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The first recorded mention of the Spiegelau factory dates back to 1521. This brand has succeeded in transforming its 500 years' experience of hand craftsmanship into fully machine made production with cutting edge technology. Its designers create glasses that are striking yet simple, perfectly balancing proportion, form and function.
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When it comes to technology and technique, one of the best companies on the European market is the great Spiegelau, which has started trading at a competitive level a long time ago: we are talking about five centuries of art and glass decoration. Ancient and special techniques, mixed with the latest innovations make Spiegelau one of the most important German companies in the glass industry. The first glass factory was founded in 1521 and in fact, it appears in the will of Erasmo Mospurger. From that moment, it creates a series of glass products such as mirrors, beads and bottles that were very appreciated by the emerging bourgeois society, starting from 1600. In 1840, Spiegelau created a collection of snuff tobacco bottles. Since 1900, the factory was modernized thanks to new technologies and it took the name Spiegelau in 1926, as desired by the owner Fritz Pretzfelder. Since that time, it has become more specialized and now it works at a competitive level on world markets. The company's strength is the quality of the glass. We know very well that there are different types of glass, but not all the glass on the market has the right brightness and light. It often happens that what is passed off as glass, after some washes the low quality of the material become evident to the touch and not only. Spiegelau, thanks to its continuous research and its secular studies, has the primacy of crystal, providing the highest-quality glass surfaces thanks to the use of pure materials. This allows the best tasting of wine and drinks, extolling their aroma. We can't deny it: a good glass, built with quality materials, has a strong impact on the drink it "hosts." Stem glasses are one of the strength of this company, in fact, every shape is curated in detail and made in Germany. Spiegelau's items are used in the best restaurants around the world. And there's more: Spiegelau has some strong partnerships with the best sommelier in order to ensure a good product for different tastings. If the company has been on the market for over five centuries, the quality of its products is certainly guaranteed. Spiegelau glasses are so special and elegant that they certainly won't go unnoticed, and even the best restaurants and hotels have chosen to use them: this is a sure sign of great esteem for these products made in Germany. If you take a trip in Bavaria, you will have the possibility to get to know the company and admire his creations. It is also possible to visit the factory outlets and to buy unique glass objects at very affordable prices.

The Spiegelau glasses were studied to enhance not only their look but also their functionality. The glasses, and stem glasses are all dishwasher safe, although the company recommends to avoid aggressive detergents and, at the same time, to handle them with care. These beautiful German glasses are therefore ready to decorate our home with elegance and sobriety. The glasses are made to be lifted with care and caressed while tasting a good wine. The eye always wants his part: let's organize your parties and events by creating an intimate atmosphere with Spiegelau glasses, and success is guaranteed. The clarity and gloss of the glass are priorities that not always are respected. Then, in order to avoid unfortunate misunderstandings, it is useful to get to know the unique, rare and eternal products by Spiegelau.

When handling glasses treated with care, there are a number of rules to follow for a good use. Spiegelau offers on its website, a number of precautions. Just to name a few, the company suggests to hold the glass by the stem, as not by the bowl, risking to warm the wine or any other drink. Another trick is to fill the glass up to the widest part of the bowl, because this way it is possible to enhance its beauty and decant the wine on the table.
Spiegelau offers a wide range of glass collections, which include beer steins, digestif glasses, special whisky glasses, flutes and much more. The attention to detail is always high: in addition to the classic and elegant transparent glass, Spiegelau also creates water glasses in the soft shades of blue and green, always very elegant. The fascinating pitchers are always very sensual with their elongated and gentle shapes; they have an unmistakable and unique style that recalls simple and modern geometric shapes. The focus on the beer is definitely a German characteristic, and Spiegelau produces a few useful glasses for the "famous blonde." And like any other beer, a glass or pitcher wants its share. In fact, among the most coveted products of the company, the beer glasses Spiegelau Craft are recognized by brewers and beer professionals to have a high commercial value. The success of these glasses is likely to provide, according to experts, the whole body and aroma of the beer, preserving its value and taste. A confirmation of the quality of Spigelau Craft glasses came with the recognition by the renowned Red Dot Award and the recent award Idea Oro, in 2015.

New Products by Spiegelau are created every year and this allows the company to work closely with both sommeliers and chefs, insisting on preserving the blown glass tradition. This way, this brand has created beautiful wine glasses and water glasses that are robust and suitable for any occasion. These are all signs of high efficiency and explain why Spiegelau has been on the international market for so long, and why it is the brand chosen by the best restaurants, hotels and wine shops. Spiegelau is innovation, has a centenary tradition, and provides efficiency and quality. Now you just have to look on LOVEThESIGN or take a nice trip to Germany to enjoy the Bavarian beauty while savouring some good wine and beer in the elegant and delicate glasses by Spiegelau