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Linfa Design

The culture of working wood as a living material meets the essential lines on contemporary design. Linfa Design boasts over 100 years of history in manufacturing furnishing items by blending a classic traditional soul with modern essentiality. And it does everything in the full respect of those values and techniques that make wood a unique material.
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Linfa Design

Linfa Design is an Italian company that produces furniture elements, mainly characterized by classic lines typical of the past mixed with the linearity of the most current and contemporary forms. The companies that like Linfa Design, have roots in the ancient history handed down from father to son, are really able to create furnishings that add value to any room; objects that bring together, in a single soul, style, natural elements and the love for their processing, curated to the smallest detail.

The history of the brand finds its roots in the passion and culture developed around the processing of wood, which has been handed down for generations. A carpentry shop founded many years ago by the great-grandparents and then passed down to their children and so on until today, without forgetting the strong desire to develop the interpretations of interior design.A company that mainly deals with the production of objects inspired first of all to classic lines, up to the more contemporary and modern design, maintaining all the fundamental values and processing features that make unique a natural but at the same time precious material such as wood.

Just as it happens in nature, the sap climbs from the tree's roots to get to feed the whole plant, branches and leaves: the story of Linfa Design has its origins in the distant past from which we learn the classical workmanship to transform it into something new and innovative.Wood, a simple material, genuine and natural, thanks to the work of skilled hands becomes an incredible piece of furniture that adds character and style to our rooms.
Walnut and oak wood in all their interpretations and finishes or beech wood are all materials that reach the company raw and natural and then are dried and treated until they acquire a unique style to become what it is today Linfa Design.

The Monza-based brand founded over a century ago has become famous in all its territory thanks to the ability it has always demonstrated in the creation of precious objects of furniture. A century of experience is quite a lot, especially if you have spent all the time discovering all the secrets of wood processing.
And it is thanks to the great experience acquired over the years that Linfa Design is so good at mixing in a very natural way the clean linearity typical of a contemporary design with the classic forms of the past, creating timeless objects that enter our homes to give them a touch of style that will not go unnoticed.
But this is not the only sign that evokes ancient tradition: in fact the whole production process starts with the choice of raw materials, in particular wood: walnut, oak, beech, rosewood and ash that still retain those characteristics of that make them perfect to create fascinating and timeless items.

The attention to detail of every product is unique, as unique is the research of the detail even in the most contemporary pairings: typical of this brand is the design with unusual geometries that can revitalize any room with combinations of natural materials such as wood, to other more rigorous and trendy, such as metal. The DNA bookcase is the perfect example of the transformation of the tradition in a warm complement, but with a strong visual impact. A unique piece of furniture for sure, innovative and highly appreciated for its design and its characteristic shape. DNA is a bookcase designed in plywood beech painted wengè. The frame is made of steel coated with an embossed black colour; the curves of the bookcase are sinuous and elegant forms of art that provide a pleasant look. The bookcase's shape has been designed to enable you to combine several modules by creating a very special and continuous structure.

The care for every single detail of Linfa Design's products is unique in its kind: the continuous and meticulous care for details, the skillful combination of different materials, the classic but unpredictable lines make every piece of furniture designed by this brand able not only to furnish but also to become the true protagonist of the home. Years of work and tradition make Linfa Design very innovative without being over the top, a producer of elegant and refined products, without being snobbish.

The extendable table Giunone wengè made of oak wood is the perfect example of the perfect symbiosis between tradition and modernity. The extensions for the sides are folded and placed under the tabletop. The essential and linear design will perfectly marry with the style of any space, integrating with a classic decor as well as with a more contemporary style. The furniture and furnishings by Linfa Design stand out in the contemporary furnishing landscape for the quiet vitality of their character, and especially for the innate ability to interpret our time with taste and style. Linfa Design bases its philosophy and culture on the making of a living material like wood, combined with the clean lines of contemporary design.

Over 100 years of history connect Linfa Design to the production of furniture where the classic lines of the past are evident and mixed with the cleaning and linearity of modern forms. Always preserving those values and characteristics of processing which make wood a truly unique and versatile material.
Timeless object with exceptional elegance like the Timavo table: made entirely of solid oak, this table is the perfect combination of simple and harmonious lines, elegance and aesthetic pleasure. Alongside with classic objects there are more contemporary items such as the coat hanger Grillo or the fantastic Totem Bubbles bookcase and the incredible Prisma cabinet. When the attachment to traditional manufacturing and natural materials marries the taste, style and architectural genius, premium brands such as Linfa Design come to life. Ornamental furnishing complements that hold, between their lines, years and years of study, research and refined methods.