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Nomess Copenhagen

Nomess Copenhagen was founded in 2007 by Suzanne Potts, due to her own demand for organising, simplicity and aesthetic indulgence. All products are designed for the single purpose of making everyday life easier. For Nomess the functionality in organising objects can't stand alone - it simply needs aesthetics to function.
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Nomess Copenhagen
Nomess Copenhagen was founded in 2007 by Suzanne Potts, inspired by her love for organization, simplicity and beauty. For Nomess Copenhagen the practical factor (organization) is not enough: the aesthetic factor is also needed to ensure that everything is complete. For this reason, the brand designs elements whose only purpose is to make everyday life easier and tidier. An object designed only to be efficient is not enough, it must also be nice to see, to be put on display in our homes instead of worrying about hiding it from our guests.
Suzanne Potts is aware of the major changes and adjustments required by the modern era; when designing her creations, she knows that innovation is a key element in order to develop a good product able to meet the needs and demands of the customers. Despite this, the look of Nomess objects is simple and linear, perfect to enter an international context. From the collections by Nomess Copenhagen emerges a "plus" factor: the peace of the mind, the serenity generated by the objects typical of the Nordic tradition.

Clear lines, organized, but at the same time an effective design. Objects designed for creative people because Nomess is above all a way to create a personal style. The concept of organization becomes part of a lifestyle: a style loved by those who are looking for designer accessories to help them keeping in order not only a room but their daily life. The dream of every woman is to have a tidy bathroom, but sometimes our accessories for make-up take control of the situation. This is a typical situation of disorder that Nomess Copenhagen aims to fix through its simple but ingenious creations; like the transparent make-up organizer, perfect for keeping in place brushes, pencils and make up products.

The company is specialized in high-design furnishings that are at the same time very elegant but also functional, as it is the style of Nordic designers. This organizer is incredibly useful because it is not just a container for your cosmetics, like those we keep in our handbags or hang in the bathroom. It is a real display for cosmetics, with places designed to contain the various products. The concept of organization has an American origin; we could translate it into simple words by saying "a place for everything and everything in its place".
Home-organizing is certainly a new way of life that lies behind a typical Nordic lifestyle; a style that Nomess Copenhagen spread through its products, aiming to make order out of chaos, thanks to quality items designed to simplify everyday life. A smart way to organize your home or office. It is just about getting in control of our things, in order not to complicate our life.

Organizing your home can mean different things at different times. But the main goal is always the same: to create order out of chaos and regain control of a life that sometimes could be confusing. Optimizing the space we have at our disposal has become almost an art; those who do not possess strategic organizational skills, must use additional instruments to help them in the purpose.
And Nomess's goal is precisely that: bringing order into your homes and lives. Bringing order in the life of every day: from our office to the bathroom even passing through the dressing room. To help in this, Nomess has designed numerous products of the highest quality, ready to solve all your everyday problems, without neglecting elegance and class.
A tidy bathroom is the dream of every woman. An organized desk where everything is at hand allows you to work better and a walk-in closet where each accessory finds its place is synonymous for elegance. The Box with Mirror, small and easy to place anywhere, is handy and helps you keeping everything in order without neglecting the originality of design.

Have you ever thought of a cube that can contain, in a precise and organized way, everything that every woman keep losing around in the house? Today this is a reality, thanks to the designers of Nomess Copenhagen, who have enclosed in a light wood case the Balsabox Personal Box. The inner part of the box has a refined and elegant look, perfect for the woman who considers herself a real princess and therefore she must be jealously guard all her most precious possessions.

Shoes are an essential accessory for women who love to change and be stylish and fashionable at any time. Buying them is a real treat, but the problem arises once at home, when we realize that we have no more space to store them, or that the place where we keep them is not organized as we would like it to be. The shoes are all mixed and looking for those we want to wear becomes an annoying waste of time. Or even worse, they are ruined by squeezing and overlapping. The Danish brand Nomess Copenhagen, with its simple, effective and practical style, has found the solution to all these problems: it is made of transparent plastic boxes, perfect for contain small shoes like ballerina shoes or flip flops and to find them quickly and easily, thanks to the transparency of the boxes.
Organization, simplicity and above all aesthetic quality. These are the three fundamental pillars that underpin the production of home accessories by Nomess Copenhagen.