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Royal VKB

Royal VKB – Creating new heritage for your social kitchen! Fin dal 2005, Royal VKB produce oggetti originali studiati per migliorare in modo piacevole ed esteticamente avanzato i bisogni dei consumatori. Segue e interpreta il cambiamento delle abitudini dei consumatori, che beneficiano di tecnologie sempre più avanzate e di un benessere migliorato rispetto a un tempo.
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Royal VKB
Royal VKB is the latest creation by the historic Dutch company Koninklijke van Kempen & Begeer, a brand that has always been oriented towards design and innovation. Established in 1789, the company Koninklijke van Kempen & Begeer has always focused on developing innovative products and solutions, suitable for everyday life. Today more than ever, the attention and care we have for our psychological and physical well-being has become increasingly important because our frenetic daily rhythm requires suitable products.
Royal VKB offers a series of tools that fully meet these needs and above all are attractive, safe and functional. In 2005, the company decided to work on something original that would renew the tradition of its usual business. Koninklijke van Kempen & Begeer took its inspiration from the changes that occur in our lives in the contemporary world. Our daily frenetic pace marked by a strong technological development has led to a development of consumers who are way more aware than in the past. People do not suddenly change their lifestyle, but they get there gradually by examining, inquiring and consciously choosing the new lifestyle. In recent years, Royal VKB has perceived this need for a change and by wisely combining innovation, design and lifestyle, it has offered solutions that are in line with market requirements.

Today our kitchens are no longer just the rooms where we prepare the lunch or dinner: they have become the true core of the home, the place where the family gathers right before starting or ending the day. In this context originate the products by Royal VKB - Creating new heritage for your social kitchen: original and innovative objects designed to improve in a pleasant way the needs of all customers. This brand follows and interprets the change in consumer habits, which benefit from more advanced technologies and an improved well-being, compared to the past.
This is how design accessories such as the trivets line in the form of unusual animals come to life; snakes, rhinos and hippos (Grum, Smak and Blub) made of silicone with a design inspired by old cave paintings of prehistoric times. They are perfect to protect the table or a working surface of the kitchen from pots or hot dishes and plates, bringing a hint of playful fun to the room.

Designs by: Ontwerpwerk
Ed Annink (1956-2012) has been the co-founder of Ontwerpwerk. He graduated from the Royal Academy of Art in 1987. He has designed products for Driade, Authentics, Designum, Droog Design and his work has also been published in two books. We know that experienced cooks love to have a tidy kitchen and functional tools to prepare delicious recipes. The practical Chop Organizer allows you to safely collect the chopped food and to move it directly from the cutting board to the pot or pan. The Chop Organizer consists of two parts: a container and a lid. Putting Chop's edge against the edge of the cutting board, you can easily collect all the vegetables that you just chopped without spreading the tiny pieces all over the kitchen counter.

Designs by: Ontwerpbureau 3:11
From 1997 they design solutions and create functional and contemporary products. Their customer portfolio consists of government institutions and retail brands such as Sealskin, Royal Talens and Vacu Vin.
The Container Table Island comes from the need to tidy up the many personal items that we have in our home, like wallets, key rings, mobiles, sunglasses or tablets. Usually, these objects do not have a fixed place in the house and then they ended up here and there, with no order. It would so much easier to find them if these objects of daily use would find a place where to store them every time.
The Table Island by Royal VKB provides this solution. A pleasant and highly functional design, an "island" which offers a special (and safe) place for your iPad. The real innovation of Table Island is the material with which it is made: compressed cork, an elastic and moisture-resistant material. This makes the accessory suitable to be used in the kitchen, for example, as a support for the iPad while we read the recipes.

Designs by: Officeoriginair
Officeoriginair is the design studio founded by Ivan Kasner and Uli Budde. Both designers have studied and graduated at the Design Academy ofEindhoven. Their collaboration is based on a constant dialogue and fueled by their different identity and personality, but focused toward a common goal.
The Puzzle Tray is designed to teach children the correct arrangement of objects on the table in a fun and easy way. The set includes knife, fork, spoon, plate and glass: all fit together in the tray like the pieces of a jigsaw. The Puzzle Tray is available in two colours: blue-green for boys and delicate pink for girls. It is made of plastic and has non-slip feet to ensure its stability. Coloured and fun graphics enter your home to add a touch of joy to your day.

Designs by: Wendy Boudewijns
Wendy Boudewijns has graduated from the Design Academy of Eindhoven, in 2005. Since then he has founded his own studio focusing on design and style. Royal VKB has about ten years of experience in the production of peculiar and original objects. Over the years, it has create unique and inimitable objects to meet the tastes of every client, with innovative accessories such as the candle holder Mood Flame, the extraordinary support for tea light candles, made entirely of silicone. Thanks to this brilliant material, the heat ho the candle will create a very special atmosphere in the home or outside.

Designs by: Jan Hoekstra
After graduating from the University of Genk, Jan Hoekstra has worked for several years at the INNOVATIONLAB. Currently, he is Design Manager for Unilever and he has founded his own studio "Jan Hoekstra BVBA" creating numerous projects for well-known Dutch brands.