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In 1927 Xavier Pauchard established the Tolix brand, producing chairs, stools, armchairs and other metal furniture. The company is passed down generation after generation until 2004, when Chantal Andriot brings it back to its former splendour. The Model A chair has become an icon of industrial esthetics.
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CHAIRS timeless, classic and before -gardist, simple and original, elegant and comfortable. Loved by more than a century, Tolix chairs are an incomparable icon. Although being the emblematic industrial craft, Tolix embodies the essence of the design and selection of the best quality materials that guarantee beauty, lightness, versatility and durability. The style is sculptural, the result of a work of art that does not get tired

Tolix :. Straddling two centuries
The creator of the Tolix brand was Xavier Pauchard, born in 1880 in the Morvan, known as the green heart of France. In a place where wood was the most important building material, he, his father and grandfather were metalworkers. In 1907, Pauchard discovered that it was possible to protect the leaf from rust by immersing it in molten zinc. Twenty years later, in 1927, he founded a home-made steel factory and registered the trademark symbol under the name of Tolix, which has kept it until today. Shortly after the Second World War in Autun, Burgundy, Xavier Pauchard was at the head of a thriving production of galvanized steel household items, including chairs, stools and metal furniture that embodied the need and desire to comfort at home. The first chair was designed in 1934 and was built simply using iron, instantly becoming one of the favorite seats of bistros and retro kitchens around the world. Designed to be outside every time and used in any type of environment, both internal and external, has immediately become popular thanks to the presence of the perforated seat that lets rain out. But cafe owners complained that the chairs could not be stacked properly when they had to be stored or removed, so Pauchard changed his original project, and in 1956 he created his Chair A, a classic model characterized by a frame thinner, allowing you to stack up to 25 chairs for a total height of 2.3 meters. The Tolix chairs as a wildfire due to their beauty and practicality not only in cafes, which until the 1970s were often given away by brewers to ban the owners in exchange for advertising their brand, but also in factories, offices and hospitals. In the late 1950s, the Tolix plant had about 80 workers and produced about 60,000 units a year. The company remained family until 2004. Now, Chair A is part of the MoMA collections in New York, the Pompidou Center in Paris and the design collection Vitra Weilam Rhein, Germany. President Panton S was the star of Kate Moss Vogue (magazine cover wrapped around) making itself known to the point that Tolix reached the highest peak of glory that a chair has ever reached. In May 2015 in Milan, the French company celebrated its 80th anniversary; birthday and eight design studios were invited to reinterpret his most famous work. The project, titled "Face to face with an Icon" was organized by Kilian Schindler, a German designer who has worked closely with Tolix for years. After dealing with eight questions that revolve around ideas such as change, the spirit of time, value and impact, Schindler contacted the designers according to him, they could develop projects according to demand. The results have been masterpieces like Formafantasma, which does not modify or add an element to the original design, but it allows you to discover the manufacturing process and the experience of the intelligent use of metal. The work consists of a kind of suspended balance, with a chair suspended from an oscillating arm that is balanced by a piece of metal of the same weight that weighs on the other side. Others, like Julie Richoz, recalled the wooden chairs decorated and painted by hand in bright colors. Lex Pott recreated a Tolix chair that enhances the reason why it was originally designed to protect the ravages of time and then used various metals such as oxidized steel, copper and brass, to show the process change in color when exposed to weather elements

Tolix :. a chair, many models
Tolix painted steel chairs have been designed to withstand the rigors of bistros, bars and the brewery and it is for this reason that they are indestructible even for home use .