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Design Memorabilia

DESIGN MEMORABILIA is an international collection of beautiful, functional design objects meant for daily use. They are designed by prominent names on the design scene. This project was created by the entrepreneur George M. Beylerian's visionary genius – a pioneer retailer, curator and author of design.
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We select the best design brands and work together with them. Why? In order to grant you 100% original products, with two times the certified quality, by both them and us.
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DESIGN MEMORABILIA is an international collection of beautiful, functional design objects meant for daily use. They are designed by prominent names on the design scene. This project was created by the entrepreneur George M. Beylerian's visionary genius – a pioneer retailer, curator and author of design.

The brand's name says a lot about its history: it gathers the best designers (most of them are Italians, but there are also foreign artists) led by the artist number one: George M. Beylerian. It puts together their most significant works. And the result of it is a series of precious collections, with a great style and high-quality materials. The idea of gathering the objects made by the main national and international designers in one collection has been a great success.
Memorabilia meets the taste of all people, even the more demanding and those who like refined and unique items. All lines are enhanced by details that make every object unique and contribute to decorate any environment with the greatest class.

Artists are what make the value of a brand, and Design Memorabilia is composed of more than brilliant minds. Achille Castiglioni is one of those who contributed to the characterization of the brand: his creations originate from a minimum use of materials, but what they generate is a great stylistic innovation and priceless objects. To give you an idea of the value that Castiglioni added to the brand, it's enough to say that many his works were and still are exhibited in several museums all over the world. The same value is in the productions by Gianfranco Frattini, who focuses his imagination on furnishings and lighting: decorative art and design in their purest form. And what about Tobia Scarpa and Mario Bellini? First of all that they are two architects who added an incredible value to Design Memorabiliàs collection: furniture and home accessories are the most successful among their creations. Prestigious and illustrious objects which decorate and enrich every environment. Designers like Donato D'Urbino and Paolo Lomazzi have given a decidedly architectural and technical contribution to the brand, thanks to their experience in the scenic and planning sector of furnishings and design collections. Another important name is without a doubt Keith Mascheroni, who has taken to Italy his Californian experience creating his own style: un completely new creative concept in the realization of furnishings.
And these are just some of the esteemed characters forming part of the Design Memorabilia brand. All together they have collaborated in order to make Design Memorabilia a leader of its sector.

Food, nutrition and the pleasure of eating are the founding elements of some unique collections. Some of these lines were also presented at Expo Milan 2015. The exaltation of the food culture is literally imprinted in design objects that are really unique. When you bring to the table an accessory that is out of the ordinary, the moment becomes more convivial: and this is exactly the purpose of the De Gustibus Collection by Design Memorabilia. Simple coffee or milk cups become completely new objects, with innovative forms and versatile attitudes: the plate can serve both as a support for the cup or as a "cup top" to keep the drinks hot. This is just an example, and certainly what stands out the most is the union between aesthetics and functionality. These objects are very practical and comfortable for the daily use but are also decorative elements which deserve to be displayed in the most beautiful sideboards and on the most elegant shelves: their bright colours won't fade over time, and these items remain lively and fanciful. You can find anything you need to decorate your kitchen: salt shakers, sugar bowls, biscuit tins and any other kitchen item. With Design Memorabilia even the most anonymous tool comes to life, thanks to the mix of colours and sinuous lines created by talented artists.

Class is the hallmark of a well-furnished house, but originality is everywhere in a truly unique home. Relying on Design Memorabilia for the most functional touches means to enrich everything with flair and sympathy. When observing the objects of these collections, be they candle holders or simple vases, it is natural to wonder what has inspired the designer: the practical use or an aesthetic study? The answer is somewhere in between. Each item presents a unique genius, perfectly harmonious colours fit together in a fun and delicate pattern game, but always without neglecting the handiness of the object. It seems that a candle holders has a lot more to say than you expected, as if it would like to do much more than holding that candle: the high technology that is inside all these objects gives them an extra value. In addition, there is the excellence of the selected materials and the atmosphere that they are able to create in any room. Even the vases acquire a new meaning: they can just contain a flower or become some true ornaments, since they look like small artworks, which indeed they are. Design Memorabiliàs vases are made of borosilicate glass; some of them are even held up by steel supports painted and lacquered in the most garish colours. Stylized and colourful faces emerge from these vases, as if they were handles; they can be beautiful ornaments for your home, or surprising and original gifts.

And that's it! Style will out, especially when you think about plates made entirely of porcelain and then painted by hand. Maximum delicacy, sure, but also the purest craftsmanship. The winning combination is given by the double function of all these articles: you can use them to eat or to decorate your home. Hanging on the wall a Memorabilia set of plates will give light and originality to the room.
Authentic items that make the same brand authentic, because each kit has been designed thinking about everyone's daily life and adding to it a touch of innovation.
Design Memorabilia doesn't know the border between fantasy and reality: it creates what the genius thinks, even if it seems impossible to achieve. To do all this, the technical, artistic, design and style collaboration of the greatest designers has been needed. The mission, however, was magically accomplished in interior design.
Let creativity inundate your life, do not miss the chance to decorate your home with a highly effective Design: Design Memorabilia, amazing objects suspended between reality and fantasy.