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Gibas was born from over 50 years of experience in the lighting field. Two generations of Italian entrepreneurs ensure a significant artisanal expertise in metal working and in creating indoor and outdoor collections in both classic and contemporary style.
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Gibas originates from over 50 years of experience in the lighting field. Two generations of Italian entrepreneurs ensure a significant artisanal expertise in metal working and in creating indoor and outdoor collections in both classic and contemporary style.

In 1959, Giuseppina and Basilio founded the first store of chandeliers in Amandola, a small town in the Marche region. Husband and wife were both artisans with great skills in working with glass, so they created some chandeliers, completely handmade, and had a great success. Since then, two generations of entrepreneurs, art-glass lovers, have been able to involve the small but active community of this Italian town in their project to make famous their creations, both classic and modern, but all very original and elegant. For years, the company has been passionately engaged in the creations of design lamps, powder-coated and hand-decorated. Moreover, thanks to a modern painting plant and to new machinery for the processing of materials, it was made possible the realization of real artworks.

Gibas has always been very attentive to the needs of its staff, and has always used the most innovative and eco-friendly materials, and thanks to the high quality of its products the company was listed in the Special Register of Artistic Made in Italy Handicraft, getting the Marche Excellence label. This company shows that those who truly love their products can become great and expand their activity based on the quality they manage to achieve. Since 1985, the two sons of Giuseppina and Basilio Julius and Paul took over the work of their parents, being themselves too in love with art-glass, and they modernized the company becoming very popular all over the world. Gibas not only produces collections of chandeliers, but due to their love towards this product, the passion they put into their work, they also restore antique chandeliers and produce exclusive models on commission, and also create metal frames for other companies.

Gibas made a series of creations, all characterized by a very elegant touch, but also modern and contemporary. The chandeliers, the pendant lamps, wall lamps and table lamps can have a classic style, or a country style, or a minimalist style, or even a contemporary style with rhinestones and lampshades. Gibas products are designed and realized to fit all the rooms of the house: the living room, to the bedroom, study, kitchen or bathroom. Many are the models to be chosen according to personal taste or the style of furniture. Gibas products are made with innovative materials and with very decorative forms, although contemporary, and the light is always diffused and never aggressive. Moreover, this company is careful to energy saving and then prefer the LED lighting.
All the lamps have 6 hours of autonomy if they are disconnected from the power supply, and they switch off automatically just to preserve energy savings.
Gibas offers indoor and outdoor lamps characterized by a sophisticated elegance, which create an enchanting and delicate atmosphere with their soft light. The painted steel is shaped in such delicate creations, with decorations so lovingly cared for and with such class that it looks like lace. Everything is hand-decorated and these creations are so beautiful and special because only the precision of an artisan can create such perfect small artworks. Instead, in the more modern pendant lamps, the steel takes the form of a pyramid so ethereal that it looks like a Chinese lantern and offers a particularly decorative lighting. Or even a simple light bulb on a small plate is able, with its essential form, to become unique in its style and extremely original, and to stand out in any location in which it is installed attracting all the attention. Here, the steel takes the colour of golden oxide, and pendant lamps become timeless objects. A bedside lamp, a simple white cube with some decoration, becomes a unique furnishing accessory with its handmade engraves which emanate a warm, soft light. Gibas is able to create from a simple metal plate, an incredible design lamp, characterized by a great simplicity and linearity, combined with the functionality that makes these products exclusive home design items.

Gibas can process steel and make it as thin as an old fine lace, to create chandeliers and table lamps looking elegantly sophisticated, but is also able to create bright and colorful chandeliers, like a multicolored flower which perfectly adapt to the children's rooms. Gibas also creates incredibly classic and sophisticated chandeliers, composed of a powder-painted decorated frame, powder, with crystal pendants and lampshades in organza. The use of painted steel combined with crystal makes this chandelier a real timeless design jewels. This company never ends to amaze, creating also floor lamps that are pillars of pure light, finely decorated or with fine inlays works which radiate their warm and soft light throughout the lamp, from the base to the top.

All Gibas creations are perfect for any location, both classical and contemporary, both rustic and minimalist, because the company is attentive to changing fashion and is ready to realize any kind of pendant lamp or table lamp to satisfy the desires of all its clients. Gibas is also very well-known for its creations for restaurants and hotels, where the love for refined design, the innate class and the creative talent of this company combine with many years of experience in the sector and are expressed at their best. These creations combine elegance with functionality and have been placed in restaurants, hotels and cafes in various parts of Italy and Europe. They are real artworks, unique and exclusive, which increase the notoriety of this brand in which the love for handicraft, innovative research and technology coexist in surprising and contemporary items.