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Steelwood Concept

Expertise, technology, innovation, enthusiasm - this is what lies beneath the soil there the Steelwood Concept tree has put down its roots. This new brand creates designer furnishings and accessories for the home and the office inspired by contemporary art. A minimalist style and neutral lines turn spaces into something truly unique.
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Steelwood Concept
Expertise, technology, innovation and passion: this is the humus that enriches the soil in which Steelwood Concept tree has taken root. This new brand produces furnishings and accessories for the home and office.
The Designers of Steelwood Concept take their inspiration from modern art to create all their products, which in fact are characterized by a minimalist style and clean neutral lines. Steelwood Concept is a young Italian company founded in 2010 that designs and manufactures furnishing able to interpret the current evolution of living.

Passion, technology and experience are the characteristics of this cool company that is able to integrate and mix them using materials such as wood and metal, with two opposite souls: one minimalist and vaguely Nordic; the other presenting a retro and slightly vintage flavour.
The neutral lines of the products by this brand make them of the extremely flexible and suitable for many different types of decoration: from a rich and opulent style in which a touch of essential is necessary to balance the whole room, to a more minimalist style where the furnishings by Steelwood Concept perfectly fit and express their functionality.

This innovative company, however, does not only produce furniture and decorative items for the house. Today, the living is a complex body that branches into several individual aspects ranging from furniture to clothing and everything you need to live. For this reason, Steelwood Concept has decided to broaden its horizons and engage in these three areas that seem very different, but actually are each other's continuation, creating a living brand to 360 °.
The philosophy of this young brand is summarized in detail in the "About us" section on its website and I will paste it here directly: "We are living in a time of deep change in which everything seems to be marked by an intense time acceleration, combined with the action of the economic crisis that has crumbled every form of stability. The result has been a real revolution in our lifestyle, a metamorphosis of our concept of living. To understand and interpret this change is the challenge that SWC, a furniture brand founded in 2010, has accepted. This brand has started an intense process of "Brand stretching" to generate a conceptual and creative approach able to compete with the evolution of living. From the beginning, Steelwood has been characterized by the use of two materials - wood and metal - capable of combinint a vintage element with another one that is more dynamic, representing is the constant change of our times."

Heat and frost, curves and lines, vintage and modern. Steelwood Concept is born from the encounter of steel and wood, two materials that are opposed under many respects. But when they are skillfully combined, these elements are able to give dynamism and wisdom to any project. Comfort and elegance in simple and refined forms, such as those of the bench Riserva with cushion: a rather simple structure but at the same time presenting soft curves that give it a refined look. The base is made of white painted metal and consists of two separate axes, folded to square. The seat is made of high-quality walnut wood, on which rests a comfortable cushion. Furnishings that blend together metal and wood in a sweet harmony, mixing them in such a natural way that the result could only be a product of high design, able to surprise and make you fall in love at first sight.
To strengthen the identity of the brand and ensure the unity of the furnishings, clothing and living sectors, SWC has selected a series of specific patterns from which were born three different textures, each of them acting at the same time as a kind of common thread that connects all the products as a distinguishing hallmark.
The versatility and dynamism of these textures, allow the brand to renew its collections quite often, creating new textures and patterns instead of producing new models. All Steelwood Concept textures are conceived and designed on the basis of current trends.

Steelwood Concept thinks and produces furniture can interpret the current evolution of living. Passion, technology and experience at the service of a new idea of living with a vaguely Nordic inspiration. Innovative modular elements such as templates One, Two and Four, made of walnut wood and iron, are examples of the constant evolution of interior design.
By designing objects of this kind, Steelwood Concept demonstrates that it has understood the increasing need to use modular complements for the decoration of the house. Elements with multiple functions, for example, that can be easily moved from one room to another or even from one house to another, adapting to spaces and following you with no problems.
ONE is an innovative module that is characterized by its extreme simplicity. In fact, thanks to its refinement and multi-functionality, it can be used as a module to compose a bookcase, or as a stool whenever you need an extra seat.
TWO takes the concept of the module One and redouble it. This product has several functions, due to its greater size. "Two" is actually three products in one: it serves as a coffee table, a bookcase module and, if placed vertically, as a desk. Obviously, it can be used individually or in combination with others, to create ad hoc compositions.

FOUR is the complete evolution of the previous modules. It has been created to offer a complete bookcase that can also be integrated with the other two types of modules. With three different sizes, you'll be free to compose new forms according to your personal taste and needs, and whenever you get tired you can change the layout or even the function of the modules.
A new interior design brand based in Verona, which has given rise to innovative products with a high aesthetic value, in which the contemporary beauty of the metal and the traditional warmth of wood, are combined with the full respect for nature and the environment.
In fact, all the materials used by this brand come from raw materials and natural elements, skillfully worked to provide comfort, ease of use and durability. Moreover, SWC products are 100% recyclable.
A collection of articles for interior design, divided into three main categories (furniture and home-trade, office furniture and accessories): Steelwood Concept unveiled a new way of conceiving home accessories. It produces objects curated in design and details, with essential shapes and colours, each one characterized by a distinctive identity that can adapt completely to any personal style.