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Rack Pack

Don't be fooled: the Rackpack may look like an ordinary wooden gift box for a nice bottle of wine, but in just a few flips it becomes a smart and elegant wine rack. With three different ways to use it, it's the ideal solution for wine and design lovers to hold and display up to 3, 6 or 12 bottles of wine with little more than a flick of the wrist.
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Today it seems almost impossible to choose a gift to the people we love, something that is simple but effective, made with great quality in the lines and materials, and above all not too expensive. This difficulty probably derives from the fact that we have almost everything and we do not need anything else. Or the reason for this creative dryness is that we are constantly surrounded by standardized objects that hardly hit our attention. We are used to items produced in a massive way that are incapable of hitting our imagination. Unless you enter the wonderful world of RackPack!
RackPack is a brilliant company that has its roots in Amsterdam (not the Dutch capital, but the homonymous, charming town located in the state of New York, a few miles from the American metropolis full of light and creative currents). Perhaps thanks to the great creativity and enthusiasm that you breathe in that particular area of the US, RackPack has been able to develop a truly innovative business, not only for the United States, but also for the old continent which is far more selective as regards art design.

RackPack can describe its work as a mixture of art and eco-design. Its products are designed let us finally pleased and intrigued. RackPack has broken through the wall of obviousness to redefine the concept of packaging, creating small works of art applicable to everyday life.
If we wanted to describe the products made by the US brand, we could safely say that RackPack makes wooden boxes for wine bottles. Nothing new, so far. Except that the boxes are not only stylish containers for precious bottles of wine or fine cheese, but they unexpectedly come to life turning into something that is only remotely similar to a simple food storage. RackPack boxes know creativity, they know functionality and they also know fun: and they are able to combine these elements in an absolutely sublime way to offer a product whose magic is not in the content, but in the package.

Redefining the concept of packaging brought a great enthusiasm and curiosity around the New York brand, so much so that the convertible bottles rack collection has evolved over the years and now includes a number of packaging types and models. A kind of packaging that comes to life only when the content is finally discarded. For example, you may find yourself facing some sort of huge pencil composed of a parallelepiped with a tip. This is the basic model of the PackRack brand: at a first glance it seems just an elegant wooden box containing a bottle. But once you open it, it will be extremely exciting and surprising at the same time to see how this "pencil" turns into a beautiful bottle rack. A refined and elegant object that perfectly fits into any room. It is perfect for the kitchen but thanks to a creative and original style this object will also be a beautiful ornament. This and the other many articles form the collection designed and produced by RackPack.

The focal point of RackPack's creations is fun, and the will to create fun items able to surprise and excite the final user. The brand itself calls its products "fun wine boxes"! But the creations by RackPack can only be partly described as wine boxes, since they are really much more than that!
The RackPack collection offers a wide range of convertible boxes, all to collect. Besides the pyramid structure to keep on display the bottles, RackPack has developed for its customers even more products, all characterized by great creativity and arising from innovative and extremely imaginative ideas. A beautiful example of it is the wooden box that turns into a robot, ideal to be exhibited as a fanciful ornament or appreciated by children and teens.
Or, again, the creativity of RackPack meets functionality when the packages evolve becoming indispensable elements for the kitchen like a cutting board to bring the cheese, an ice bucket or even a beautiful tray or a beautiful table lamp. All of it using mostly a natural, clear wood.

The style of the creations by RackPack is very popular all over the world not only for the innovative nature of their style and their curious and extravagant way of giving new life to packages that otherwise would be thrown away or confined in some hidden corner of the house. Another source of pride for the New York-based brand is the great attention to detail, since for RackPack the smallest details make the difference. RackPack is also very attentive to the selection of raw materials: it chooses a lightweight, refined wood treated with particular attention so that every component is perfect in every part. Likewise, also the articles that will finish the package are selected for their high quality and durability.

For all these reasons, any item of the RackPack collection is not only a really special gift, suitable to surprise even the most demanding friends or relatives, but also a curious and intriguing creation which could easily become the pride of our kitchen, the peculiar element in our living room, or the extravagant accessory to bring to the table. After all, there must be a reason why RackPack has won the admiration of the biggest design experts at European level!