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Established in 1866, Sola Switzerland is a manufacturer of the finest cutlery. For five generations, its cutlery has been created by the purest Swiss touch and know-how, using premium quality 18/10 stainless steel. Cutlery is produced in highly polished mirror finishes and it is dishwasher safe.
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Sola Switzerland

Sola Switzerland is a Swiss company leader in the production of cutlery since 1866. For five generations its cutlery has been created in the finest Swiss spirit, with the know-how typical of this country. Its high-quality products are made of 18/10 stainless steel, with an extra polished mirror effect, and are dishwasher safe. The company was born as a small local business, but today it is a worldwide reference point in the production of cutlery and table and service utensils renowned all over the world and gaining each year a significant market share in Europe.
Sola Switzerland owns several production sites, a commercial strategy put in place to meet the needs of its customers around the world. Production standards are focused on creating a unique product of its kind, but also on the constant design of new collections offered by the company every year, meeting the dynamic needs of a constantly evolving market.

Competence, tradition and innovation create a contemporary design where all cutlery pieces are first designed in 3D making some steel prototypes. Thanks to a young management and a trained and above all passionate team, this brand is able to face the daily challenges of modern business.
A continuous investment in the latest technologies guarantees the company a competitive advantage on its competitors; Sola Switzerland also has an ISO certification, quality control assurance, perfect selection of raw materials, production processes such as cutting, rolling, hot/cold printing, silver plating and workmanship for the entire process of packaging. A rigorous quality analysis at every stage of the production guarantees that the Swiss brand wants to reach every user in an absolutely perfect and reliable way.

A food-concept based on classy porcelain accessories and cookware characterized by a high-quality design that makes them ideal for restaurants and private homes. A line of elegant Basic table accessories, based on a simple, timeless design that focuses above all on a natural and functional look. Thanks to its universal design, materials such as porcelain or glass and the different shades of colour with which the sets are available, you can be sure to find the perfect product for every mise en place.

The collection dedicated to INN Hotel offers high-quality products, traditional Swiss cuisine and a sophisticated design loved by hotels and restaurants, while Flow is an innovative and experimental line. The products of this line representing the concept of perpetual flow, go hand in hand with ecological standards and with a glamorous and trendy design.

Gaya is the collection that is more focused on original production technologies; a special collection of aesthetically refined products, capable of making every event a sensory experience. This is the basic concept of Gaya items that are able to create an artistic atmosphere in every room and to make it a truly magical place. On the same wave is also the Fine Dining line, a refined collection that is a real pleasure for the eyes, thanks to the delicate aesthetic porcelain Bone China (also called white gold) that alone is enough to bring a pleasant note on your table. And then there is the kids' cutlery collection. Sola Switzerland has created Kids World, composed of accessories characterized by an interesting and fun design, able to transform every lunch in an exciting adventure for our children. Thanks to the Kids World collection, even a simple dinner can become a memorable moment of fun. But like we said, Sola Switzerland is famous all over the world for its line of high-quality cutlery, created with a Swiss precision following the most advanced technology.
Platinum: The high quality and luxurious style of the Platinum line makes this cutlery of pure 18/10 stainless steel the finest choice for your table.
Premium: It stands out for an unconventional design focused especially on the details. Thanks to the extraordinary, modern and exclusive forms of its pieces, this line is ideal for luxury hotels and restaurants.

7th Generation: The accurately worked and detailed handles are the hallmark of the 7th Generation collection. A vintage design with a mirrored surface or matte PVD coating, available in black, gold, silver or bronze. A set of cutlery that fits very well in a contemporary home.
Master Chef: Is the premium quality collection of the brand, developed for the specific needs of hotels and restaurants. Each line includes a full range of products and focuses on the functionality of an extremely elegant design.
Lusol: A series of simple and functional cutlery based at the best quality/price ratio, thus meeting the needs of both private clients and foodservice.
Catwalk: The uniqueness of the Catwalk line lies in the blasting finish of cutlery. A line developed for retail clientele but easily adaptable to every need.
Steak: A set of cutlery dedicated to the pleasure of a perfect cut of meat, made of forged chrome-nickel 18/10 steel. A set of knives ideal not only for the house but also for the food industry.

Kids: A fun and colourful design inspired by nature and animals, cutlery specifically designed for the needs of children who are starting to deal with autonomous meals. They are perfectly suited to their little hands, to learn and having fun at the same time.
Sola Switzerland has a highly qualified team to be a leader of its field, and it adopt a dynamic approach towards the design of each individual article. A team of designers with a different professional experience that can analyze each new collection down to the smallest detail. The high level of creativity invested in every project goes along with the interest in new technologies. Experts of the graphic industry, photography, media, web consulting, branding and social marketing, complete the network of services provided by the Swiss company.