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Wrapping Paper

That feeling of having wrapping paper between your fingers, carefully gift-wrapping with love and perfection that makes every detail count. Dedication and thought transmitted through paper that’s worth saving. These are emotions that you’ll never forget.
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Wrapping Paper

Greeting cards and wrapping paper are an important addition to any gift intended for a loved one. A gift, albeit an act of endearment, when accompanied by an unsuitable wrapping paper or lacklustre greeting card can ruin both the significance and uniqueness of the gift. Only naturally, each gift has its ideal wrapping paper. Make no mistake, the size of the package is your first criteria, but the content can also dictate the paper’s style.

As it goes for greeting cards, wrapping paper can also come in many types. For example, there are more playful types, which wouldn’t be appreciated by those with little sense of humour, as well as the more classic styles, which likely wouldn’t appeal to those who love to joke around and don’t take anything too seriously. In a nutshell, choosing the right wrapping can only be done when you know the recipient very well, from their tastes all the way to their expectations. It’s also worth carefully assessing how to get the best possible combination between type of paper, decoration of paper, content of the package and reason for giving. In short, the choice of wrapping paper can be very challenging if you want to pull it off with accuracy and avoid the risk of being corny or boring in the eyes of the recipient.

History Behind Wrapping Paper

So where’s the history behind wrapping paper and when did it come into mainstream use? The need for wrapping gifts goes back to ancient times. Let’s just say that back in the seventeenth century in Japan they used to use cloth to make extravagant and original packages. But if the Japanese had Furoshiki - the name of the cloth used - then in Korea there was the Bojagi, which was also a square cloth that had even earlier origins. According to historians, they date way back to the first century A.D. This is the historical background of the east, but it was a different situation in the West, where wrapping paper first came about in Britain.

Fashion was dictated by the monarchy early on in England, and everything was refined and luxurious. The wrapping paper used in olden times was elaborate in every sense. Even lace gift wrap was no stranger, with no expense spared, in order to obtain a class result. Moving out of Europe, and into the USA to be exact, you’ll find a more popular use of wrapping paper as a genuine trade so to speak, resembling the paper we use today. Right around the 1920s, in the state of Missouri, the modern day wrapping paper was attributed to two brothers who had an intuition that in a very short time would revolutionise the way gifts were given throughout the Western world.

A gift is intended to blow away its recipients, but even before opening the package, the biggest surprise is given by the package itself. The colour of the paper and the decorative motifs etched onto it are the most important aspects to focus your attention on when picking your present decor. At the same time, it’s important to take material into consideration. As a matter of fact, not all types of wrapping paper are resistant and high-end. Naturally, the purchase of paper should always be carried out after the gift itself, in order to be able to mix and match without risking error that could compromise the surprise or disappoint.

What can you find in the LOVEThESIGN Catalogue?

But how many kinds of wrapping paper are on the market and, above all, what kind can you find in the Lovethesign catalog? Let's have a look at them so that your next present will be a cinch. Solid coloured or in various colours, monochrome or printed in various bright, shiny, opaque or completely see-through patterns, wrapping paper can vary immensely. There are many occasions that call for wrapping paper and it is only natural that in these occasions you’ll have a wide selection to choose from. Christmas is the period where wrapping paper goes like hot cakes. Adults and children exchange gifts in anticipation of Santa Claus’s arrival.

The Christmas goal on everyone’s mind is to amaze, and that starts with the presents. Bringing in the holidays with the most important people in your life, whether friends or family, means doing it in a special and original way. With that being said, put down the dark-coloured wrapping paper or, even worse, grey pastels that scream dull during the otherwise jolly festive season. Go with wrapping paper with red as its base. If you can mix in some green, the combination is truly ready for perfect Christmas gift.

Sometimes, as in this case, all you need are two repeating figures and you get an original decorative motif loved by all. As for all the designer wrapping paper included in the Lovethesign catalog, it’s also sold with the matching greeting card. At times we overlook this necessary pairing and buy the greeting card separately from the wrapping paper. Often, especially if you don’t particularly put any thought into it, the result can be seriously undesirable.

Getting your hands on a set of both card and paper will get rid of this problem while also making a good impression, because you’re leaving it up to the designer to sort out.

Eco-friendly Production

Now that we’ve got your attention with the quality of this wrapping paper, we’ll go deeper into the production of this very product, which is completely eco-friendly. This is exactly what makes this wrapping paper stand out from the rest, such as the cheaper ones you’ll find dispersed around the market. These run-of-the-mill wrapping papers have an industrial-grade quality print and the design is usually nothing to write home about. So what exactly does eco-friendly paper mean? It’s certified recycled paper that, with the right treatments, can lead to all sorts of colours, even down to completely white. The finished product’s quality is therefore absolutely identical to other types with the difference, however, that the wrapping paper does not harm the environment but rather is respectful to nature.

This may not influence you when it comes down to choosing, but it’s worth noting that you can actively contribute to the preservation of our planet with every product you buy. That's why before purchasing things of such calibre, it’s also a plus to infer into these topics and have a closer look at when and how the wrapping paper in question was made. All parts of the Lovethesign catalog take these characteristics into consideration, as we find it to be a necessary trait.

Choosing wrapping paper depending on the object

So far we’ve mentioned how wrapping paper should be chosen depending on the type of object you want to wrap it around. There is one, for example, that’s perfect for books, fittingly called Books, a FSC certified paper, meaning it’s completely environmentally friendly and sports a 100% eco-friendly policy. If this is in itself a good reason to choose this very wrapping paper compared to many others, we now understand why it should be used to wrap books. The reason is simple: if you look closely, you’ll immediately notice printed books on a bright pink background. But it doesn’t stop here. The books are open and shown in flight, hinting at a book’s ability to spread culture and open minds. To sum it up nicely, what’s better for those who are about to get a book as a gift than to see it wrapped in this wrapping paper? As previously stated, bright colours and red tones are the most suitable for

Christmas gifts, so why not use this wrapping paper to embellish all your gifts on the brink of the holiday season?

True or false: If your gifts already come pre-packaged, you can just deliver them as is. False! These wraps don’t even compare to what you’re capable of doing from the heart, as this wrapping paper is much more than simple packaging with designs from the store you bought it in.

And what about matching greeting cards?

You can also find a way to create the perfect set, giving your loved one the Books wrapping paper alongside a matching greeting card. The roll, which is 50x70 cm, is perfect for books all the way to medium size. If the book is a paperback and on the smaller size, you could even pair it up with another gift that can be wrapped together or separately. If you ever wanted to impress your loved ones with 100% unique and original gifts, then you’ve undoubtedly searched for ravishing wrapping paper to top it all off in.

However, many do so and still are satisfied with the first product that comes into their lap. This happens especially when you're in a hurry, as are most in the holiday period. With the hectic pace that characterises most of our daily lives, we inevitably find ourselves coping with what's available at the time, which hopefully isn’t the worst wrapping paper out there. How to solve this problem and avoid looking like a fool with future presents? It’s simple, just get organised and give yourself some time to order off the web. With the prestigious designer wrapping paper offered by Lovethesign in its catalog, you can finally avoid having all eyes on you when delivering your gifts come Christmas, as the family is gathered together, and people start to think about how delightful the wrapping paper is and how much thought went into this unique and out of the ordinary purchase.

We have touched on some of the possible situations you might encounter when you find yourself choosing appropriate wrapping paper, but we have not yet considered one of the most important times for lovers who want to exchange gifts, even if only symbolic, from Valentine's Day to engagement and wedding anniversaries. In this case the best wrapping paper to choose is one that’s all-around simple.

A basic outer layer, as a matter of fact, will only accentuate the gift’s precious contents and the importance of the message that you want to convey with it, even with the help of a greeting card as well as a beautiful bouquet of flowers to fill out the look and give an extra hint of romance. Sometimes it really doesn’t take much to create a unique atmosphere and impress your loved one.