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4 small actions to get ready for spring cleaning
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4 small actions to get ready for spring cleaning

If your spring cleaning’s ground to a halt, it may not be just because you’re lazy. It’s hard to think of moving furniture around to clean under it when it’s chucking it down with rain: there’s not even enough light to see the end result. And when the sun does make an appearance, it’s much nicer to enjoy it outdoors. Isn’t it?

While you’re waiting to turn out the cupboards and start the deep cleaning, you could start bringing a little order to your stuff with these small and simple actions.

Desk Topper organizer
Ikebana big round vase
Kabino chest of drawers

1. Decide: yes to this, no to that

One of the tidying tips from Marie Kondo - who has become so famous that she’s turned into a adjective (the KonMari method: tidying and decluttering according to her rules) - is to always ask yourself the question Does this spark my joy? when you’re deciding an object’s fate.

credits: Ken Tornitacredits: Ken Tornita

Make the most of those rainy afternoons, when you certainly won’t feel like getting rid of sweaters, to take stock of those shelves, desks and drawers where the clutter builds up, and choose the objects you really want to keep - then find a suitable place for them.

I approach spring cleaning as an expression of gratitude to the belongings that made my winter comfortable.
Marie Kondo

Have confidence: once you’ve started reorganising your space and you’re surrounded by things you love, you’ll feel filled with energy to devote to more exciting things - like outdoor picnics or drinks on the terrace, for example.

2. Use the walls

Before opening your wardrobe, begin by looking around you. Your bedroom or studio may be on the small side, but one thing is certain: there’s at least one wall you can use.

Particularly when space is tight, making the most of height could be the best option. Lightweight ladder-like structures can become magazine holders for your study or living room, and change into racks for clothes or towels in the bedroom and bathroom.

Just lean them against the wall to quickly create a vertical organiser that doesn’t take up space and is easy to move when you feel like changing the room.

Shelf Vocal
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Vana bathroom organizer

3. Find the right place for small objects

Who knows what happened to that bracelet you liked so much. Is it lost at the back of a drawer, in the pocket of a coat you haven’t worn for months, or in the handbag you lent your mother?

Life can truly begin only when you’ve tidied your home.
Marie Kondo

Organising small objects and always putting them away in the same place, specially chosen, will allow you to find them easily and really use them more often. A transparent box, for example, is perfect for organising stationery, makeup or small items of jewellery, so that you can always find the things you need.

And talking of makeup, did you know it has a use-by date? A little spring-cleaning is long overdue here too: check the use-by date, particularly of cream-based products like foundation, concealer and lipstick, and especially mascara, which should be changed every three months.

credits: Sylwia Pietruszkacredits: Sylwia Pietruszka

4. Encourage spring

It's no use checking the weather app three times a day: it won’t change the week of rain that’s in store for you - weekend included.

What you can do, however, is start to introduce touches of greenery in your home, to encourage the good weather - or at least to fake it. Strategically placed vases of flowers and plants with plenty of green leaves not only add colour, but also help to improve your mood.

And since you still have to do the spring cleaning - you haven’t forgotten, have you? - why not opt for hanging vases, which won’t get in your way?

If you take care of your things, you’re taking care of yourself.
Marie Kondo
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