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Brandani boasts a long history. Here experience, constant attention to new trends, tastefulness and knowledge of the markets have created a rich range of gift/home items, whose common traits are refinement and innovation.
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Brandani Gift Group is an Italian company that has been a leader in the field of home products, objects and gifts for years. Brandani stands out on the international scene for its fresh and colourful lines, which are able to interpret the most traditional objects in the light of new trends, ranging from the kitchen to the office, from the services of dishes to photo frames.

Gift Group Brands

The history of the group coincides with that of the Brandani family: everything begins in the town of Pescia, in Tuscany, an area where artisan production has always been a fundamental part of the territory and its history. The Brandani Gift Group began operations in 1976, following in the footsteps of Brandani Enrico, a company founded a century earlier and specialized in the production and marketing of wrought iron and precision scales.
The first steps in the Italian market are made in the field of porcelain production, but as time goes by, the horizons are widening, both to new types of products and to new home environments. With the addition of new collections to Brandani's catalogue, the company began to experiment with the decorative aspect of furnishings. This was the birth of the lively and attractive products that have made Brandani Gift Group famous all over the world. To support this production there are the experience inherited from the tradition of craftsmanship, curiosity for new trends and the deep knowledge of market demands, elements that constitute the strong background on which Brandani can rely.

Brandani Catalogue

The wealth and variety of Brandani's catalogue are a security - if not a real salvation - when the time comes to make gifts. It doesn't matter what the occasion, the occasion or the taste of the person you're thinking about making a gift: you'll surely find something that suits your needs and, of course, the lucky person you want to surprise. All the objects, in fact, can be functional (the famous myth of the useful gift!) while remaining perfectly in line with market trends and sometimes anticipating them. In particular, the catalogue for the kitchen is really rich and personalized offering services of cutlery and crockery, glasses and moulds for sweets, infusories and placemats, not to mention the set of cups or sets of cups decorated, an idea really simple but always appreciated.
All products are designed and manufactured with the safety of their use in mind, so they do not contain parts that could break or break easily and are not made with raw materials that could be harmful even on the long run.

Brandani Wedding Favors

Among the most popular wedding favors, there are certainly the creations of Brandani Gift Group, an absolutely not trivial and very welcome gift. Among those for the table, there are the sugar maker, the napkin holder in three different versions, many types of appetizers and holders, but also the small set for salt and pepper that reproduces nice pairs of animals. Not to be missed are the coffee makers and mugs, a strong point in the Brandani catalogue, which have been re-proposed in a more romantic and traditional version for favors. Humidifiers, burners and candles are the perfect solution for a wedding favors that can be adapted to any room, as well as photo holders and frames.

Brandani dishes

Among the best services of Brandani branded dishes, it is impossible not to mention the Le Granaglie collection. The geometrically embossed motifs create an unexpected but incredibly pleasant texture, to the eye and touch. The service is made of ceramic and includes 4 fruit plates Le Granaglie, 4 dishes Le Granaglie, 4 flat plates Le Granaglie. Each set of dishes is available in five different colours: grey, turtledove, water green, white, cream. These are contemporary colours, perfect for matching them or creating a monochrome service, depending on the style of the table and dining room. As ceramic products, these dishes can be used in the oven, microwave, freezer and can be washed in the dishwasher.

Brandani knife

The knives of the Brandani brand are certainly of excellent quality and excellent workmanship. As for the material of the blade, the choice is between ceramic knife or stainless steel knife. Knife sets of different sizes and different functions are also available, such as the 5 piece kitchen knife set or the 6 piece meat knife set, so you don't have to leave yourself unprepared while you're about to put me in the stove.

Brandani starter

Perfect for dinner in company, to make guests taste many different appetizers or to serve a traditional dish in an unusual way, the starters of Brandani Gift Group are the ideal solution to bring some cheerfulness to the table, while remaining absolutely functional. They have eye-catching shapes, which will only attract the attention of the entire table: like the One Thousand Hearts Starter, formed by five bowls in porcelain heart shape, the Antipastiera Nuvola, also suitable for microwaves or traditional oven, the Two Stars Star Star Star Star Star with two bowls to propose innovative combinations, the Starboard Spic. The starters are often equipped with forks in bamboo or toothpicks with a porcelain knob. At the end of the day, what better gift than a Brandani starter, who proves to be suitable for every occasion to celebrate with the beloved person?

Brandani Glasses

Brandani Gift Group's line of glasses is made of glass or plastic, depending on the collections or set of glasses. In particular, the Pop collection is ideal when you want to bring some cheerfulness to the table while maintaining a high level of safety, especially when there are children at the table. This is because Brandani's Pop glasses are made of coloured plastic, a detail that makes them a really fun addition and not at all obvious on every table. The surface of the glass is machined to create many facets that recall the shape of the diamond. The colours available for this set are turquoise, green, fuchsia, transparent.

Brandani mugs

Brandani cups are a perfect solution not only for breakfast or snack, but especially in case of gift, whether for a birthday, Christmas or a more important occasion. The cups are mainly made of three materials: stoneware or stoneware, bone china or porcelain. There are different types of cups to choose from: mugs, coffee cups, cereal bowls, tea cups, breakfast cups. To complete your table, you can not miss the saucers under the cup, sugar bowl, dairy, teapot. If you are still looking for a useful gift that will amaze you, why not give the teapot with an integrated cup from the Brandani Gift Group catalogue?

Brandani Cups

The coffee cup set of Brandani Gift Group coffee cups are the perfect way to accompany the daily ritual of coffee, whether it be after a meal, mid-morning or mid-afternoon. Surprise your guests with a coordinated set or a mix and match set, with which you can enjoy finding new combinations of color and pattern. The cups and saucers are made of dolomite, stoneware (gres) or porcelain, depending on the collection. Complete your coffee service with a sugar maker, tray, teaspoon service and of course a Brandani coffee maker.

Brandani Coffee Maker

What better than a cup of good coffee to inaugurate every new day? Prepare it in your own kitchen, with a Brandani coffee maker! The Brandani Gift Group catalogue includes different types of coffee pots: from the more traditional, but with the contemporary touch of monochrome, to those decorated with romantic motifs or taken from Pinocchio's fairy tales, to vintage ones with a wood effect handle. Different sizes and capacities are available, depending on the amount of coffee you want to obtain: 1 cup coffee maker, 2 cups coffee maker, 3 cups coffee maker, 4 cups coffee maker. All coffee makers are made of aluminium.

Brandani Cutlery

A table is not complete without the right set of cutlery to accompany dinner or lunch. Brandani cutlery is available in different lines, with different colours and decorations, to be combined with any style of serving dishes or table style or occasion. Brandani's proposals include stainless steel cutlery with coloured handle and coloured non-stick stainless steel cutlery. The sets of cutlery by Brandani contain 4 cutlery (fork, spoon, knife, teaspoon) of the same color, but for a note of joy it is enough to combine different sets.

Brandani Libra

Brandani scales are the ally you were waiting for in the kitchen. Whether you want to prepare a dessert, a savoury dish or simply cook a pasta, the secret of an excellent success, as well as of course to follow the recipe literally - but a little bit of imagination is always granted - lies in the exact calculation of the doses and quantity of each element that you'll combine. What you need is, in short, to have a scale at your fingertips: whether you prefer it digitally, round, square or rectangular, or traditional, with the small tray to be placed on and the dial that makes it easier to read the correct weight, the Brandani scale is always the right choice. Do you have little space or don't know which style best suits your kitchen? In the catalogue there is also a digital space-saving scale: from the unusual X shape, it is light and not bulky, with an LCD display on which the exact weight is displayed.

Brandani Corkscrews

Brandani corkscrews are not only very useful objects when the time comes to uncork a bottle in company, but are above all made according to high aesthetic standards, which make them very beautiful objects to see and use. In addition to the boxes and corkscrew sets, so as never to be found unprepared, the flagship products in the catalogue are the rose gold corkscrew, a true touch of class that winks at the moment's trend, and the electric corkscrew, an amazing product made with soft touch grip and silent mode, not to mention the capsule size. Whether it's intended for your own bar corner or whether you want to give it to a friend or friend who is particularly passionate about wines, a Brandani corkscrew will be an absolutely welcome gift.

Brandani Toaster

The smell of hot bread is unmistakable, besides being as comfortable as few others. Whether you want to to toast the slices of bread in the morning, to garnish them with butter and jam, or during meals to accompany soups and second courses, a Brandani toaster will help you make your bread warm and crispy at the right place, thanks to the possibility of choosing between different temperature intensities. In particular, the Happy Days Brandani toaster of the Techno line also contains the function for thawing bread before toasting. You can choose between different variations of color and aesthetics: it will be impossible not to find the perfect one for the style of your kitchen!

Brandani Clock

The Brandani watch collections are not only designed to set the time with absolute precision, but also to cheer up every room and attract the curious and admired eyes of guests. Watches are in fact a useful addition to every wall and room, but just like a painting or print, you need to be able to carefully choose the style and size that best suits the room where you want to display your watch. In addition to classic disc clocks made of glass and metal, and cuckoo clocks interpreted in a modern and playful way, the highlights of Brandani Gift Group's line of watches are jar clocks, an amusing interpretation of the pendulum clock that animated our grandparents' homes, the worked metal clocks, which can for example present a delicate floral motif. You could not miss the alarm clocks to finish the line: keep your smartphone away from your pillow (they say it's good even at sleep!) and let a traditional alarm clock take care of your daily awakening!