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Halfway between pop and bistrot: Welcome Fermob
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Halfway between pop and bistrot: Welcome Fermob

The Fermob brand was born in France, but it's not Parisian; it comes from the green Rhône-Alpes region. During the last 25 years it has specialised in outdoor furniture with an essential design, colourful, weather resistant and eco-friendly. In 2010 Fermob obtained the ISO 14001 environmental certification - an unmistakable act of love for nature.

Bright colours, functional shapes, resistant materials and a fundamental green awareness: the ability to transmit the joy and pleasure of outdoor life is typical of Fermob's chairs and small tables for gardens, balconies and terraces (but also for restaurant and bar terraces, and both public and private parks). These characteristics have made the French design brand recognisable and appreciated from the Alps to the East Coast.

A little bistrot, a little pop

Fermob's eco-friendly design defies a widespread prejudice according to which chairs and table produced in an eco-friendly way must have unrefined materials and dull colours. It's a common mistake, but it's based on a too linear relationship between raw material and final product.

The spring is lively and colourful, it has bright tints and a joyful look. And so is Fermob design.

Here's the main reason why we like Fermob: for the bright colours with unusual names that it uses for its outdoor furniture. The message comes loud and clear from Fermob designers: to live nature appreciating its essential shapes, the functional design, the bright solid colours.

Live outdoor twelve months a year

There are no half seasons anymore: furniture stays in the garden, or on the balcony, all year round. Season after season, colours must be bright and surfaces uniform. And to achieve this goal, Fermob focuses on details. For example, all the paints is treated in order to make it highly resistant to UV rays radiations.

Bistro Matte Round Table diam. 77 cm

Objective conviviality: the Bistro series

If the joyful look, clear lines and comfortable seats were not enough to make you understand Fermob's mission to let you enjoy your spare time at its best, then an incontestable proof comes from the name of the brand's best-seller chairs: Bistro.

It's a sophisticated spelling, less common but deeply French: exactly like Fermob's creations. And its message is: enjoy some fresh air. Enjoy the company of the people you love the most, enjoy the cheerful and carefree chit-chat typical of any bistrot.

Let's imagine for a while solid and bright colours, and a good talk with some friends. Then a storm breaks out, and we need to take the pastis glasses and the bottle of Ricard: we move table and chairs in the porch, and the whims of the weather won't ruin our well-deserved happy hour after a day spent at the desk.

Perhaps something like that has happened to everyone, even to Fermob designers. And perhaps it is precisely in that moment that, well-protected in their verandas, Fermob designers have worked on their projects and decided to optimise the shapes, choosing an essential look and, moreover, the functionality and extraordinary lightness of the final product over useless frills.

Bistro Matte Deck Chair
Estimated reading time
3 Minutes
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