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The lamps by Buokids embody the typical lightness and imagination of the childhood, while respecting all the standards that good design dedicates to the kids' accessories. The lamps are designed and produced in a small studio in Valencia: the personal touch is the key to the success of this objects, that are perfect for the room or the desk of every child.
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The lamps of the Valencian brand Buokids are perfect for both the bedroom and the desk of each child, thanks to their ability to embody the carefree and imaginative character of childhood. This playful side obviously does not overshadow the respect of the highest quality and safety standards, which the excellence of design can always dedicate to kids accessories. All the lamps are designed, designed and manufactured in a small laboratory located in the city of Valencia.

The Buokids brand was born first of all as a personal project, the one that started by the two designers Roberto Celada and Raquel Esteve, taking direct inspiration from their three children. Who better than a parent can actually know what children really need? The answer seems obvious: two parents, of course! Especially when they make the far-sighted decision to involve important and valuable external collaborators in their project, able to provide new perspectives and contribute with fresh and innovative ideas. In the case of Buokids, this contribution comes from the design studio of Javier Herrero, who also trained at the Politecnico di Milano under the guidance of Enzo Mari and then specialized in furniture and lighting products.

The desire that pushed Roberto Celada and Raquel Esteve to create the Buokids brand is to create lighting objects that can enclose, embody and highlight the passion for design, craftsmanship and the nobility of the materials used, without neglecting the importance of new technologies, which will help to make your children's bedroom even more comfortable and safe. Buokids' craft vocation is expressed in the decision to proceed only for small series production, which is entirely entrusted to local suppliers. Each object is in fact manufactured or finished by hand, thus allowing a really accurate quality control.

Children's room

Your children's bedroom is not only a space dedicated to them, but also their kingdom: it is the place where they go to feel safe, whether it's to sleep, get lost in long games alone or in company to find the right concentration for study. In each of these three activities there will be the right light to guide them: softly soft to accompany them gently as they sleep in the evening or for the moment of awakening, making them feel safe at all times; during the study they will instead need a constant light and restful at the same time, so as not to tire their eyes too hard; cheerful and imaginative to accompany them in the adventures they will dedicate themselves to with their friends.

A lamp in the bedroom is therefore much more than just a lighting object: it becomes an integral part of your children's activities, supporting them and significantly improving their quality. That's why choosing one that will appeal to your children also from an aesthetic point of view is very important: it will encourage them to use it and make them look like a complete bedroom. This is the goal that guides the design of all Buokids lighting products, designed and manufactured specifically to perform this dual function, both decorative and practical at the same time.

Chandelier for children: Circus

Il Lampadario Circus is one of the creations that the Buokids brand has created with the precious collaboration of designer Javier Herrero. This is a truly fun and unique addition in the bedroom or playroom of every child: the lampshade is in fact a tribute to the tent of the circus, both in its shape and in the proposed color combinations, and is made entirely of soft felt wool. Surmounted by a cheerful and waving red flag, the lampshade is available in four variants or combinations of colours: grey and white, light blue and white, red and white, yellow and white. When lit, the lamp diffuses a warm and welcoming light, thanks to the material of which the lampshade is composed; from off, it is a nice decoration that will give an extra touch to the style of the bedroom.

Table Lamps

The Tipi Table Lamp is exactly what was missing in your children's bedroom: perfect on the bedside table, held next to the bed, as well as on the desk, to create a little bit of atmosphere during the moments of study or play, this lamp bears the signature of designer Javier Herrero, an important collaborator of the Buokids brand. The source from which this lamp draws its inspiration is clear and is also reinforced by the name chosen to indicate it: the reference is in fact to the homes of the Native Indians, the typei curtains, which were made and assembled in such a way that they were always in perfect harmony with the nature that surrounded them.

The Tipi Lamp is also made of natural materials, such as wool felt, beech wood and cotton thread, which give even more value to artisanal production. This table lamp is available in four different patterns and color combinations, appreciable in the change of embroidery that runs around the circumference of the lampshade; the four variants are: yellow, red, pink, blue.

Applique: Softlight

The softlight wall lamps, a delicate compromise between a furnishing accessory and a lighting solution specially designed for the smaller rooms, are certainly not to be missed in the well-kept Buokids catalogue. The proposals of Buokids are: Cuore Softlight applique, Stella Softlight applique, Nuvola Softlight applique.

Why the choice of the name Softlight for this line of applique? This is a very appreciable play of words: not only do these wall lamps radiate a soft light, perfect for the evening and resting moments, but they are also made with a soft-touch material. The lampshade of the wall lamp is in fact produced in polyester fibre, which is obtained from the recycling of plastic polymers: in this way not only does the lamp enrich the children's bedroom, but it is also good for the environment, being eco-sustainable. The wall lamp is easy to install and completely safe, as the material that makes up the lamp shade is fire-retardant.

Each applique is finished with delicate hand-stitched seams that run along the edge and underline the shape - be it heart, star or cloud. You can also choose the color of the stitching, to match it to the paddle of the bedroom: it is available in pink, light blue, yellow, grey. In this way, the lamp shows care and aesthetically beautiful even when switched off, revealing the attention to detail that Buokids places in every creation.

Wall lamps: Softlight

The three Softlight lamps - heart, star and cloud - are also available in the wall lamp version, which includes a 185 cm long fabric-coated cable, also equipped with a switch and plug. For the rest, this version also has the same characteristics as the wall sconces: the lampshade is made of polyester fibre and decorated with coloured stitching along the entire edge. Its soft and warm light will be an unbeatable ally of the evening readings and an excellent conciliatory sleep, thanks to its relaxing effect.

Chandeliers for bedrooms

The Nuvola Softlight Ceiling Lamp is perhaps the most striking chandelier in the entire Buokids catalogue. A soft cloud has entered the window and, after fluctuating through your children's room, he has decided to lean against the ceiling: this seems to be the story that this chandelier wants to tell your children, while he stays watching over them with his soft and reassuring light.

The Softlight Cloud Chandelier offers an adjustable height, from 15 cm up to a maximum of 50 cm, so that you and your children decide at what height to let this soft cloud float. As for the rest of the Softlight line, the finishes, with attention to detail, make this chandelier an excellent decorative element, able to add atmosphere to the room even when it is turned off. Also in this version of the Softlight lamps, the material used is polyester fibre, an eco-sustainable and safe choice. The seams that border the contours of the cloud are available in three different colours: pink, light blue and grey.

Table lamp: Theatre

The Theatre table lamp is a real treat in the catalogue of the Valencian brand Buokids. First of all, it doesn't have a familiar shape at all: at first glance it doesn't look like a lamp but a small wooden toy, forgotten by children on the bedside table. The structure is in fact a small square frame made of ash wood, the side of which measures 22 cm and internally covered with polypropylene, available in four colour variations (grey, light blue, pink, green).

Once the lamp is switched on, which works with LED technology, the coloured bands light up, giving the impression that you are about to enter the scene. The goal set by the designers of Buokids is in fact to create a lamp with which children could play freely and safely, where light helped and supported their creativity, without stealing the scene from their little fantasy games. And, for an extra touch, with each lamp purchased, a little animal made by the renowned German company Schleich will come as a gift: a small white rabbit to follow in the wonderful country of dreams.

Nightlight: MagicLight

Children's night light is a functional and at the same time indivisible solution, whether it comes to the rescue because your child is afraid of darkness or to guide him at night in the room towards the bathroom. The Buokids brand offers an alternative solution to the usual nocturnal light to insert into the mains socket: MagicLight is not a lamp, but a luminous object.

Its appearance reproduces the classic little houses for birds, making it a pleasant decoration suitable for the carefree and cheerful style of children's bedrooms. MagicLight is made entirely of recycled cardboard and its functioning really seems like a magic trick: after absorbing the light emitted by other light sources, including the sun, it lights up in the dark and the effect lasts several hours, creating a quiet atmosphere perfect for calming even the most agitated sleep of children.

Paper lamps: Paperlights

Buokids paper chandeliers can give each room a unique touch, also thanks to the possibility of customizing the prints. The lampshade is made of heavy and durable paper and a light metal structure. The lampshade is available in different colour combinations (blue, mustard yellow, pink, pink, green, grey, purple) and prints, including rhombus, butterflies and elephants.

These special paper chandeliers are also available in other versions, including the double lamp shade. In this case, the upper lampshade has a larger diameter and is decorated with nice prints - there are in fact the designed bees lampshade, the designed lamp shade, the drawn whale shade, the farm animal shade, the designed fish lamp shade, the sailboat lamp shade. The second lampshade, smaller, can be customised according to your child's favourite colour or the palette you have chosen for your room: blue, grey, orange, lime, pink, purple.

You can also request a further customization of the lampshade: in the double version, in fact, Buokids allows you to print the name of your child or your children (maximum two for lampshade), combining it with nice illustrations, such as festive flags or road signs that will indicate the fastest way to reach the room, place of his entertainment!

For all three versions of the paper chandelier made by the Buokids brand, the package will include the installation kit and also the cable for hanging the chandelier, the length of 70 cm.

Studio design Rqr Estudio design

The Rqr Estudio is the other project by Roberto Celada and Raquel Esteve, the two designers who created the Buokids brand. They are both graduates in industrial design and their studio is also based in Valencia, Spain, just like the Buokids laboratory.

The following projects are mainly concerned with the design and development of products in various fields of industrial design, but also with the design of public spaces for the hotel and commercial sector and exhibition spaces, not to mention the creation of infographic and commercial catalogues.