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Area Compressa

The mission of the young Italian brand Area Compressa is providing furnishing solutions for the spaces where we spend our everyday life, which often happen to be quite small. This brand focuses on innovative solutions, using unusual shapes and colours to represent the creativity of modern life.
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The mission of the young Italian brand Area Compressa is providing furnishing solutions for the interiors where we spend our everyday life, which often happen to be quite small. This brand focuses on innovative solutions, using unusual shapes and colours to represent the creativity of modern life. Area Compressa is an Italian brand producing design clothes stands. The main Aria Compressa designer is Emiliano Bazzoni, born in Milan in 1974, and graduated in Architecture and Interior Design.

Aria Compressa collection
This young company has a limited range of products all designed in accordance with a brilliant principle: to implement the same simple concept in different fields. All Area Compressa coat stands are inspired to a small common item: the staple ("Graffetta" in Italian). And so, Area Compressa produces are called Graffa e Graffettino in many different sizes and versions. They are coat stands which look like huge staples, and are made of metal rod painted in bright and shiny colours.

A brilliant idea gives life to a company
The items produced by Area Compressa come from Emiliano Bazzoni's original idea. In 2013 Bazzoni won a contest announced by Euromilano for the creation of furniture piece for the interiors of Cascina Merlata, where the delegates of Expo Milan 2015 were hosted. The Graffa project won the contest and was realized and broadly used. It's a collection of items similar to each other and based on the same principle.

Area Compressàs products
Nowadays Area Compressa offers only three products that belong to the same creative project. Graffettino is a wall coat hanger available in golden yellow and white and made of a painted metal rectangle to install on the wall and a huge staple shape in the same colour made of metal rod. The purpose of this object is plain and clear at the first sight. The collection includes also the coat stand Graffa: a classic floor coat stand composed of a thin iron base and some linear elements crossing half way. On the top there is one staple-shaped element which makes the item even more practical. The third and last element of the Graffa project is the clothes stand Graffa. It's a classic clothes stand which can also be used to put the clothes of the day when you come home. It's a giant staple in painted metal rod, 105cm high.

Graffa project's originality
Design objects are often viewed as something alien, to be used above all for its appearance. In this case project Graffàs items have a familiar and harmless look, which inspires safety and serenity. By using a common object as a model, Emiliano Bazzoni was able to design coat stands that are original, unique, and also perfect for any kind of home, from the more classic and elegant apartment, to modern interiors decorated with contemporary items. The bright colours make these objects well-visible, without being upsetting, because their function is easily recognizable.

The Made in Italy
What the entire world envies about Italy and its inhabitants is the innate sense of beauty and the ability to still produce hand-made items. Area Compressàs products are completely contemporary and revolutionary, but they are very easy to made. They do not need complex technology or high-tech equipment: they are just made of folded and painted metal rod. A poor material, taken from the construction industry, which is ennobled thanks to its innovative functions and a thin layer of glossy paint. The brilliant idea that has guided Emiliano Bazzoni is also driving him towards more complex collections, which will come to life in the next months. Area Compressàs products are entirely made in Italy, from design to marketing.

Where to find Area Compressàs products
Today the products of the Graffa project are available exclusively on LOVEThESIGN website, which welcomed with open arms this new genius of Italian industrial design. Often collaborating with the right people is what's needed to make a product being unique. On this website you can find all versions of Graffa and Graffettino, so that you can be free to choose the model that best suits your needs.

How to use Graffa project's products
As we said, these furnishing items have the advantage of being very simple and functional, but the clean lines make them beautiful and elegant as well. These coat stands can be used in any room of the house, from the bedroom, to the entrance or the hallway. Wherever a coat stand is required, on the floor or on the wall, Graffa products can be easily placed, adding a touch of style to any corner of the house. And not only: Graffa and Graffettino can be placed next to any kind of furniture pieces and still make a good impression. Perhaps the brighter versions are better in contemporary interiors, or in the kids' room; while for a more formally furnished room the total white versions which almost hide mingling with the walls could be a better choice.

Why to choose Area Compressàs products
There are many bright sides in the products made by Area Compressa; one of them is that these furnishing elements come from a young and innovative idea. A contemporary designer who is trying to give life to a company by himself, by producing functional and beautiful furniture pieces deserves to be rewarded. In addition, the objects produced by Area Compressa are all Made in Italy: there are no imported parts coming from very distant countries. And these design pieces are all conceived to improve our daily life, responding in an innovative way to the most common needs, but always with a touch of genius.