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Anne-Claire Petit

Anne-Claire Petit shows an optimistic view of the world in all its aspects, from design to production. Her accessories are cheerful, colourful and, above all, made with love. Every object is hand-made using traditional techniques. Anne-Claire Petit's products have well recognizable colour schemes and are made of natural materials. Therefore, every piece is unique.
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Anne-Claire Petit shows an optimistic view of the world in all its aspects, from design to production. Her accessories are cheerful, colourful and, most important, made with love. Every object is hand-made in according to traditional techniques. Anne-Claire Petit brand products have well recognizable colour schemes and are made of natural materials. Therefore, every piece is unique.

Details are what make the difference between one home and another. When choosing furniture and accessories for your home, you need to be really focused and careful, because your home will reflect your own personality, and the first impression is always crucial! If you really want to impress your guests, you need to choose every single detail with the greatest care. But of course, guests are not the only reason to take care of the furniture and accessories in your home: it's also important to give value to every big or small action of our everyday life, to make each gesture more pleasant and to not give anything for granted.

And all this becomes even more important when it comes to kids. Kids always need some extra care to safeguard their health and to ensure to them a happy and serene cognitive development. This is why the kids' room requires quality objects realized with selected materials in full respect of the environment and without any toxic colorants.

And here's where Anne-Claire Petit enters the game. This designer is now famous all over the world. She studied industrial design in Eindhoven, and then she specialized in textile design. At the Academy in the Netherlands she became interested in printing, weaving and crochet. After finishing her studies, Anne-Claire began her career in 1986 as a designer for Esprit.
Then she decided to found her own company, focusing on the kids & home collection and devoting herself to the children world, which she's always felt very close to her way of being because she (like children) loves traditional and simple thing.

Her toys and home accessories are not just simple toys to store in the classic toy basket in the kids' room. They are actual decorative objects capable of enriching any corner of your home. Hundreds of funny crochet animals, mushrooms, fruits and vegetables hand-made one by one. We are not talking about an industrial collection, we are talking about unique objects whose realization took days of handwork.

When buying a gift for a kid, you can opt for something easy to find in any toy store and identical to the toy that any other kid has already forgotten in his or her toy basket. Or, if you really care about the kid you're buying a gift for, you'd rather choose an Anne-Claire Petit object: this way you will show your love to that kid and you will prove how much do you care about his or her good development. Your gift will last in time and the kid will have the chance to appreciate it more day after day, year after year. If you ask some children what's their favourite toy, just a few of them will say that it's a toy car or some building blocks. For sure, the majority will say that their favourite toy is a doll or a stuffed animal, which they have since they were babies and they still love. If you choose to donate a crochet animal, rattle or ball by Anne-Claire Petit, that will probably become the kid's favourite toy!

But where are these toys and accessories made? Most of the products which form part of the Anne-Claire Petit collections are hand-crocheted by women living in countryside villages of Northern China. In this part of the country, women have passed on their handwork traditions for many generations and crocheting is a very significant part of their cultural and craft heritage. Over the years, Anne-Claire Petit developed a very solid and warm bond with these Chinese workers. The almost two hundred of women working for Anne-Claire Petit work from home and can often count on some help from their neighbours. They are free to choose their working hours so that they can take care of their children when they come back from school. Alongside with Northern China workers, there are also some Thai women crocheting for Anne-Claire Petit. Of course, everything happens in full respect of the well-paid workers and of the surrounding environment.

Each crochet object is unique, since it's 100% hand-made. An animal 30 cm high requires three days of work: Anne-Clair production is not standard, but it originates from ancient techniques and the hard work of the women stitching exactly how their grandmothers used to do. This is the only way to obtain a toy that really is precious and long-lasting, and made to be caressed by loving hands for a very long time. The organic cotton and all the natural yarns used to produce Anne-Claire Petit toys are coloured according to specific colour schemes. Of course, all colorants are completely nontoxic and are perfect to safeguard the health of the children.

And what about shapes? Rattles, animals, airplanes and even a telephone with huge coloured dots instead of numbers. The choice of the shapes is made directly from Anne-Claire, whose limitless imagination takes inspiration from the tenderness of children books illustrations. Thanks to her great curiosity of the world, Anne-Claire Petit is able to combine shapes, colours and patterns to give life to her traditional and warm collections.

And maybe this is the reason why her toys and accessories are sold all over the world, and she is one of the most appreciated designers at an international level. The, why to be predictable or shallow when choosing an object for our home or a gift for someone you love? Opting for an Anne-Claire Petit accessory means to choose originality, tradition and the value of handicraft products. It means to care about someone and it represents the will to donate something that will last in time, acquiring even more value. Anne-Claire Petit is the better choice for a gift: be it for your home or for a special kid, you can be sure that your gift will not go unnoticed.