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Record Players

The charm of a vintage record player with the technology and sound quality of the last decade. In the houses of music lovers, the old 45 laps are exposed alongside the vinyl records released a few weeks ago, that special version of the album for needle and crackling lovers, or the vintage re-release of that great classic of rock.
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Vintage and Design turntables
The turntable & egrave; a Vintage object with an undisputed charm, a creation that can guarantee a decorative contribution that is anything but indifferent in the most important environments; different.
Surely the record player is an exceptional element in the classically furnished rooms, as well as in those markedly Retr & ograve ;, at the same time in recent times it is happening more and more; often that these objects are enhanced in the context of modern interior design.
Before discovering in detail all the design aspects related to the choice to show off these objects & egrave; interesting to take stock of the "history" of the turntable.

The turntable: true milestone of music
The turntable today is obviously a more technologically advanced instrument; that obsolete, but some decades ago represented & ograve; a real revolution in the way of listening to music.
The turntable was invented by Emile Berliner, and it is; was the undisputed reference point regarding the possibility; to freely enjoy music for over a century.
This technological tool in fact starts & ograve; to spread around 1870 and it is it came into disuse in the early 1900s, obviously only and exclusively from the functional point of view.
The same turntable, moreover, is the same; evolved constantly over time, as a result its aesthetic and technical characteristics have changed significantly over the decades.
The first turntables correspond to the so-called phono-autographs, then the gramophone was imposed instead, a turntable looking unmistakable because of its very trumpet through which the sound was propagated.
The most popular versions; modern turntables also correspond to convenient horizontal cassettes, usually made of wood, suitably equipped to be able to read the disc through the classic reading head.
Over the course of time, therefore, the turntable structure is used. gradually being simplified, all the turntables, however, today have a truly exceptional decorative value.
When the turntable has started to go into disuse, different technological devices have established themselves on the market: the vinyl records have been replaced initially by the cassette tapes, which have been protagonists for several decades, then they started to depopulate the CDs, actually much more; easy on the functional level; and of quality & agrave; audio, up to the total digitization of the music files and the possibility; to listen to songs directly on the Internet.

Today's record players: magnificent design objects
As was mentioned, today the record player is a good example of this. considered a very special decorative element, a real "gem" of design.
Who has the good fortune to own an old record player, perhaps jealously kept by his grandparents, has certainly way to show it off in their own environments making it a detail very appealing aesthetics.
Likewise, the turntables dating back to the early twentieth century are very popular and very rare Vintage objects, a clear sign of the fact that these technological items that for more. of a century were the absolute reference point for listening to music are considered objects of proverbial charm.
But if you want to enrich an environment with a turntable & egrave; Is it strictly necessary to have a dated model available? Absolutely not!
Fully aware of the fact that turntables are design elements that know how to catalyze attention already on; at first glance, many companies have chosen to revive the unmistakable charm Retr & ograve; of these ancient creations.
Nowadays you can buy turntables of great charm: some of them perfectly reproduce the characteristics of the models of the past, while others represent a sort of modern reinterpretation of these technological items. > Regardless of which models are chosen to embellish their environments, all the turntables of design exude a very special aesthetic and are destined to reveal themselves far more; that a simple decoration.