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On the Pleasure Island
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On the Pleasure Island

Mixing objects to invent stories: design can turn into a game to transform our daily lifeMixing objects to invent stories: design can turn into a game to transform our daily life

Freeing images, colors and shapes to discover the pleasure of invention, imagination and creativity - even design can go further and sail as lightly as a child, following the route traced by Bruno Munari and Gianni Rodari.

Maybe putting together some elements that appear to be far away, on two opposite sides, and imagining unexpected or even impossible solutions, to invent new stories through the combination of figures. "Let's pretend that I was ..." - that's how children create stories, using the imperfect tense; they say "I was" instead of "I am" because, as Umberto Eco wrote, "it is a distinctive way of projecting the action in a world of possible... It is a narrative. […] After all, every narrative is about pretending. There is an element of play ".

Nh S2 22 chandelier
Olo coffee table 30 cm
Twitable centrepiece
Button wall lamp
Cloud Softlight sconce

And even adults like to play - they go nuts for the Eames' Plywood Elephant designed in 1945 or Enzo Mari's 16 animals created for Danese in 1957, which don’t make any impact on kids. So if we too "pretend" that the monkeys / lamps designed by Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba for Seletti can put on a show climbing the stairs that turn into a carpet; same for the cats (the Ombres De Chats table sculptures by Opinion Ciatti) or the hen (from the Riedizioni Archivio collection by Bitossi Ceramiche) that comfortably rests on an ottoman, while watching the butterflies flying (those signed by Ghidini 1961);

Scaletta towel warmer 140 cm
6 Butterfly Bice coat hooks
Circus Pouf Small in velvet
Triplia carpet
Aim Small Switch
Ombres De Chats table sculpture - busy
Earth table lamp

the same butterflies that, on the wings of imagination, encourage everyone to explore the LoveTheSign online catalog, to always invent new stories together.   

Fly Chandelier
Carpet Jungle 230x300cm
Kong LED floor lamp
Ambrogio coffee table mat
Gelée Ottoman
Maman LED 14-light chandelier
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