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Don’t panic: you can still buy your presents online
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Don’t panic: you can still buy your presents online

December is here and Christmas is getting a lot closer. Don’t worry, it’s not a threat.

When it comes down to it, it’s hard to fight the festive spirit: street lights, Christmas trees, decorations, dinners… and Christmas presents of course.

The Christmas presents indeed.

How to avoid spending the rest of the December weekends queuing up in shops

You promised yourself that you would start to think about your Christmas shopping as early as October, have most of it done by the first of November and buy the presents that were left during the Black Friday weekend.

You had the perfect strategy, except that your weekend away in the mountains to celebrate Halloween ruined your perfect planning and your credit card wouldn’t work on the fateful Black Friday.

So, you’ve had to face the fact that, this year too, you’ll find yourself queuing for hours in the shops with all the other latecomers and those who were not so provident. Don’t despair, there’s still an answer to your problems: online shopping.

Next weekend you can lie on the sofa with your pc.

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Christmas with your nearest and dearest

Why don’t you get your parents something neutral that could be used by both. A lamp for their living room to go on the coffee table that still looks a little bare, for example, could be a splendid idea.

The same could apply to your sister and her husband: a wall clock for their new kitchen might be perfect.

OK, granny doesn’t want any presents, as she insists every year. However, it’s not polite to arrive empty handed! She might enjoy a trinket box for all her necklaces and rings.

You’re done.

No, wait, you still need to get something for your aunt Titina and this year you should come up with something other than the same old scarf, especially as you’ve never seen her wear one.

It’s time to take a look at the wish-list you made in September while you were still full of good intentions: it might give you a few ideas.

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The spare present

A year ago, when your new colleague came up to you with a little shiny parcel on the last workday before the Christmas holidays, and you had absolutely nothing to give in return, you just wanted to vanish or the floor to swallow you up.

Instead you beamed an awkward smile at him and said: Sorry, I didn’t think we were doing presents this year!

So you’ve learned by now that you should always have a spare gift on hand, as there’s bound to be someone who will give you an unexpected last minute present.

What does the perfect spare present look like? Simple and cheap, suitable for most people and both genders.

Don’t let anyone catch you off your guard: I bet your doorman will have a present waiting just for you!

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