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I'm sorry, I have something to do: Sunday on the sofa
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I'm sorry, I have something to do: Sunday on the sofa

You have made a decision: this weekend you will stay at home. In the spring your city is full of events and you had a lot of fun on Saturday. But on Sunday it seems already sweltering outside, while inside your home the air is still pleasantly fresh. In other words: it's impossible to fight the gravitational attraction of the sofa. And when you finally surrender to it, you see your face reflected on the black screen of the TV: you look like Terry Kiser in Weekend at Bernie's.

And what did Terry Kiser do on that weekend? The dead body with whom two coworkers share a sofa and some adventure. Directed by Ted Kotcheff in 1989, this comedy is not among the Best 1,000 Movies Ever Made according to the New York Times (fair enough), but Kiser's performance will make him famous and it will be copied hundreds of times on hundreds of domestic stages for the Sunday afternoon show.

How is it on the sofa, on a Sunday, at your place?

Swell sofa 2 seater
Felix lounger
Post Composition 4 sofa

King-size rest

One of the options for a weekend on the sofa is to plan your relaxing space with care. What's worse than lying down on the sofa and find out, as soon as all our muscles are relaxed, that the remote control of the television is out of reach? You try to reach it with one arm, then with one leg, and finally you beg your sweetheart, but nothing. You have to get up.

In these situations, the ideal setting includes a sofa and a coffee table that are outrageously large, like the king-size beds in the American motels, put next to each other. The whole decoration of the room aims at minimizing the indispensable movements to make it till the evening. Check list: remote, water, a soda, some snacks, Saturday's newspapers, smartphone and tablet. Everything for two if you have company.

This way you should survive the afternoon, then, when the sun goes down, one of you will reach the front door to take the dinner you have ordered. The person who remains on the sofa pays the bill.

Limitless relaxation

This morning you are too tired to go out, but the breeze outside has an irresistible scent. Winter was long and now you feel like warming your bones in the sun. The garden, terrace or even a room with the windows wide open are what you need to spend this relaxing Sunday. The important is not to open the door of the house.

In order to meet your needs it's necessary to create a location that is in tune with nature. This year's trends have been conceived to make your desire come true. You can be in your garden or inside the house, but outdoor furniture cannot be stopped by any wall now: they are everywhere. The garden is as comfortable as a living room, the living room is as fresh as a garden. Are you ready?

Add a rug in natural fibres to evoke the vegetation of the Mediterranean scrub, a glass of fresh juice and your favourite fashion and furniture magazines. Everything is just perfect: now inhale, exhale and relax!

Rana chair with cushion
Paris chair with cushion
Stand for Egg hanging chair

The calm of the reader

On Sunday morning you only open your eyes when the sun illuminates your bedroom peeping through the cracks of the shutters. You didn't set the alarm. Breakfast is a slow and accurate ritual, inspired to the Japanese ceremony of tea: you have to savour every moment that you don't have during the week. You go back to the bedroom and notice on your bedside table a pile of books you have never started or finished: now you have a goal.

Every book has its own personality. In order to get a result, to read them and fill yourself with the calm and the serenity you need to make it until summer holidays, a flexible solution is indispensable. Change the style, change the cover, change the way the sun illuminates your home and the noise made by your neighbours. The ottoman is the perfect answer to your need of rest, wherever you want and in the position you prefer.

American coffee, a couple of books, some pastries and the phone right next to you. Your goal is not to get up from the ottoman, and it's a request that no person with good taste would ever make.

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