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Room Divider Bookcases

Among the different types, the divisive libraries are those that have an evident double function. Characterized by being "open to day", or open on both sides, they allow to divide an environment and, in any position of the room, to discover and reach the objects contained in them: books, magazines, or ornaments. Perfect for use at home and in the office.
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An original and innovative solution is the partition bookcase. Born to store books, CDs, DVDs and other items, bookcases are also greatly used in the place of walls to separate rooms. Designed to create privacy and to use a space where you can carry out different tasks, they are very fashionable and can decorate any home. Functional on both sides, they can be used both in houses and in offices. Choosing the right one is easy thanks to the wide range of models on the market. In ancient times a library was the place where people went to study, read, and find documents. It was also a very quiet and austere place, where huge volumes, often dusty, were placed on high and dark shelves. Such books were not very popular and aesthetics were marginal as bookcases were simply needed to store books; there were no other spaces used for this function. Philosophers, poets, writers or simple reading enthusiasts ventured there looking for books with the help of those who held the keys to libraries, hoping that, among dust and darkness, suddenly the book they were looking for would pop out from a shelf. The designers’ creativity put an end to this rather old and austere way of storing books and documents. A touch of novelty came with the introduction of bookcases in any environment, from the living room to the bedroom, from the office to the study, from libraries to travel agencies. Modernity also means this: finding innovative solutions such as partition bookcases. The one who invented the first bookcase was Marcel Breuer in Germany in 1930. The structure he created was made of uprights in tubular steel and thin shelves, replacing the traditional solid wood bookcases with a completely new and light model. Ten years later, Franco Albini, a designer of Italian origin, introduced the bookcase ""Veliero"". From an idea that aimed at defying the law of gravity, Albini created for his house something unique, although perhaps unstable and crazy for the times. The exhibition at the Salone del Mobile 2011 intrigued experts of the naval sector and engineers who got down to work immediately to give this unusual bookcase a more stable structure. The 1950s saw the first modular bookcases and this revolution quickly spread. Many were the ideas and projects based on a new approach to furniture to take advantage of every space in the right way, and partition bookcases were one of the most important aspects in the 1990s along with vertical elements. The art of furniture and décor aims to unite, through the use of partitions, furniture and complementary accessories, indoor environments with outdoor ones. The study of space has led to an evolution in the way we conceive an environment without necessarily having to break existing walls or build new ones. The different partitions and diaphragms that experts pore over are the elements that create aesthetically perfect and functional homes. Classic décor includes antique furniture mostly made by craftsmen or other modern reproductions of antique furniture. Bookcases are preferably made in solid wood and they hold extremely important positions in a living room or in a room decorated in a classic style. Modern and contemporary décor, on the other hand, offers solutions where synthetic materials and technological surfaces are combined. Space is seen as something that can grow through innovative tools. Partition bookcases, for example, allow you to create an extra room or to separate two spaces while maintaining a continuity in the décor and with the floor. Stone and wooden elements are combined in these magnificent pieces that modern designers love and include in both small and large apartments; the Nordic style involves the use of partition bookcases with clean lines and light colours. Practicality and originality are the main features of these modern pieces of furniture. Partition bookcases are used to divide the spaces in a house, where rooms must be not only aesthetically beautiful but also functional, and were in fact designed in order to create new environments in addition to existing ones. An apartment with no hallway, for example, and where the entrance overlooks the living room may benefit from a partition bookcase to create some privacy; in a house where the kitchen area should be separated from the dining room, the use of such a bookcase can be an important element in meeting that need. A small room where the space is shared by two brothers can be divided by using a nice bookcase, creating two independent environments. In some cases, finally, it is impossible to build a new wall, and a partition bookcase comes into play in the role of a wall unit. Furniture is constantly evolving and offers solutions that are not only a necessity but a real trend. The creation of innovative models that break with tradition attracts those who buy houses they plan on decorating in a contemporary style. We should bear in mind that simple does not mean boring or plain, however: a simple partition bookcase has still well-defined characteristics, functionality and a wide range of materials among which to choose. The history of the bookcase is closely linked to the importance of books. Today this statement is hardly up-to-date as the spreading of e-books and the rapid elimination of paper may suggest that its function is no more. People, however, still love to purchase or build bookcases for living areas that are bright and fashionable. The memory of the libraries in monasteries during the Middle Ages, where towering shelves guarded great books and important documents, continues to fascinate avid readers who cannot help but have shelves or bookcases to support their great paperback collections. The wall bookcase is definitely the most classic example and sometimes it is equipped with glass panes designed to protect the books from dust. Bookcases open on two sides belong to the modern style. These pieces are meant to be used as room dividers, to separate the conversation area from the work area or from the dining area. In addition to storing books, bookcases can be used to store your music CD collection and DVDs. Your mementos will not fade next to these collections: indeed, they will give more value to the partition bookcase you have chosen. Designers advise and propose models where tidiness and cleanliness are aspects that make the action of putting books or other objects away more pleasant thanks to the creative design of the shelves. The customization depends on you, deciding to have a piece of furniture so important as to separate two environments. If once a bookcase was only needed to sort out books of different nature and different prestige, today it is not unusual to find plants on its shelves, making it more alive and natural. The materials with which partition bookcases are made are different. Wood is the classic material that never goes out of fashion and, since the old days, it is usually chosen for its strength and solidity. The need to place huge and heavy volumes on high shelves made it necessary to build bookcases that were large and quite robust. Today needs have changed as the use varies according to context. When it comes to home décor, designers offer models of partition bookcases made with recycled material as the environmental aspect is something that many people consider when purchasing furniture. The creation of unique pieces is another reason that pushes furnishing enthusiasts to have a unique bookcase that can create two innovative environments. Wood is definitely a must and wooden furniture stored in a garage or basement can be reused, pulling it apart to create a whole new piece. Old tubes or bicycles tires are other materials that are greatly used to create original solutions. Modern design offers a wide range of partition bookcases, also known as double-sided bookcases, and the aesthetic impact of these functional pieces is very strong. Companies create many models with different sizes and finishes, which means that any type of home can have its partition bookcase, blending in with the décor of the room it is placed in. Bookcases consisting of modular glass elements and uprights positioned through the anchoring system are built in wood and aluminium. The combination of these materials is very modern and can create an aesthetically perfect piece of furniture. Cabinets with glass doors and an iron structure are other elements that characterize bookcases used to divide rooms. They were created with the aim of ​​storing rich collections of books and precious objects. From a structural point of view, these bookcases are built in melamine oak charcoal. The retro lines are the way designers try to forget the classic style and combine it with new technologies: the mix of past and present in partition bookcases allows you to create pieces that are ideal to keep your books tidy. Contemporary luxury pieces also have a few key features. Aluminium and glass bookcases, with floor-to-ceiling structure, for example, are designed for those who love luxury and like to buy stylish furnishing accessories. Modular models feature cube containers with various functions. Multifunctional furniture is in fact widespread as it is constituted by elements that act as partitions. The materials used are lacquered steel and aluminium. If you need a large double bookcase in your apartment, for example, all you need to do is stack the pieces one over the other until you reach the desired height. The 'Tetris' solutions are fanciful. Made up of box displays, they create a completely different environment; used between the kitchen area and the living area they become sculptural elements and are suitable for any space. In the 1960s sheetrock appeared in Italy and light construction was the context in which it was used for partition walls, counter-walls and counter-ceilings. The versatility and low cost of this material have also caused it to become widespread in the furniture industry. Several pieces of furniture such as bookcases, arches, shelves, and fitted walls are built using this material that is both functional and easy to lay. Businesses are increasingly specializing in the use of the most suitable materials to create space-saving solutions to decorate interiors like partition bookcases. The furniture market offers easy, cheap, and fast solutions. Our dear friends – i.e. books – continue to have an important place in homes and offices and our luck in being able to choose essential pieces of furniture such as bookcases seems to have no end. In offices we can resort to the use of partition bookcases to create separate areas, even more appreciated if to make them we use bare modular bookcases. Masonry walls cannot always be erected in a building due to technical or structural reasons, or because it takes too long and the costs can be high. Therefore furniture solutions that can separate the spaces are aesthetically appealing and perform different functions: in addition to ensuring privacy that an office or building might needs, for example, they guarantee tidiness and functionality as well. A simple screen can be light and decorative and the inclusion of movable partitions, namely partition panels, does not create any kind of hindrance or obstacle when walking from one environment to another. Double-faced bookcases, in fact, are decorative panels and perfectly separate two areas where you can work, greet customers or hold small meetings. The website offers models of partition bookcases that are artfully designed to meet every need. Partition bookcases in cubic style such as the ""Bookcase 13 PlusOne"" reflect contemporary tastes. The cubes are additional elements both as regards to height and length, and they are available in different colours which you can mix and match as you see fit. This type of bookcase is highly customizable and creates an artistic composition against your walls. ""PlusOne"" features panels made of chipboard with a melamine resin coating. The standard model includes 5 modules and has a size of 175x168 cm. Ideal for modern apartments, it fits in tiny spaces and is useful for storing books, objects, photos and mementos in general. The bookcase ""Nordic"" by Ethnicraft is another model with unique qualities. For those who love wood, this bookcase is the ideal choice to divide a space, giving your room a touch of elegance and refinement. The sliding doors add extra practicality to this bookcase. is based on two very important concepts: originality and design. Often we walk into friends’ and relatives’ houses and see pieces of furniture such as bookcases as something that does not play a significant role, perhaps all alone in a corner or in a room that is rarely used. To create an object one must follow very specific steps, and the conception and design phases are left to industry and quality experts. The LoveTheSign models are suitable for those who consider partition bookcases a valuable piece of furniture. From classic to modern design, this piece of furniture attracts the attention of those who walk into an apartment for the first time. Used to seeing traditional bookcases, whoever walks in is faced with exceptional pieces, fabulous and unique in their genre. The materials they are made of are cutting edge and can support the weight of the objects you choose to rest on them. In fact, ideas are not enough to create these unique pieces – you need new technologies as well. If you are still unaware of the fact that a bookcase can have an extremely important role even today, you can find the one that best fits your space here, thanks to our wide range of choices. Friends and family will love the idea of ​​a bookcase as a partition wall, and both children and adults will look for books and other items in this beautiful piece of furniture that will last for a long time.