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TRIMM Copenhagen

Trimm Copenhagen challenges how people interact and spend time together in an informal setting with focus on creating a lounge atmosphere. Trimm Copenhagen is a Danish design-driven company that creates lifestyle furniture with high standards in terms of quality, comfort, mobility, weight and modern design.
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Trimm Copenhagen
Trimm Copenhagen is a design brand based in Denmark that produces furniture and accessories also suitable for outdoor living.
Every object that comes from this elegant Nordic company is produced according to the highest standards of quality, comfort, ease of transport and weight, not to mention the modernity of design.
The philosophy of Trimm Copenhagen and the common thread of all its creations are based on the desire to improve the way people interact during their outdoor relaxation breaks.

Through the beautiful and comfortable furnishings designed by the brand, a new way to spend time outdoors is outlined by the company. In fact, through its furniture this brand creates relaxing and informal settings where you can breathe a lounge mood atmosphere.
The company was founded in 2010 by Tim Nielsen, a designer of boat sails, in collaboration with the designer Rikke Gjørlund.
The brand produces and distributes stylish products and accessories ranging from accessories to ottomans, all characterized by the modern and essential design typical of Northern Europe, to provide you with a furniture that you can use both in indoor and outdoor spaces.
The Trimm Copenhagen team could be described as a team that creates soft atmospheres designed to live our daily lives in the name of elegant wellbeing. All items are perfect for private homes, but also for public areas or working spaces.

Multifunctional products, but above all light and therefore easy to move. The ottomans, for example, are equipped with practical and functional handles to move them easily from a place to another, to create a friend-area during your pleasant aperitif breaks under the sun or in the moonlight.
In each project by Trimm Copenhagen is evident that the brand shares the philosophy of "less is more", with simple forms and avoiding unnecessary frills, although its complements and accessories are able to respond to the needs of any style and contemporary design.
Furniture designed to invite those who buy it to create an ideal space for socializing and conviviality.
The typical Nordic decoration of spaces is based on a few simple rules: wide spaces to share with family and friends, and a minimal but carefully chosen furniture to give a sense of intimacy. Nordic furniture, thanks to its simplicity, expresses warmth and affability mainly because it is almost completely free from sharp edges, preferring rounded shapes to soften the surrounding location.

In the Trimm Copenhagen collection you will find pieces of furniture that you can use at home or in the garden or terrace; in fact, they are made of insulating materials, light, but at the same time robust, capable of generating natural heat once you are seated. You will not have to fear that your valuable ottoman is damaged if you keep it outside for a long time: Trimm products can be safely exposed to the weather for the whole year, thanks to the use Sunbrella Plus, the special water-repellent material they are made of. Sunbrella Plus is also very resistant to moisture, UV light and algae.
The fantastic ottomans by this brand do not accept any compromise on comfort and solidity. These soft seats are stable and structured, and they offer an original, comfortable and colourful alternative to the regular chair. They can easily fit in living rooms, bedrooms, gardens or terraces, thanks to their style and simple and elegant lines.

Trimm Copenhagen joins in all its creations an essential sensitivity to the taste for contemporary design; its products are characterized by the extraordinary strength of materials, and by the comfort of the varied and informal seats.
Furnishing our outdoor space requires passion and dedication. The goal is to set up our little oasis of peace away from the busy world, and this is why the brand offers various collections of objects, all suitable to create an atmosphere with an international character.
Small ottomans perfect to sit, but that can also become functional small tables to support the tray with the aperitifs if needed. Or the giant models like Felix Lounger, a pleasant mix between a seat and a chaise longue, where you can enjoy endless hours of relaxation.
You must also be able to combine other furnishings to such seats full of character in order to create the right setting. And the brand offers its Flowerpot collection of cute hanging flower pots made of coated polyester and waterproof. If you do not want to "wilderness" effect by using a single flower pot, Trimm Copenhagen has also studied the vertical multi-Flowerpot version: several containers laid one above the other with a rope and karabiners, which will give a boost of vitality to your walls.

Those who are looking for design jars to plant herbs in the kitchen, can always put on the sill of the window Soft Pots, the fabric jars coated with polyester which are also waterproof and therefore ideal to be placed in the kitchen or on the terrace.
A sunny day and a few hours of relaxation on your giant pouf Trimm Copenhagen can only be enhanced by a pleasant and undisturbed reading. In order to have your favourite books, newspapers or magazines always at hand, choose the storage News Paper Basket made of a fabric generally used to create sails, enriched by two rope handles for a perfect navy-mood.

Trimm Copenhagen is still tied to the essentiality typical of Nordic culture, and this link is evident in its minimal but fun items like the sculptural hanger Rope Rack. It is a heavy vertical string designed in the traditional way following the Danish style; the rope is easily fitted to the ceiling and on each knot you can hang a hooks or a hanger creating a coat rack or a storage with an eccentric shape. Rope Rack is a functional decorative complement, ingenious in its structure and easy to hang and reposition. It is also an excellent space-saving support to be included in your wardrobe, in the bathroom or in the kids' room in order to store the toys.

A contemporary Nordic design, outdoor complements and accessories, ultra-light and weatherproof materials, a lounge atmosphere to share with the people you love. All this bears the signature of the Danish brand Trimm Copenhagen.