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Globes & World Maps

It's not yet time to leave, but you can already dream about your next destination. The globe maps and maps decorate the walls and surfaces of the house, bringing a bit of adventure even to the safety of the home walls. Whether they are camouflaged floor lamps or cork lamps where to hang flags, they are the original idea that enriches every environment.
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Globes and the Journey: a passion that unites all

Who, for example, has never wanted to know the cultures and traditions of distant peoples, marvel at new and breathtaking views, and why? no, get lost in the streets of fascinating and mysterious places? If also for you to travel & egrave; a real must, for sure in your home I will not miss you; globes and maps. Thanks to a simple globe or to a very common geographical map you have the possibility; to travel with the imagination and to reach very far destinations. On LOVEThESIGN, all travel enthusiasts have the possibility; to choose from a wide range of globes and maps to be discovered.

The selection of globes by LOVEThESIGN

The Capital Q world map produced by Atmosphere new world & egrave; a very elegant object capable of making any type of environment the ideal place to travel with imagination. Since ancient times, men have tried to map our beautiful planet, following a meticulous job. In order to do this, a great number of trips to the adventure course have been necessary, allowing us to know every corner of the world. Thanks to the Capital Q globe you have the possibility; to experience the same emotions as explorers. Being three-dimensional, this article offers the opportunity. to go to the discovery of all those lands on which have passed men and women who have made history. To go around the world, therefore, baster & agrave; really very little. The precision with which it is; the globe has been created and the union, to say the least, perfect between style and innovation make Capital Q an exclusive object as well as unique in its kind. Aluminum and rubber: these are the materials with which it is used; this piece of furniture has been created; original. In this regard, it is interesting to note that this is a particularly functional combination that enhances the contrast between past and present, between modern and vintage and between elegance and innovation. How it is easy to imagine, just this globe & egrave; an article to which it is; difficult to give up. Perch & eacute; do not place it, for example, in the living area between the sofa and the armchairs?

Take a few minutes of the day to observe the globe and imagine spending a few days on the Caribbean beaches rather than the Andes with the Capital Q world map it will not be; pi & ugrave; a privilege for a few. Among other things, it is It is interesting to note that the dimensions of the Capital Q globe are not very bulky and, therefore, make it ideal for any type of desk or, why? no, for the children's bedroom. Alternatively, LOVEThESIGN in the section dedicated to world maps and geographical maps offers the possibility; to purchase Vision , also produced by Atmosphere new world. As in the previous case, we are dealing with a globe that can represent an added value for every kind of environment. Vision is not; a globe like everyone else. Observing it, one has the sensation of being in front of a real work of art in the same way as trendy furnishing complements. Available in various colors, Vision & egrave; It is made of aluminum and has dimensions that can be placed on any kind of surface, whether it is the desk of the office or a piece of furniture in the living area. Every place is the right one for the Vision globe. In addition to being aesthetically very beautiful, Vision & egrave; the ideal gift for all those who love to travel and who can not help but think about the next holiday to be organized. To make the difference are, then, the classic lines and particularly bright colors that highlight perfectly the maps in satin aluminum. Being a particularly refined article, it is needless to underline that it is an enviable furnishing complement and very difficult to replace.

Alternatively, you have the possibility; to opt for the world map Anglo . Also this time we are dealing with an article produced by Atmosphere new world. Elegance and class are just two of the peculiarities; of a really chic object. The design of this globe is a sought after and makes it a unique object. The globe is It was made of suitably varnished steel and only i