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It is the sacred space of the house, the one where privacy, routine and relaxation meet: for this a well-kept bathroom is really the best ally you could wish for. Discover the best furniture solutions and design accessories designed for this environment.
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Selection of Furniture and Bathroom Sinks

When we talk about the house, we think of Lovethesign, the site with countless ideas and solutions for all the rooms of the house, obviously including the bathroom, the place of relaxation par excellence. In recent times the bathroom is becoming more and more popular; importance and it is probably the most important place; cured of the house own because & eacute; & Egrave; here that each of us can; find yourself and have some time just for yourself without running the risk of being disturbed. In his website, Lovethesign has dedicated a wide section to the bathroom from all points of view, starting from the bathroom fixtures to furniture and coverings. & Nbsp;

I Lovethesign products

Have you ever thought about how much time you spend every day in the bathroom? In addition to physiological needs, it is the place of hygiene, shaving, depilation, make-up and often also the sauna, turkish bath, massage and many of us take advantage of the bathroom to read, study or simply relax just because it & # 39; there is no; nobody else. For this reason the bathroom must be cozy, pleasant, elegant, clean and comfortable and whatever its size, good furniture, ergonomic health and design accessories will make your bathroom the environment of well-being. Lovethesign offers customers a wide range of products that meet any need both in terms of style and budget with the best brands and more; disparate solutions. & nbsp;

Lovethesign bathroom fixtures

Bathroom fixtures include sink, toilet, bidet, bathtub and / or shower. On the Lovethesign website you can find all types and models of sanitary ware, starting from the classic models on the floor up to the suspended, from vintage to contemporary and minimal chic style for a bathroom always at the top. Let's see in detail the various types of health to understand which ones are the most important; be adapted to your bathroom.

The suspended washbasins, support and the bathroom compositions

The trend that has been reigning for some years now is very important. the one that favors the suspended sanitaryware or those that do not rest on the floor but are fixed to the wall through a special system that allows the sanitary fixtures to support any weight without problems. The advantages of this type of sanitary ware are many, first and foremost hygiene. Cleaning a suspended sanitaryware & egrave; in fact, much more; simple to cleanse a sanitary on the ground and moreover also the forms of these sanitary are more & ugrave; avant-garde and adapt better to small bathrooms as they are well positioned also at the corners. Particularly worthy of note are some models, such as the Tratto wall hung washbasin, also available in the double version and in the supporting version. Innovative and revolutionary is the Betty Blue flat surface washbasin or the AG washbasin, simple, essential and with a unique design. Beautiful and modern square and circular washbasins with essential lines and super-thin thickness for chic environments. Very unusual is the discreet and innovative SB.O oval sink or the series of Insert washbasins positioned on the right or on the left of the piece of furniture that houses them. The SB.K Diam. Series includes modern models but whose shape recalls the ancient washbasins used by our grandmothers to wash their hands pouring water from a pitcher. Today instead of the pitcher there is a latest fashion designer faucet but the function is not; changed. Then there are the marble washbasins for the super-luxurious bathrooms and the bathrooms of the multi-starred public facilities. vTo look at other models and series of bathroom fixtures, just visit the site. Some idea? Look for comfort and design in the Folio bathroom composition or the Twice composition with double sink and double mirror to avoid more quarrel; when you need to go to the bathroom because of lack of time.

The mirrors Lovethesign

The mirrors are not only useful objects but also special because give style and character to the house. They cover a fundamental importance in the bathroom both for the dimensions and for their special characteristics. Starting from the most important ones; small to support the furniture here is the Kali cosmetic mirror round and capable of 200% magnification. Among the most popular mirrors; details mention Oskar with a glove that is very reminiscent of a vampire tooth that certainly does not go unnoticed or the Cage mirror with rounded shapes and no frame. For those who prefer more models; classics with frame we point out the Vimte 060 spacious and rectangular that can; be positioned also in other environments or the Enter round mirror is ideal for make-up.