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Suck Uk

Why name a company Suck Uk? Not even its founders know, except that any other name wouldn't have attracted as much attention! Established in 2000 by Sam and Jude, Suck Uk mixes humour and style in creating unique and unusual products that have made its success.
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Suck Uk
Why to call a company SuckUK? Probably not even its two eccentric founders Sam Hurt and Jude Biddulph are sure about it: but with any other name it would not have attracted attention like it has done.
Founded in 2000 by Sam & Jude, SuckUK mixes sense of humour and style to produce a series of unique and extravagant items that have turned the company into an icon in the field of gift ideas.

Once upon a time, in a studio in North London, lived two young designers with a dream. They began their adventure creating and selling their own original, unusual and unique gift items, producing them directly on the kitchen floor of their apartment. The production was suddenly cut short by an eviction notice according to which the two boys had to leave the house and their floor-production workshop immediately.

Sam and Jude did not lose heart and passed from working on a floor to a more professional location in an office in East London, close to Primrose Hill. Here, they could finally vent their minds and give life to their projects, creating commercial products out of the ordinary, original and ironic.
This is how the gripping story of the irreverent British brand begins, which thanks to the innovative spirit that characterizes it became an important name on the market in a very short time. It started to sell its products to a network of suppliers and craftsmen in Britain and in the Middle East, coming to build a solid corporate identity that today is recognized by many industry experts.

SuckUK is not only Sam and Jude. In fact, the two artists are supported by a diversified designer team who shares with them the same sense of humour and style, essential concepts to create all those unique and extravagant products that made the history of the brand.
Today, Sam, Jude and their team of designers, can say they have succeeded. Their brand SuckUK has won awards, recognitions, and they were able to open two stores in London, at the Oxo Tower and Westfield Shepherds Bush.

The wide range of Suck Uk products includes many objects, accessories and tools with a savage mood, extravagant, coming off the borders of what we already known. Maybe these accessories could not be indispensable, but they will certainly make you laugh, and that is enough to buy them.
Suck Uk has now become a legendary company that stands out for its memorable products, rich in innovation, determination and a bit of madness. What is their secret, the concept on which they base their products? It's simple, they design products that they would use as a gift for their loved ones. The surprise effect that lies behind each creation is the real reason for the success of this unconventional, revolutionary and brilliant brand.
Over the years, Sucks Uk has had the good fortune (and merit) to receive much recognition for its work, including the award for the most innovative product by the Princes Trust, Young Designer of the Year by Crabtree & Evelyn. Sam, Jude and their team plan everything and follow every single step of the production, from the design of the product to the packaging, and they also organize the distribution network.

Their items are designed in London, in their studio, and then they are sent for production to their partners in China. Once manufactured, the products are shipped to warehouses before being distributed worldwide.
Environmental sustainability is important for this English company. Therefore, their products are made of materials from from sustainable sources(when possible), and are all labeled with the details for recycling. Also, the brand is committed to addressing the safe disposal of production waste.
Suck Uk never stops: it develops new projects every day and collaborates with talented designers (they are always looking for new proposals) to create truly unique products. A collection ranging from gadgets to gifts, from accessories and textiles for the kitchen and home to stationery, and last but not least, even objects dedicated to our four-legged friends.

You want to amuse your guests after dinner? Dried fruit is a must that cannot miss on a convivial table, but how difficult it is to crack open the nuts! Suck Uk has solved the problem in a brilliant and ironic way: with the Nutcracker Robot Small, you simply enter the nuts in the robot's belly, you turn the key and the shell is broken into a thousand pieces.
You always fall asleep while reading and in the morning you never find the mark on the book? The table lamp Book cannot miss on your bedside table! A house-shaped point of light made of frosted glass and capable of emitting a soft light, perfect for reading. Thanks to its particular shape (a stylized house), it can also be used as a bookmark: each book can be propped open on the lamp, creating a real house whose roof is actually your favorite novel. A teddy bear or a lamp? Anyway, Teddy Bear is a wonderful object that will conquer the hearts of the whole family.
For your girlfriend full of chains that doesn't really like classic, romantic jewelry boxes, the perfect gift can be only the Skeleton Hand Jewellery Tidy: a bony skeleton hand that will keep all her rings, bracelets and earrings in order. And don't worry if the skeletal fingers are not enough for your many jewels, you can always use the tray under them.

To defuse the boring days at the office, Suck UK offers a wide range of accessories: it's enough to look at them to start laughing. For example the bookmark in the form of a tongue, the duck-shaped tape dispenser, the post-it in the shape of trains or rockets ready for takeoff.
Cups that could not be cups? Yes, Suck Uk can invent even them. We are talking about the Alt.Mug line, a collection that includes four different types of cups, designed by the designer Emiko Oki, Adrian Allen and Anon, for the British design brand.
Each Mug is named according to its specific function: we have the Golf Mug for the fanatics of the game on the green grass, the Money Box which is actually a piggy bank-shaped cup, the Ashtray model, for real smokers, and finally Milk Jug a cup with a spout for better pouring liquids. If you are sure you've already seen all of the most bizarre items the world of contemporary design can offer, have a look at the Suck Uk collection.