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Dare with the strength of creativity and materials to experiment alternative paths that reveal unique and innovative environments. This is Motusmentis: the design idea that gives value to interior design, that offers systems and objects to reinterpret today's space. A stylistic form that underlines how shape absolutely depends on substance.
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The Motusmentis slogan is clear: to dare with the power of creativity and of matter in order to experiment alternative paths that reveal unique and unusual spaces. The implementation of this declaration of intent is perfectly clear in the production of this Italian brand based in Lecco, a division of Bolis Italia. Motusmentis is not just a manufacturer of tables, bookcases, coffee tables and furnishing accessories: it is a famous Made in Italy brand that is constantly mentioned on the world's most prestigious design magazines. The idea of design for Motusmentis is to create shapes and geometries that enhance interior design. The objects it produces, as well as the furnishing sets, are always designed to reinvent the space that you have available in a typical flat of our times. All with a unique stylistic form, original and recognizable, that confirms that it doesn't matter what kind of exaggerated or innovative you want to adopt: shape is anyway dependent on substance, it's part of it.

The furniture produced by Motusmentis is not classic, as the Lecco-based company wants to produce contemporary items; but it is not just modern furniture either. We could describe it as a reinterpretation of tradition, to offer new living spaces. In fact, Motusmentis pays a great attention to the materials used to produce all the items, that must be resistant and capable of lasting over time. Another aspect dear to Motusmentis designers is the constant and careful stylistic and creative research based on the concept of "here and now": all products are created in Europe, in the European cultural context, in the twenty-first century. There will never be an article in the catalogue out of these contexts, but they are solutions - and often also brilliant creative insights - that are direct daughters of our cultural history, and therefore they constitute a renewal of what we used to be.

Good taste is always present in Motusmentis products, even in a simple shelf or a small bookcase, until the dining room furnishing systems with large tables. If you have chosen a modern style for your home that doesn't forget about the classic European furnishing tradition, and if you prefer a Made in Italy design, what you are looking for is undoubtedly Motusmentis.