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Since 1952, Gufram has been producing design icons, symbols of the Made in Italy excellence. Gufram products revolutionized the domestic landscape and entered the most original houses in the world and in the history of design. Gufram icons are part of permanent collections in the most important museums of the world: MoMa, Metropolitan, Triennale, Pompidou and many more.
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Since 1952 Gufram has been producing design icons, symbols of the Made in Italy brilliance. Gufram products revolutionized the domestic landscape and entered the most original houses in the world and in design history. Gufram icons are part of permanent collections in the most important museums of the world: MoMa, Metropolitan, Triennale, Pompidou and many more.

Gufram is a historical furniture company specialized in the creation of chairs and furniture based in Barolo and currently led by Sandra Vezza. This enterprise had the merit to have revolutionized, back in the 60s, the concept of furniture in an almost visionary way, defying the laws of the market and traditional furniture and creating some design icons that are still well-alive in the collective imagination. Everybody, even among non-fans of design, remember the legendary mouth-shaped red sofa. One of the characteristics of Gufram remained unchanged over time is precisely the will and ambition to make its creations more than just decorative items, but true works of art. No coincidence that some of the creations of this brand can be viewed in the most famous museums of the world, such as the Triennale, the Pompidou and the Metropolitan, just to name a few... Gufram products are real artworks but they are also affordable and ready to enrich any kind of home, without forgetting to stay true to their primary function. Contamination of art and furnishings, including traditional classics and pop culture, irony of the forms and unexpected uses: these are the values of the Gufram brand.

The Company's History
How many companies can boast of having written the history of global design? Gufram is one of these. The was already producing chairs in 1952 in the province of Turin, but it was officially born with the current name in 1966 as a modern creative workshop led by the Gugliermetto brothers. The artistic avant-garde that was present in the ‘60s in the Turin area had definitely an influence on Gufram's initial production. This movement, dedicated to experimentation, brings the two Gugliermetto to discover original ideas, with the collaboration of the various emerging artists of the time. In this way they discover new materials and new forms that were essential to renew the existing collections. Very significant for the evolution of the brand are also the ‘70s, when polyurethane foam (and the cold forming of it) found its place in manufacturing. This allows the Gufram factory to produce chairs designed and upholstered with this material, and therefore more durable and characterized by a design which is inspired by the pop art that back then seemed revolutionary.

The desire to combine design and the world of art is absolutely clear: Giuseppe Raimondi is appointed as Artistic Director in 1966, and he will be very active in attracting other artists to contribute to the design of the first creations of the company. Raimondi will sign several Gufram products. In 1968 the company exhibited at the Triennale of Milan its collection presented under the name of Multipli, a name chosen specifically to express the concept of an artistic product but reproduced on an industrial scale in limited numbers. The success achieved on this occasion, from the press and public, gave Gufram a further confirmation of what is the right way forward, in terms of both corporate philosophy and production method. But we are speaking of a success at national level. Only later, in 1972, this brand will find recognition abroad: the MOMA in New York will be the first museum to host across the border a few pieces of Multipli on the occasion is the exhibition dedicated to Italian design "Italy: The New Domestic Landascape" curated by Emilio Ambasz. And this event made Gufram one of the most important names in the history of world design and simultaneously inaugurates its presence in the most important international museums. For more than 30 years, the products catalogue of Gufram is enriched with new collections and new collaborations remaining based in Piedmont; things change in 2009 when the company was acquired by Cassina, a company of the Frau Group, which held brand management until 2011. During the last months of the year, Gufram returned to Piedmont establishing its headquarters in Barolo, where they still are, thanks to the purchase by some entrepreneurs in the sector. The purpose is to revive the old splendour of a brand that is a milestone in Italian history, and not only that of furniture and design.

Mission and Vision of the Company
Having an unmistakable aesthetic, carrying on domestic trials and bringing the colourful culture of Pop art inside the house: these are the purposes of Gufram. But what elements are needed to become a design icon? First of all it is necessary to be unique and original, that is to have a distinctive creativity typycal of the art world in which the Gufram has always found its inspiration. This alone, however, is not enough. A piece of furniture must be above all functional and durable, and this is the second key factor: the artisanal and high-quality production process carried on by professionals that preserve the function of the product and its ergonomic features. And then? And then the object must be reproduced in order to be purchased by more buyers possible, always maintaining the same characteristics, meaning to be designed and produced at industrial level.

As far as creativity is concerned, Gufram has plenty of it! The unique and recognizable look of this brand's products is based on two fundamental features: irony and imagination! Gufram furniture Gufram makes you smile, is irreverent, brilliant, a breath of fresh air that knows how to make surreal and playful the domestic landscape. Basically, it's a new way of living and redesign the house, to bring a new form of art in our everyday life. The creative process works more or less this way: you take an everyday object (a simple chair, a coffee table ...) and revolutionize it drastically creating something subversive and original! The object will maintain its primary function but it will no longer have those recognizable and basic elements that we are accustomed to attribute to it. You get rid of stereotypes and destroy usual patterns creating new life and new form - more fresh and fun and evocative - to popular furniture items remained unchanged over time. Some examples? The giant Cactus-shaped coat hanger that became a legend in the sector, or the Mouth-shaped sofa - another must-have among furnishings - which is able to evoke the surrealism of Dalì and to take him sensually in your living room. And how to forget about the irony of Pratone? The constantly evolving sofa made of long blades of grass that are shaped according to your location! The Gufram house is, in short, a house where to play and interact, a home coming from the faraway and wonderful world of dreams...And what house do you want?