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Public spaces and private houses, indoor and outdoor spaces. L'Abbate's domain for experimenting really is without boundaries. Its collections combine simplicity, beauty and new exciting themes able to decorate everyday life. Its exceptionally pure Italian style matches tradition and innovation, excellent materials and great designers.
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L'Abbate is a company that has established itself on the diverse market of interior design, using the collaboration of the most talented designers of our time to realize cutting-edge collections rich in style. What characterizes most of the work of this company is the way it processes wood, metal and all padding materials to give life to furnishings full of charm and always trendy. A business philosophy that combines in a single concept design, beauty and art. All products by L'Abbate stand out for originality and class; these unique pieces created to furnish every type of location are able to add value to any space. The collections by L'Abbate range from elements to set up private and public spaces, outdoor and indoor and also furniture to make unique gardens and terraces. A wide range of premium items created according to the highest existing standards to meet every need and request. The company takes care of the whole production cycle of each piece. It starts from a careful and meticulous design, then development and production up to logistics. An artistic high-end genesis that gives rise to the best you can find on the furniture market. Everything you need in your house, L'Abbate has it in a new revisited and cutting edge key. Chairs, armchairs beds, tables, sofas and bedrooms: you can find a classy and elegant solution to satisfy all your needs.

One of the must of the brand are chairs and stools, exclusive pieces in which refined design has become an absolute protagonist in association with the use of trendy and eye-catching colours. Beauty and functionality united in one concept in order to give an added value to kitchens, living rooms but also entrance halls and bedrooms. The tables by L'Abbate are the best you can find on the market today: rectangular, square, round and of all sizes to fit in large and small spaces. The Lounge is another fine example of how different types of materials can be mixed in a unique and inimitable way. Also sofas are characterized by sophistication and elegance being at the same time functional and perfect for everyday use. Then there is also a line of accessories that includes magazine racks, shelves and hangers with extremely modern forms.

One of the most important aspects of L'Abbate's production is undoubtedly the collaboration with world renowned designers. Talented designers with innovative ideas who carefully implement a meticulous study of each object. Names like Sam Baron, Luigi Caccia Dominioni, Enzo Berti, Gio Ponti, Wherter Toffoloni and Le Tiroir are just some of the great personalities who have had the merit of giving life to objects that have made the history of international design. All important names in the field of high design products that always surprise for their originality and style. A parterre of incredible designers, synonym for quality and attention to detail.

The works of the L'Abbate group are located in prestigious structures such as the famous Attimi restaurant in Nice. The whole room of Attimi is set up with Break tables combined with Livia chairs, magnificent elements generated from the fertile mind of Giò Ponti. Miss Voon in Stockholm is another place completely furnished by L'Abbate with works by the designer Thomas Sandell. In this case the rooms are set up with Gren chairs, a chair with a typical Scandinavian style but manufactured with the greatest Italian craftsmanship. A great mix for an outstanding and successful result. The products of the brand L'Abbate can be seen in all their glory in the most prestigious hotels, wine bars and spas around the world: a source of pride that has made this Made in Italy brand the ultimate representative of a way of working at high levels. Refined lines, the use of excellent raw materials and a great functionality are the fundamental elements of L'Abbate furnishings, that have are also famous for being very long-lasting.

By buying L'Abbate furnishing you will be sure to decorate your home with valuable and contemporary design items. You will find among L'Abbate's products the perfect solution for your house, to turn it into an absolutely refined and modern place. The brand offers an extensive catalogue on which to choose the items that best embodies every wish and expectation. Owning a model L'Abbate means to have a product which in addition to possessing harmonious lines and an innovative design is also able to perform its function in the best way possible. Beauty and efficiency go hand in hand thanks to a design and a planning carried out at the highest level. The use of innovative materials combined with traditional ones creates unique collections of their kind. One of the prerogatives of L'Abbate is also to mix the evocative atmosphere of Nordic design with the Italian style, a successful match that has delivered some stunning results. Each home can become a place of class and refinement thanks to L'Abbate, a name that is a guarantee of reliability, professionalism and competence, and that represents all the sophistication of Made in Italy products around the world.