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Presse Citron

Presse Citron was established in 1997 by Didier Chaudanson, with the later addition of Clotilde de Grave. Both Industrial Design graduates from the Ecole Boulle, they develop a range of items with a playful soul and a modular, accessible personality. Each user can adjust, create, and become the maker of these items according to personal needs and desires.
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Presse Citron

Presse Citron is a French design company, created in 1997 by Didier Chaudanson, later joined by Clotilde de Grave. Both Designer graduated in Industrial Design at the Ecole Boulle and through their brand they develop a range of 100% made in France objects; refined accessories with a high-quality finish, but at the same time with a playful spirit, in a modular and affordable dimension. The use of metal is a focal point of the production by Presse Citron; modern decorative objects such as frames, shelves, wall decorations and magnets are all made of painted metal. Presse Citron is an original and creative project set up by two young designers and lovers of interior decoration. All creations by Presse Citron combine the simplicity of painted steel with a very contemporary design and clean lines.

The different stages of production such as cutting and painting of the elements are carried out outside the company, but then all objects are assembled with great care by the skilled hands of Didier Chaudanson and Clotilde de Grave. This is the story of two great designers, former schoolmates at the Ecole Boulle (one of the best French design schools) who have met and after an initial collaboration in 2002 that seemed to be only occasional, have decided to join their talents and found their own design studio in Paris. The first objective of their creations? Rethinking everyday objects and recreating them with a new identity to produce modern, innovative and trendy items; accessories that cannot miss in the homes of those who want to differentiate themselves with a style of interior that is new and offbeat.

The philosophy of the French brand follows a very simple concept, but with one difference: each object can be customized to meet individual desires and moods of people. Everyone is looking for accessories that represent them, some elements to be included in the house according to the characteristics of the people who live in it. Presse Citron offers precisely this; magnetic rubber frames in which the pictures cross each other, or hooks that can be reassembled in countless ways. Each object can be reinterpreted following the notes of fantasy and creativity of this designer duo.
Have you ever thought to hang a tree in the bathroom? Maybe you didn't, but Didier Chaundson and Clotilde de Grave did, instead. In fact, they have created Pqtier: a tree that is a toilet paper dispenser, the perfect item for a modern and irreverent bathroom. Pqtier is a functional decorative element made of painted steel, a toilet paper holder to hang on the wall for people who like to enjoy a bit of whimsical design in all the rooms of the house. It is characterized by an original form that we are certainly not used to see in normal bathrooms. You don't have to be afraid to dare, and this will be the perfect product for you. Who would have thought that toilet paper could give the possibility to create a wall decoration?

A soft and delicate light generated by the neon embedded in a beautiful lamp with an original form. It will spread everywhere, from the walls, the ceiling and your furnishings, creating a suggestive enveloping effect, and drawing shadows and evanescent and surreal halos. Lamp D+I was born from the creative genius of the design studio Presse Citron. It is a translucent lamp inside which a neon tube is inserted; a quirky accessory both in form and style. An unusual lamp which does not belong to any category. It can be placed in any environment regardless of the style, the decor, the colours and the context of the place.
It is little higher that one meter, but it stands out among the other lamps on the market because of its tree trunk shape: a design that should blend in with nature and at the same time is almost surreal, since it is illuminated from the inside by a neon lamp. A useful and decorative element, just as in the philosophy of Presse Citron: an everyday object that is revisited and redesigned following the imagination of the two French designers. The D+I lamp is elegant and natural at the same time, ideal for those who want to create in their home a stylish and soft atmosphere, choosing a design with an original and poetic lines, able to evoke the soft light and shades of a garden in a full moon night.

If you think that the walls of your house are a little empty, anonymous and have an absolute need for a bit of personality, Presse Citron is the right company to visit; Didier Chaudanson and Clotilde de Grave offer a full range of accessories dedicated to the decoration of the house and, especially wall decorative elements. Each item presents a variety of colours, high-quality design and a contemporary style. You will certainly find what you need in their collections.
Presse Citron, a made in France brand which combines the simplicity of painted steel with the functionality of objects, timeless and always fashionable. One of the flagship creations by Presse Citron, who contributed to the fame of the brand, are the different types of modern photo frames that the two designers have launched on the market. Frames that frame other frames; some of them equipped with magnetic elements to hang more pictures with no effort. Perfect accessories to adorn your walls, bringing together in a single frame the most important moments of family life.

Presse Citron also thinks of all those little knick-knacks or books that are usually placed on some shelves: the shelves by Presse Citron are reinterpretations of the usual complement that add a touch of style to the house. Didier Chaudanson and Clotilde de Grave have created a new way of living the house, a new vision of the objects that we use every day, because style and creativity lie in the tiniest details.