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Jurianne Matter

In 2008, the designer Jurianne Matter launched her first paper product: the little paper wish boat. And that was the starting point for a series of successful ‘do-it-yourself' paper items. All the collections by Jurianne Matter are produced in the Netherlands, printed with eco-friendly inks on FSC-certified paper.
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Creativity, expressed through different materials and techniques, is the best tool to decorate and enrich the home or to make a special gift to someone you love. Art is definitely the highest expression of the genius and it deserves to find a place inside any house.

Jurianne Matter
Jurianne Matter is a Dutch artist of extraordinary talent that combines the simplicity of the materials with the originality of the products created in accordance with an ancient processing. Paper, textiles and ceramics form the basis for the creation of highly prestigious furnishings, appreciated throughout the world. The art of Jurianne Matter is completely eco-friendly: this designer is very careful in not polluting and not compromising the natural balance of the environment. Moreover, the colours used for the decoration of all objects come exclusively from plants, by means of an extraction process that allows to obtain intense and brilliant shades of colours, very different from those obtained through a chemical processing.

Jurianne Matter began working at a young age, by creating small items of furniture that she gave to family and friends on special occasions. Over time, considering the growing fame and success of her creations, she decided to open a small workshop in the heart of Amsterdam. Magazines start talking about her, publicizing her products that soon became a must to buy and donate. Within a few years, this traditional business based on a store in the Netherlands became renowned worldwide, also thanks to the Internet and social networks that have actively contributed to the spread the art of Jurianne Matter, with her very recognizable and unique style.

Attention to the environment
The Jurianne Matter brand designs, manufactures and produces valuable objects; items that deserve to have the right location in every house. At all stages, the company it is extremely careful about the environment, using only non-polluting materials and processing techniques that do not impact on nature. In order to do this, research is a fundamental part of the work of this brand. The paper, for example, is obtained through an ancient technique that doesn't require the use of chemical elements aimed at bleaching it; and textiles and ceramics are processed the same way. Most of Jurianne Matter's customers claims to have approached to the mark for the beauty of the products but, at the same time, also for the processing procedures that safeguard the environment: these two features are a guarantee of unique satisfaction.

Paper is the first material used by Jurianne Matter for the creation of her works. Biodegradable, eco-friendly, processed without chemicals and unbleached, paper is shaped in the most varied forms. Among the art objects of greater visual impact, certainly there are the Himli Angels. The Himli Angels were born as a Christmas decoration, typical of northern Europe countries, to be placed on the Christmas tree or in other corners of the house; but these characters are so cute and there are so many different models that their success is extended for the whole year.
Forest, instead, is a small installation that represents the forest trees in various sizes and species. These objects can be used as placeholders or bookmarks, or simply placed in a row on a shelf or cabinet.
Bloom is a real explosion of colours since it represents the flowers, in the shape of both bushes or bunches, to be placed for example in a vase. Finally, a wide selection of posters and cardboard decorations to hang on the walls of your house.

Textiles are a successful venture of Jurianne Matter that started this production only at a later stage of her activity. The textile products by Jurianne Matter range from towels to tea towels for the kitchen, up to stylish t-shirts. The fabrics used, like other Jurianne Matter's objects, are made of pure cotton coming from organic farms without environmental impact and coloured with vegetable dyes. Also the prints on the fabric are the result of a printing procedure that keeps intact the beauty of the product for a long time.

The pottery by Jurianne Matter certainly is the gem of this brand's production.
Realized with a potter's wheel using pure clay, these ceramics are sold either as a single piece or a complete set for example of cups for coffee or tea. The realization of these products expresses the simplicity of northern Europe countries that have always stood out for the clarity of the forms. The ceramic items by Jurianne Matter can by both kitchen utensils or knickknacks and decorative ornaments.

How to buy the products Jurianne Matter
To purchase Jurianne Matter's products you have two options: going to the store in Holland, in a characteristic street in Amsterdam; or visiting the dedicated section on LOVEThESIGN from all over the world.