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That time they sent me on a mission: Cersaie 2017
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That time they sent me on a mission: Cersaie 2017

Are you going to talk about Cersaie 2017 in Bologna? Yes, we never stay still at LOVEThESIGN. My grandmother would have said: they’re always up to something, but in her actual phrase: cent crap, cent idei one hundred heads, one hundred ideas. In any case, this doesn’t change the fact that the future has great things in store for us: they sent me to Cersaie 2017 – the International Exhibition of Ceramic Tiles and Bathroom Furnishings.

It would have been enough to end my article here and leave you in suspense, but I’d like to say more, a lot more. First of all I’d like to say that it’s quicker to go to any other European city than to Bologna. And secondly I’d like to say that it seems to be my fate to be cold.

Bologna 2017, the Fiera complex

9.00 am. Sharp as a Swiss clock I set foot inside the Fiera Bologna complex and I get an instant impression of gloominess which almost puts me in a bad mood: men in ugly blue suits and colourful ceramic slabs merely interspersed with fixtures and fittings. I didn’t want to come here.

I look up and a red arrow says Assoposa: I must have gone in the wrong direction. But anyway, what’s Assoposa? Where was I going to go?

Cersaie, not giving up on you!

With my map out, I move towards the pavilions on bathroom décor and I finally see something familiar. And beautiful.

The stands are just as good as the ones I saw at the IMM and the Salone del Mobile: they are big, majestic, full of objects designed with great attention to detail. The walls are hung with wonderful wallpaper – waterproof I suppose – decorated in gold and luxe patterns.

At Cersaie 2017, the bathroom is an integral part of the home and its décor; it’s not a utility area any more, but a space of paramount importance. And it has to be treated as such.

Rex full towel set
Zen bathroom container
Vana bathroom organizer

Trends at Cersaie 2017: Bologna like Paris

The taps, for example, aren’t just in chrome, in fact they come in a variety of different shapes and colours: gloss, matt, tall, short, curved, geometric, gold, brass, black and so forth. As if I really needed another room to think about. In any case, I can see the same themes emerging as I saw in other autumn interior design fairs, overlapping geometric lines and which come together at Cersaie 2017 to create washbasins, shelves, cabinets and supports.

At Cersaie 2017, bathrooms are organized and pleasant spaces, in which we can while away our time without feeling oppressed: tiny details, wall-mounted and freestanding units change their overall feel completely.

Shelves turn into wall-mounted units in all shapes and colours, no longer used just for make-up remover and perfume. Now they store plants, lamps, vases and prints. Bathrooms are proper rooms, to all intents and purposes.

Shelf mirror with shelf
Touch wastepaper basket
Ash wood String Pocket shelving system
Coupe vertical shelf
Stan bath towel
35-litre metallic laundry bin

Bathrooms, or a few (carefully chosen) pieces and many accessories

Bathrooms today must have the same décor and silhouette that up until now we had in our living rooms, the same desire to astound us, inspire and post on Instagram...ehm...what I really wanted to say was, the same desire to decorate that we saw at Maison&Objet, we are now finding here.

Maison Objet 2017: Paris in September
Discover with me this new edition, with its keepers and new trends.

My first time at Cersaie 2017 was fun, I came across a new world, that usually I find first to the right and that I tend not to explore because I prefer to sit down on a sofa and carefully scan through my bookcase. At the most I venture out into the garden and sit on an outdoor armchair.

But, if bathrooms are like this now, I think I could give it another go.

Stan full towel set
Birillo Steel soap dispenser
Kali towel stand
Rex full towel set - grey
Joey soap dispenser
Selector 60-litre metallic laundry bin
Rio toilet brush
2 Bath mats
Giacomo bath towel
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