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We do wood

We Do Wood has chosen to design furniture in the material moso bamboo, because it is one of the most sustainable natural resources the world has. And it is the only woody plant that can keep up with the rate of human consumption and deforestation.
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1. What makes a brand exclusive? We Do Wood is an example of uniqueness.
The exceptional nature of a brand depends on the way in which it acts on the global market. When addressing the interaction on global markets, we are not talking about connectivity or IT, which are features that by now characterize the whole world, thanks to the Internet and hi-tech devices. With the term social (or global) interaction we refer to all those attitudes that put companies in contact with the human dimension, regardless of different cultures, making a brand unique. In this view, a company can be considered exclusive in two ways. When it has low production costs or when it produces thanks to technical procedures and innovative ideas that others don't have, satisfying the real needs of the society. The above-mentioned principle is the hallmark of We Do Wood. This production strategy is based on a know-how laying on three main company virtues, that are: -zero-impact and sustainable production; -simple and adaptable design; -very efficient distribution net and client service.

2. The choice of sustainable production as a secret for success
The first winning and innovative choice taken by We Do Wood is to use bamboo. This productive choice is a winning approach, because it integrates, in an exclusive way, human practical needs and the protection of the environment. This element is the feature that has conquered the trust of thousands of clients around the world.

2.1 The choice of the right plant
The first and most important business choice is to choose with accuracy and talent the type of tree to use, even better, the quality of the trees. The raw material chosen is mainly a particular species denominated "pubescens". This variety of bamboo is characterized by high rates of productivity and adaptability; therefore it is the most suitable for artisan and industrial production cycles.

2.2 The characteristics of bamboo
-Bamboo is a fast growing tree characterized by a rapid growth. It reaches maturity in less than 4 years. This is a real record if compared to other species. For example, the majority of conifers reach their maturity in 10 to 20 years, while hard woods, such as ash and oak, need a very long time, around 40 to 80 years, to mature.

-Bamboo is characterized by a constant and continuous sprouting. This process is 100% natural, since it doesn't require human intervention: this means no fertilizers or chemical additives that are rigorously forbidden by the company directives.

-Bamboo represents a crucial element for the safeguard of the environment. Basically, a bamboo plantation, compared to an equivalent surface planted with other trees, absorbs 2/3 more carbon dioxide, releasing a decisively higher amount of oxygen (more than 1/3, as compared to other plantations). This characteristic makes bamboo ideal for reducing the environmental impact of productive activities exploiting the soil, and contrasting the global warming.

-The vital cycle of bamboo doesn't drain the physical and chemical qualities of the soil, indeed bamboo is an help for the soil. Besides, the high quantity of nitrogen absorbed by this plant helps to prevent the pollution of aquifers and internal waters.

-Bamboo plantations, from which are taken the trunks to create home décor objects, are mainly located in Asia. The main supplier of wood is China. A special trade agreement protocol with supplier countries envisages the total ban on the use of fertilizers and chemicals for the maximization of production, as already mentioned above. The aim of this protocol is clear and perfectly in line with the company philosophy, whose goal is to produce excellent design furniture without impacting on the environment. The quality and production of each products are certified. Wood is collected and shipped to Danish carpentries, where it is processed using modern techniques, as well as the traditional art of wood masters.

3.The exclusive design of We Do Wood
The design of We Do Wood is unique. Even though different winning features characterize products, the whole range of complements has a central, unique and immutable thread in common, giving a unique reference dimension made of practicality and linearity. The craftsmanship of artisans makes the carpentry "a forge of simplicity and tradition". The design of all objects is simple and essential. The linearity of shapes is intensified by the refinement of details. Because colour is almost absent, bamboo grains stand out, as they were still alive. The meticulousness of wood-working makes the surfaces soft and elastic: by a simple light touch, fingertips perceive a unique and pleasant feeling. Shapes of We Do Wood creations are severe, beautiful and very practical. The modernity of the ideas marries different decor styles. This design is particularly suitable for minimal and modern décor, but they have also a perfect collocation in ethnic décor rooms.

We Do Wood is a true leader in the innovation of production and working of bamboo items. The best way to describe We Do Wood is through the company claim: "A piece of furniture is a success when it doesn't require too much explanations".