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Sigel stands for innovation, style, long-lasting value and top quality products - developed with great creativity and a special eye for the users' varying needs. Perfect at home and at work, its boards are made of premium materials and are guaranteed for 25 years.
100% Original Products
We select the best design brands and work together with them. Why? In order to grant you 100% original products, with two times the certified quality, by both them and us.
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We offer a reliable delivery service and the shipping is on us for orders over €200*. If you aren't satisfied, returns are easy. *conditions may apply, please read the FAQs for more information.
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Sigel is a medium-sized company headquartered in Mertingen in Bavaria. The company likes to call itself "the brand that creates trust"; consumers can rely on this well-known brand, because they know that it will always create something special. Innovation, style and value retention, high-quality products developed with infinite creativity and a great sensitivity to the different needs of the users.
Sigel stands for renewal, it produces perfect accessories for both home and office; its boards are made of top-quality materials and are guaranteed for 25 years. One of the pillars of this brand's philosophy is an environmentally sustainable behavior in all the areas of the company. Then there is the fundamental principle of a value-oriented management, a production that makes its best to protect the interests of customers, employees and partners.
Sigel is committed to meet its customer demands with the highest quality possible, to ensure the future of the company and therefore several jobs. The successful implementation of this goal is confirmed by the recognition, in 2006, for social, ethical and ecological awareness attributed to the brand by the program "Ethics in Business". This means that the business is run in a sustainable way, through a wise use the resources, involving employees in the decisions and ensuring equal opportunities in the workplace. Sigel also identifies its ethical responsibility in the cooperation with suppliers, which in turn give a particular value to social standards.

To run a company in a sustainable way means for Sigel to make every business decision following the philosophy of the sustainability principle. With a constant growth, economic success and a business management oriented towards the future and combined with a respectful behaviour towards the environment, the brand provides a strong contribution to the lasting guarantee of work and earnings. Style and individuality distinguish the iconic accessories by Sigel; items for the office or desk, but also suitable for a contemporary house to set up your work-station.
The brand sets its parameters starting from innovative ideas, characterized by an aesthetic that is able to awaken pleasant feelings. Form, function and quality: Sigel's creations are an invitation to live the office with all the senses, and it also offers practical solutions to organize your home, office or business, and to maximize workflows. Sigel's creations are based on a combination of functional design and function with design – and the two elements are equally important; special products curated in every detail, without ever losing sight of the harmonious combination of form and function. Some famous industrial designers and the corporate staff give Sigel's products their unmistakable character; mastery of style and loads of ideas result in a blend of form and function that is both practical and fascinating.

The production of the Bavarian brand is focused on two areas: Sigel Business is conceived to make work more pleasant. Exclusive office and desk accessories that set new standards in terms of aesthetics and functionality. Professional solutions for the office, keeping up with the times, efficient and reliable. The second operating segment is called Sigel Printworks: thanks to modern technologies, the company is able to achieve professional printing and service offers, among which customers can choose a wide range of customizable services, which meet the highest quality standards.
One of the top products created by Sigel is the magnetic board. The Designers of Sigel have recreated, in recent years, various types of boards, all with original shapes and materials, able to decorate any wall, but also the little corners of our kitchens, offices or children's rooms. For a home or office with a refined style that never loses sight of the smallest details, the white magnetic board Onda, will add a touch of elegance even to the most trivial note. This design accessory is made of artverum glass, a very resistant material, and it is decorated in a way that makes it not only functional, but also extremely pleasant and refined.

For those who prefer a more rustic style, the white magnetic board with bricks effect finish is an essential element, while if you want to maintain an "office style", let's choose the Weekly Memo model. How many times you write your appointments or an important note on a Post-it to stick to the door of the refrigerator, or that of the house? These are in fact strategic places that we always see, so that we cannot forget about any important thing. The magnetic board is exactly the middle point between digital technology and a giant post-it, the point of intersection between ancient and modern, perfect for fixing all our reminders, appointments or to organize all week.

The magnetic board in artverum glass designed by Sigel is a modern piece of furniture with a strong visual impact, exceptional in terms of safety and quality. It is made of polished tempered glass and thanks to the frameless hooking system, this incredible design accessory seems to be suspended on the wall. It was repeatedly awarded at an international level and it has the ability to become a distinctive element in any location. In the office or at home always finds its ideal space in the living room, in the kitchen, but also in your office.

Sigel offers an extensive collection of magnetic boards in different styles, shapes and colours to decorate the walls of any location, modern and contemporary or more traditional ones. An apartment furnished with an elegant and very chic mood does not have to give up a functional accessory such as a magnetic board: you will just have to choose the model that is closest to the style of the house. In this case, the rectangular board Large is a model that has won many design awards at an international level: a glossy surface in steel and crystal, perfect in the living room or to be the distinctive element in the office. Do you prefer a less modern surface, with a more traditional look? With the Dark Wood board the time stops in front of this wonderful piece of design, finished in natural wood with an amazing texture. Do you love a urban-industrial style? Then on the wall of your living area you must have the Ardesia board, an elegant decorative slate element with a dark background with brick effect.

Sigel: innovation, style and quality to keep pace with the times.