the main aspect of all the models included in the collections by several famous designers. Practicality and versatility are declined through a meticulous care of every detail of the models. Tables, coffee tables and various pieces of furniture find and explore new functions in the organization and management of the available space, following the tradition and the use of natural materials, like solid wood. Oak, beech and iroki are among the favourite raw materials of this brand.

The careful selection of high-quality products combined with the sustainable management of the entire supply chain give life to items that are the absolute protagonists of contemporary design, intended to last for a long time. In addition, all the complements offer the possibility of a customization in accordance with your personal taste, to meet and satisfy every need.
The modularity of the individual systems, the reversible and staggered surfaces can be some of the distinctive pillars of Bernard Vuarnesson's work. Since the ‘80s, these aspects have become fundamental in all the work of the French designer. For example the coffee tables designed to furnish with practicality and style your living room. A complement that is completely revisited in its simplicity, to decompose at will, thanks to the sliding systems used for its moving floors. Different versions that allow you to opt for the most suitable model, choosing its size and features. Collections that stand out for the use of essential and elegant geometries, declined through the linearity of circular, rectangular or square shapes. Models that highlight the natural features of wood and of the used materials, to choose between different colour schemes available in the catalogue. The founder of the Sculptures Jeux brand Bernard Vuarnesson characterizes all its creations with playfulness and practicality.

With a degree in mechanical techniques, the designer Stefano Bettio experiments the use of different materials specializing in the use and processing of plastic for interior design. For Sculptures Jeux he revisits the space, offering modular dimensions to be changed at will, according to different situations and living spaces.
Avio Sattin is another one of the famous designers that enrich the collections of design complements. Manager of Designitalia-Design & Commercial Management Network, he characterizes his production through industrial design. Roberto Barazzuol and Cristian Malisan you could be defined as tailors/designers. Their products come to life following the creative lines dictated by imagination and fantasy, turning them into reality. An emerging personality on the international scene of contemporary design is the Finnish Juhana Myllykoski, who graduated in 2012 at the Metropolia University of Helsinki. Each object is designed to be suitable for most of the consumers. The careful selection of raw materials is associated with clean and original shapes.
Modern decoration offers many solutions to create the most suitable atmosphere for your home. The products of the collections by Sculptures Jeux allow you literally to play with your accessories, making them more dynamic and capable of proposing a design to live every day. The elegant simplicity of clean lines featuring all the creations by this brand, designed to transform in an original way every different location. Real carved sculptures that through their forms are characterized by practicality and harmony. Delicate, natural tones of wood and metal, with combinations of more or less bright colours: this is the world of Sculptures Jeux. The purity of geometry and intersections between different surfaces make every element always different, testing and reviewing a new concept of functionality. An aesthetic that includes an obsessive planning and a careful attention to detail, offering unique complements of their kind. Suitable to embellish every day, all the patterns presented in the catalogue maintain the characteristics that make them unique in their kind.
Let yourself be enveloped by the essential and unique design created by Sculptures Jeux, for the furnishing of a dynamic and trendy home.