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Zee Garden

The water hose is probably one of the most essential tools in gardens and exteriors. The main goal at Zee is to manufacture a pretty looking hose reel by selecting contemporary colours and going for the "unicolour" look. The result is a real design object, so you can enjoy your outdoor living space even more and to the fullest.
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In recent years we have seen, even in the smallest homes, the growing desire to create a green corner, a space (often very little), where you can indulge and get closer to nature.
The patio, the garden or terrace are now some real extensions of contemporary houses and designers from around the world have been struggling to provide even the most trivial accessories with a new style.

The Zee brand, based in Belgium, becomes a pioneer in the creation of design objects in contemporary colours, to enjoy even better your outdoor spaces.
The garden hose is an essential tool in the garden or on the terrace filled with small plants and vases of flowers. Zee aspires to create a hose with a high aesthetic value, choosing trendy colours and a monochromatic look.

So far, this indispensable tool for the maintenance of green has not received much attention. But Zee Garden changed the tables, creating a design object that is both useful and pleasant to look at.
Zee, with its Mirtoon Tube, focuses on an essential detail in the care of outdoor spaces: the garden hose. You can use it for multiple needs: watering plants and flower beds, washing tools, bicycles and muddy boots, and in summer it becomes a valuable help to fill swimming pools or do some water balloon to your friends.

The hose Mirtoon is ready to use: ready and go, without any struggle or complications. The tube rotates 180° around the integrated support and it can be positioned against the wall, on both sides. The kit includes the pivot support system to the wall, screws, dowels and the various hydraulic fittings; also, it comes with a practical multi-jet shower, in addition to the classic sprinkler. The garden hose Zee is available in two different sizes: ten meters - perfect for terraces and balconies - or thirty meters to enjoy a spacious garden.

Mirtoon is so easy to use that once you have finished, the hose rewinds automatically, without making you struggle with the tens of meters of rubber and without the risk of creating knots. The PVC and rubber hose is designed to withstand UV rays, and temperatures between -10° and +65° C. It is also equipped with an automatic locking system.

The whole set is packaged in a box full of style, designed with a handle for easy carrying. Mirtoon is available in total red, green, black, and the last new entry, even white for a classic mood or flaire Provençal.
Mirtoon is a project carried out for the Zee company by Studio Dott, a creative agency founded in 2000 with headquarters both in the city of Antwerp and Hong Kong.

Studio Dott became famous for its objects that are created to fulfill human needs, without losing sight of accessibility at a fair price.
The outdoor coil Mirtoon proved to be such an innovative project that it has received the "Henry Van De Velde for Design" recognition. After this first, huge, success, Zee decided it was time to create the next great accessory to make you enjoy life outside our homes.

Then the garden shower Levantine was created: an essential tube of powder-coated steel for extra protection. To mount your Zee garden shower, you just have a few simple steps: screw the pipe to the base, put the rubber shower cap with a pleasant water spray and you're ready to freshen up whenever you want, maybe between a tanning session and the other. A fabulous architectural product in order to enjoy a refreshing break even on the terrace or in your garden. When the sunny summer days are warmer, you do not have to run home every ten minutes to cool off in the fresh water. Levantine is designed to withstand the test of time and weather changes, so once installed you will not have to worry about it anymore. Every single detail of Levantine aims at a comfortable use, from the button that allows you to easily adjust the water flow, to the head that distributes the water regularly.

Levantine was created by the Belgian designer Alain Gilles. After an initial career in the world of international finance, Alain resumed his studies in industrial design, favoring his true artistic spirit. In late 2007, he opened his own studio that constantly deals with projects developed on his personal approach. In 2012, his reputation is internationally recognized and he wins the Designer of the Year award from the prestigious Kortrijik fair.
The garden collection by Zee also includes the spray gun Seto that can be purchased together with the Mirtoon hose and it is characterized by an essential design and basic shades of colour.

Zee Design is a brand that knows the importance of being able to carve out a small corner of greenery in our homes; whether it's a small flowered balcony or a huge garden with swimming pool, it makes no difference. Feel every day the contact with nature to regenerate mind and spirit. Nature, however, needs constant care and loving attention which you can provide using functional tools that help us in everyday care of our plants and flowers. Zee Design does not miss the chance to re-evaluate trivial gardening accessories, giving them a new look, making them original and contemporary, and never leaving out the primary function. Items such as water hoses, watering cans and outdoor showers reborn in modern and attractive lines created by the winning collaborations with internationally renowned designer who work with the Belgian company. If you usually try to conceal the hose after watering the lawn, with Zee Design creations you could not wait to show them to all your friends.