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Sirch has developed in the last thirty years from the craft traditions of coachbuilding to a modern industrial enterprise whose manufacturing processes focus on the production of a range of wooden goods. These include basic packaging goods such as palettes and chests, sports goods such as toboggans, furniture and the range of SIBI wooden toys.
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Has ever occurred to you that the toys or the furniture for your children could define the style of your entire home? The German company Sirch has thought about it.
Sirch is a company based in Germany that in the last thirty years, starting from the artisanal production of car bodies, has become a modern enterprise whose production processes are based entirely on a range of wooden products. Sirch produces basic packaging items such as pallets and trunks, sports equipment such as sleds, furnishings and a fabulous range of SIBI wooden toys.
Now it offers a collection of wooden objects that combine a traditional design concept with radical construction methods, constantly meeting the interest of the international press.

The company, according to which research and quality are the keys to a growing success, is headquartered at the foot of the Alps in southern Germany. The production facility was designed in 1999 by the architects Baumschlager & Eberle, and it is a mixture of traditional design and radical construction methods.
The long experience in woodworking combined with a sincere passion for design has led Sirch to produce furniture and toys characterized by clean, refined lines and an impeccable structure.
The brand bases its design philosophy on a synthesis of simplicity and tradition, refined taste and essentiality. This is the approach leading the exceptional work of Wolfgang Sirch and Christoph Bitzer: a style to say the least distinctive and immediately recognizable in the designs they produce together.
All Sirch products can boast an enviable quality and they are made through traditional crafting techniques. Each creation by this brand has been tested and certified to be suitable for children and in accordance with the German regulation on technical safety by TÜV (Technical Monitoring Association).
Sirch has never forgotten the joy and the love that inspired old wooden toys and it still creates children toys by combining the great experience in woodworking with a more contemporary love for design.

The Franz wheelbarrow is a beautiful example of the fantastic products made by the German brand: refined to the smallest detail, it is made of birch plywood and steel: it can last a lifetime. An extremely quiet and safe toy, perfect for any floor thanks to its rubber wheels, the wheelbarrow also has a lever to reverse the trunk in order to make the game more fun and as real as possible for your children.
Sirch is a name and a guarantee; synonymous with quality and tradition, supported by modern techniques of construction and woodworking: all objects also are tested, inspected and with certificates for quality and safety, and recommended by the Association of German consumers "Spiel- Gut ".
The wooden toys by Sirch are immediately recognizable for their minimalist, clean and smart design that not only will avoid to damage your homes, but it will adapt to its style and enrich it. You will finally be able to say goodbye to intrusive and noisy toys, dangerous for the health of your children and also for that of your floors and walls: the soft and rounded shapes of all Sirch creations are the best on the market, mainly because they are made by hand and with natural materials.

A nice walk with your little girl, her favorite doll and the Troll Dolls stroller. How much happiness and tenderness to see your daughter walking her favorite doll with the Troll stroller, one of those toys so beautiful and well-made that look almost like pieces of furniture. Thanks to this characteristic, it will never bother you when your daughter will forget it in the kitchen or living room. Its simple, traditional design evokes the old movies in black and white, where pretty girls with braids, walked their beloved dolls with huge smiles on their faces.

And what's better for the boys than a jewel like the Max car? They have started the journey of their life, it does not matter it if it real or imaginary. What matters is that your little boy will now have a proper and safe "means of transport." And here comes the first car of your child! A jewel built with the taste of ancient artisanal toys, created in steam-bent ash wood. Can you imagine something more delicate and exclusive for your child? It is in the natural colour of the wood it is made of, with the scent of this ancient, romantic, timeless natural material. The handle is painted red to attract the attention of your child and the wheels are also colored and made of rubber, silent and lightweight to avoid leaving on the floor the traces of the swirling journeys of your child.
Once you buy the first Sirch toy, you will look forward to get rid of all those multicoloured plastic toys, finished with low end materials (which our children cannot wait to destroy) that, among other things, ruined the style and mood of your home. We cannot forbid our children to play in the home, but we can choose high-quality toys made of safe materials, with rounded shapes and easy grip for children.

What's better than not having to worry about tidying up the house for the arrival of unexpected guests? Even if your children will leave their Sirch toys in the living room, these will appear like wonderful and natural furnishing elements with a traditional personality and timeless charm, the charm that only wood is able to evoke. Accessories designed for children, but also really appreciated by mums and dads. A mixture of fun, style, safety and design, because it is never too early to appreciate beauty.

Simple and never banal lines, also for those toys that usually look slushy in colours and shapes, such as the classic dollhouse. Sirch reinvents a classic toy for girls in a modern and contemporary way: Villa Sibis. With Villa Sibis the dollhouse gets a new look: it is an ultra modern building with large panoramic windows and it is fully made of waxed birch plywood. It is the perfect home that will make your little girls dreaming with style.