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Crosley gets its moniker from Powel Crosley, a pretty radical character from the 1920s who knew music was for the people and created a radio for everyone. The company's first turntable was released in 1992, when CDs were still king, and from that moment its mantra is: "amplify your style". Crosley's products are sleek and modern, funky and eclectic.
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The story of Crosley  Turntables

Crosley's name comes from Powell Crosley, a guy who thought that music was for the people and therefore created a radio for everyone. Crosley's first radio station dates back to 1920. Since then, this brand has come a long way and created and relaunched numerous products. With time, in fact, the passion for music has led Crosley to be a leader in the sector of vintage electronic accessories for over thirty years. Exclusive products, recognizable for lines, colors and originality. Especially appreciated by fans of the vintage genre, Crosley currently boasts two established brands: Crosley Radio and Crosley Forniture.

From Kentucky, and more precisely from Louisville, Crosley offers a complete range of products aimed at customers who are looking for a unique and recognizable style at the same time. But let's see the two brands in detail. Crosley Radio has a history that focuses on analogue music players, with great attention to the progress that sound has made over the years. An analogue sound for an increasingly demanding digital generation. Among Crosley Radio's products, in addition to the classic vintage turntable line, you can find new high fidelity turntables, to give an innovative look to a medium considered "old-fashioned"or simply retro. In an era in which music is increasingly undergoing a process of dematerialization, Crosley puts the accent on accessories and media that have made the history of music, which have allowed the music to spread through the streets and in the homes, to be listened to by everyone and that will never disappear.

Radio, turntable, vinyl Rack Vintage 

These means will remain forever in the imagination of all and therefore, why not, also in the homes, thanks to Crosley and his unique and inimitable style. Crosley Radio includes accessories of various kinds such as radios, turntables, vinyl holders and vintage phones, as well as T-shirts and other everyday items. For the great lovers of vintage objects, Crosley Radio also offers the unforgettable and fascinating jukeboxes. Who doesn't at least refill a song listened to through that magical sound device? Crosley therefore proposes all products inspired by the past, but that take advantage of modern evolutions, innovations and improvements in sound and amplification. Accessories that recontextualize cult objects in a contemporary key, with taste and originality.

Suffice it to say that the first Crosley turntable was relaunched in 1992, a period when the CD was the master of music, with the brand's success in becoming a market leader for all fans of vintage music accessories. A courageous entrepreneurial choice that has borne fruit. But Crosley is not just accessories and vintage design. With Crosley Supplies the range of products offered by the brand expands. Crosley Forniture, in fact, offers products for interior and exterior furnishing. Few products, numerically speaking, but all of great character, with an elegant and timeless design, suitable for both residential and commercial environments. Crosley Supplies emphasizes a particular concept: the essential. In fact, looking at the past but with a watchful eye and attentive to the contemporary, it aims to attract a different clientele as both age and taste, but that through the environments wants to communicate simplicity and style.

Materials and shapes of Crosley products 

Crosley Forniture uses innovative and resistant materials, with a particular focus on outdoor environments, for which this feature is fundamental to ensure durability. In addition, materials for outdoor furniture are designed to require minimal maintenance, which guarantees a saving of time, effort and, why not, money. The right combination of style, practicality and elegance. What more do you want? With the furnishing products together with the accessories dedicated to music (and not only) you can say that Crosley proposes to "dress" the environments, with its unique and unmistakable style.

It furnishes them, colours them, enhances them and makes them welcoming and relaxing. The rooms are animated, becoming the protagonists of the personal well-being of those who live in them. But, despite Crosley's great attention to the environment, his real and great passion remains music. That's why Crosley has launched a travelling record shop since 2016, housed in an original truck. In 2017, Crosley's partnership with the artisan brewery Dogfish Head led to the vehicle being rearranged.

Charging stations alternate with listening stations. Comfortable and spacious armchairs to relax and a Crosley Rocket Jukebox handcrafted will allow all lucky visitors a real plunge into the past. An interactive artistic experience, during which you can get to know music, drink beer and enjoy the moment. This is because Crosley never wants to stop astonishing people and, above all, to excite them. As if this weren't enough to make Crosley an interesting and attractive brand, another point to consider is that it offers an excellent price-performance ratio. Elegance, style and originality with quality items at an affordable price. Excellent news! Crosley products are easy to purchase online. All you have to do is choose the right mix of furniture and accessories to make your rooms unique and, above all, to enjoy, with all the senses, the pleasant sensation of reproducing music as in the past, living that atmosphere, but with the awareness of now. What are you waiting for? Run on the online store and dress up your world in a unique style. Crosley awaits you with all its products on the Lovethesign website. It's simple, just a click