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Gasens Lada Utemobler

Gåsen Lada Outdoor Furniture is a Swedish design company focusing on outdoor furniture. The design is characterized by redefining the classical forms the basis of durability and character. The furniture is manufactured on Gotland, with the conviction that in an environment-friendly materials to create furniture that entertains and inspires.
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Gasens Lada Utemoble

Gasens Lada Utemoble is a very famous brand in Sweden that produces outdoor furniture and design objects: in fact, its catalogues are composed of classic and modern furniture and home accessories all in delicate pastel colours. It is a company whose products stand out for redefining the classic basic shapes of furniture so that they have a longer life and a much more determined personality. The company's strengths are its deep respect for the environment and the fact that it has redefined the classic lines of outdoor tables and chairs. In fact, this brand's products re-elaborate classic furnishings in an innovative and unique way. All pieces included in Gasens Lada Utemoble's catalogue are made and developed on the island of Gotland. The processing system is based on the belief that it is necessary to use environmentally friendly materials that entertain and inspire at the same time anyone who enters the room.

Gasens Lada Utemoble furniture is characterized by their durability over time: in fact this company uses the most durable woods in the world, some of which are even more resistant than teak and other tropical types of wood. In particular, this company uses Gotland pine wood, which is the future eco-friendly alternative to plastic, aluminium and even tropical wood. These essences come from one of the few forests that have received the Swan certification.
The furniture and furnishings by Gasens Lada Utemoble have been designed specifically with Accoya wood and they have undergo several and extensive tests to check their level of performance, their durability and their resistance. Moreover, they are created through to a very complex process that includes their immersion in water for four times in a row with the aim to ensure them a long life. A very recent line replaces common screws with wooden pegs.

The furnishings by Gasens Lada Utemoble can have a matte or water colours finish. They are great design products but must of all they are not necessarily designed for outdoor use: in fact, there's also suitable to decorate the interior of the house. All collections by this brand are characterized by their resistance to any weather condition (rain, wind, sunlight, very high and low temperatures).
The Gasens Lada Utemoble company also offers a range of different compositions. For example, Group 3 is formed by two chairs and a small table while Group 8 is composed of a small table, a regular table and 6 chairs. Group 5 includes one table and 4 chairs. Then there are the individual pieces: a chair, a small table or a standard table.

Founded in 1980, the Gasens Lada Utemoble company mainly uses Gotland pine and Jarrah, although some special pieces of furniture designed by an architect can also be made of other woods. In fact, Gotland pine furniture is characterized by a very high resistance: this material is particularly robust and does not absorb water. Plus, it is very unlikely to be attacked by insects, mold and mildew. Finally, it is very resistant to mechanical abrasion and shocks, as it has a density of 732 kilograms per cubic meter. For all these reasons, the furniture by Gasens Lada Utemoble made of Gotland pine is a leader in its field; the careful and skillful craftsmanship of the processing increases their value. A clear example of the value of these furnishings and their excellent quality/price ratio is the fact that they have a life span that goes up to 20 years. It is therefore furniture of the highest level that really do not have rivals.

The most common finish is the ecological paint but there are also furnishings that are not treated or that present another type of finish. The choice of ecological paints depends on the strict environmental policy followed by Gasens Lada Utemoble which is characterized by an efficient use of resources, so as to avoid waste and reduce the impact on the environment. Also, the use of non-toxic products safeguards the health of the customers.

At the same time, Gasens Lada Utemoble follows a very strict quality policy, so to offer the best quality/price ratio. In this way, the company is actively pursuing its values, first of all to make the most of raw materials and to achieve a high-quality design. The furniture produced by Gasens Lada Utemoble is all manufactured with great mastery, by cleverly mixing high-quality materials and innovative technology to create a unique twist. Among other things, the use of raw materials belonging to the top of the class allows you to pursue a sustainable consumption with an eye not only to the present but also to the future. Consequently, we work for a greater sustainability and a higher respect for the environment.

Finally, we must not forget that the wood used by Gasens Lada Utemoble grows rapidly, providing significant advantages compared to other wood species with a slow growth or treated with toxic chemicals. For a thorough environmental impact assessment, the company examines all stages of the life cycle of the product. Among other things, Accaya wood has a guaranteed lifespan of 50 years, and it is processed in plants using renewable energy for more than 50%.